As our readers know we the MOLL MAG team / family strive and have a big passion to Save and Protect the Wildlife of Africa. Our MOLL MAG CEO (Ashley Salazar) recently joined forces with BORN FREE USA CEO ( Adam R. Roberts) at the International Global March for Elephants and Rhinos event that took place on October 4th in St Louis United States.

This event was truly phenomenal and historical as it drew a big interest around the world as an estimated 133 cities in countries worldwide came together in the aid and support for protecting and saving the WILDLIFE of Africa and also putting a STOP to the on going growing problem of pouching and destroying the future of Africa’s animal wildlife population.

The City of St Louis came together in big numbers to show their love and support to Save the Elephants and Rhinos of AFRICA, as these creatures are fighting an on going battle to survive and are on the brink of extinction worldwide due to Poaching and IVORY and Rhino horn trading for medical remedies.

The aim for this event is to create awareness to the public, that we as humankind should stand together and HELP protect and save the Wildlife of Africa for a better and brighter future for us all .

Some staggering facts of this on going problem are as follows:

In 2009 up to 2013 an estimated of 35,000-50,000 elephants were killed every year in AFRICA alone for their Ivory, as well as an estimated of more than 1,000 of Africa’s rhino species are also being killed in 2014 for the trade of their horns for medical remedies.

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That’s why we urge our readers to join MOLL MAG CEO (Ashley Salazar) and the whole team of MOLL MAG to help us to stand up and stand together to SAVE and PROTECT the Wildlife of AFRICA as we are also on the verge of putting together a adoption program for abandoned and injured and endangered animals of such kind in the future that will be called save our wildlife.