As the MONTH of JULY is right around the corner , WE are heating up the beauty fever as we spice up things with some international modeling beauty from the United States , as we get our sunblock out and tan on with todays newest international and our newest MOLLBABE model  on the block for MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA  ” Beauty Joy Lorenze ” the name says it all shes joyful , with inside beauty thats truly glowing , as this stunner is heating up the Sunshine Beaches of Orlando , Miami USA and beyond.

Welcome , Beauty Joy Lorenze

Tell us a little bit more about yourself ?
Hi, well I am Filipina decent as i was born and raised  in the Philippines , moved to Florida USA in 2008. Since that time I have started a business with a partner, a retail store. I attend college during the week and also do modeling on weekends. Modeling was kind of an accident for me, I went to a car show called Hot Import Nights, in December of 2014, and they asked me to join the rest of the models on stage. But I was not a model, I was just at the show. That’s how it started. The photographers were very appreciative of me and started asking to take my picture.

We came to notice Beauty Joy Lorenze you are a really attractive lady that achieved so much in a short space of time , explain to us how do you stay humble and grounded in the modeling profession you are FINDING yourself in ?
The truth is, I have help, I have a model manager that books shoots and jobs for me. I do not sit waiting for the phone to ring, I am active and go to a lot of free events so that it may turn into paid jobs later. I get out in the public eye, and when people recognize me I just smile and talk with them. I try to make everyone have fun where ever I go. In turn many more photographers, magazines and paid jobs come my way. And  I never thought of myself as a model. My late teen years in the Philippines I lived on an island with no power or running water for a couple years. I went fishing every day for my food, washed clothes in the river, drank water from a spring. When a person grows up like that or experiences life like that for as many years as I did, they learn to appreciate the little things in life.

What other talents do you have that our readers out there do not know about ?
I love to sing, after I left the small island in the Philippines, where  I became a singer in several bands and night clubs and festivals over there for about a year before I came to the USA. I am also pursuing a little acting at the moment, one never knows if a big opportunity comes around, I like to be prepared for it. I am also studying Business Management in college.

As you are from Filipino descent how did the journey for you come together so that you found yourself right smack in the middle of Orlando Florida USA , and what is your favorite getaway spots to relax in Orlando ?
Lets just say I received an opportunity of a lifetime that I could not turn down which is how I ended up in Florida , plus Orlando has so many fun things to do, its hard to pick one. The theme parks, Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and many more are always fun, and the Beaches are close too, Daytona beach is awesome. Night clubs everywhere if my friends and I want to go out for a night on the town. The Orlando area is filled with so many things to do, I do not think I have done them all yet! –  “Smiles!”

Whats your favorite theme or type of Photo shoot to do with a photographer and make up artists and the whole crew ?
You know, it the shoots in it self that  is fun, and the people around me help me have fun, it does not matter if it is in a few shorts and a t-shirt or if it’s a bikini shoot or lingerie, as long as we all have fun and the pictures come back great, I am happy. I do like new locations and new ideas from the photographers. 99% of my shoots I do my own hair and makeup, its usually just me, the photographer and my manager on most shoots. Sometimes I go to group shoots with multiple models as well.

Snack time as everyone of us have a some type of cheat meal we love to indulge into what is your favorite cheat meal late night snack ?
I have met a lot of other Filipina’s here in Florida and I love Filipino food, when my girlfriends call me and say, “hey come over we made Filipino food” , I cant resist. plus I LOVE me some Rocky Road Ice Crème as well, “mmmmm YUM YUM”

As we also heard through the grapevine that YOU ARE crowned as Miss April 2015 for The International Bikini Model Search last year , give us a small glimpse into what the comp and event and experience was like for you and what it is all about?
This was a fantastic opportunity. The competition was both based on online votes and IBMS judges votes combined. I actually got 2nd place in the online voting section, but the judges picked me to win over the other girl who had more online votes. They flew me down to Punta Cuna, Dominican Republic for a 6 day photo shoot a month after I won the prize. What an amazing experience, so many famous people and photographers. I worked hard too, 6 photo shoots a day for every day I was there. I actually ran out of Bikini’s while I was there and had to talk the hotel gift shop management  into giving me some more bikinis to shoot in. Pictures came back amazing. People were great and the owners of IBMS Patrick and Elina McKinney were super sweet. Just an amazing experience. They have also awarded me with another trip to the Bahamas for October 2016 coming up as well. Cant wait its going to be fun.

Do you have any celebrity crush and if so spill the beans and tell us who it is and why ?
Mmmmm , Well what girl does not just love Thor? “Chris Hemsworth”  is tall, blue eyes and super strong and cute!

Do you get any criticism in the modeling world of today and if so how do you handle such critics ?
Not many, I can not think of many times when people said anything bad. However if I do see something, I do not pay attention to people who may say bad things, I just ignore them block them and move forward. I can’t please everyone all the time.

What makes you giggle and laugh at times ?
Me , Myself, and I….. as  I act like such a little girl sometimes and then I catch myself skipping through the mall or getting so excited about the smallest things, then I think back and have to laugh at my day. “why did I say that and what was I doing!” The other thing would be cutesy love stories. –  “When both the girl and the guy are shy and they almost kiss and then something interrupts them I giggle a lot.”

Do you see yourself as a leader or follower who and what inspires YOU to be WHO YOU ARE in today’s world and lifestyle we found ourselves in ?
I never intended to be, but I was always put in charge by the teachers and classmates at school. Even today at college if we have to do a group assignment everyone looks at me to lead, I do not really know why, except I was told that I follow the rules.. My inspiration comes from a good family, a great manager and a desire to succeed. I do not forget my past and strive for a better future.

What is the best advice that you got from someone and the best advise you can give someone in today’s life?
There are models and there are “wannabe models.”  wannabe models want it, but do nothing about it, where as models go out and work at it and do it, we do not sit on the couch waiting for the phone to ring, we go out and make it happen ourselves. I did not want to or expect to ever be a model. It just happened, but when I discovered myself, I went for it, all out, nothing holds me back. I have never and will never be on anyone’s casting couch. Girls do not let anyone ever talk you into sleeping with them to get ahead in life, it will only make you loose respect in yourself.

Favorite phrase or saying or rule you live by on a everyday bases ?
“Discover yourself, figure out what talent you have been blessed with, then use that talent to go out and make yourself successful.”

Lets get accessorized whats your favorite clothing accessory you cannot go without and what makes you feel sexy ?
I love a tight fitting dress that accentuates my curves, the kind of dress that turns heads and makes people notice your not an average girl! I guess that’s why they liked me so much at HIN  where I first realized, hey I can do this!

Leather or lace whats your guilty pleasure ?
Lace all the way….. “My sheets are silk!” – wink wink

Parting ways what can we get to expect from you in the following years to come what is on your to do list for the future ? and where on social media can we get in touch with you ?
Well you can expect to see me in clothing catalogs for a start. Maybe I will be blessed enough to own my own clothing line and clothing stores for petite women world wide. Business Management makes the most sense to me, owning a chain of retail stores was my first goal. However there are some people from Hollywood talking to me for a future out there, but that’s every girls dream. I will leave the door open to that idea, but for now business is my goal.


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