Lana Elyse is a glamour model from California who has been seen in magazines such as SHOW Magazine, CHULO Magazine, Koncept Magazine, Snap Matter Magazine and BROWZ Magazine to name a few. In addition this year she has started to learn the craft of photography which is common for many successful models wanting to expand their careers in the entertainment field.

When I first began modeling, I would take photos and never do anything farther. I would study portfolios of photographers and other fellow models and wanted to be that published, recognized and working model with an actual resume instead of the girl with professional Facebook photos. I began putting my images to good use and submitting myself to websites and magazines. Even if I face rejection, I still get up and keep things moving. I’ve now been featured on websites such as SHOW and Playboy’s “” and have quite a few print publications under my belt with many more in the works.

As of a few month ago, I’ve also started dabbling into photography. I never thought I’d be interested in going on the other side of the lens, but I LOVE it! Getting into photography has allowed me to take charge of my own photo shoots. Yes, I can also shoot my own work! With my at home studio, modeling experience and growing photography skills, I can provide images for publishing upon request. I’m always learning new things and of course have room for improvement, but I’m confident I can provide beautiful images to fit what is needed.


First off tell us how you were discovered and how your modeling career all started ?

I started off shooting with local photographers via Model Mayhem to help gain some experience and build a portfolio. From there, I decided to start submitting my work to get printed, and the rest is history!

What has been your favorite shoot, campaign, work to date?

I’d say the shoot I did for SHOW Magazine. It was a long day on set, and everybody was kind, the hair and makeup team was very talented, and it set the standard for me on what a professional magazine shoot is like.

How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from ?

I’m casual/feminine. I like being casual in jeans, but keeping it slightly dressy and feminine with a nice blouse. My inspiration would probably be Victoria’s Secret.

Do you have any hidden talents ?

I can draw! I’ve always had a knack for drawing, and it’s pretty relaxing.

Do you get to travel a lot for your work ? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited ?

Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel anywhere really. I work a full time position outside of modeling, and with my 2 days off a week, I like to shoot at home myself to not only help keep my work up to date, but get new material to submit out. If I am able to get away though, my favorite city to visit is LA. I would love to travel though, but regular work life won’t allow that!

Is modeling an easy job or more strenuous than people realize ?

I think it can go either way, depending on who you’re working with and what you’re shooting.

Give us 5 facts about you that people may not know.

  • Modeling isn’t my main source of income; I’m a normal girl with a normal job, and don’t pretend otherwise!
  • I’m a homebody.
  • I love to eat, yet can’t gain any weight.
  • I love antique/thrift stores.
  • I hate sports.

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?


What’s the best and worst thing about being a model ?

Best thing would be getting published! Worst thing would be that photographers (not so great ones) always expect to shoot for free, and get offended when you let them know your rates.

If you weren’t modeling what would you see yourself doing?

Continue working my day job! I’m studying to get a better day job, so if I was completely out of modeling, I guess I’d just be working! But that would be too boring… I need to always have something else to look forward to (like a new publishing.)

Any upcoming plans for your future ?

Yes! Get into a new career while I continue modeling for magazine work and grow my fanbase, and gain new skills in photography so I can get my photography published with other models.

Message to convey to our readers ?

Thanks for learning a bit about me, and be on the lookout for more to come! I’m always working on a new project.

If you’d like to see more, please visit my site and follow me on Twitter at @LanaElyseModel . Thanks!

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