As winter vibes of South Africa are starting to blow on to the beautiful southern part of the African plains we discover another true beauty on the rise please welcome todays newest edition to our magazine  MOLL BABE model on our showcase reel for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA  model Etresia van der Merwe , this Inspiring beauty resides from SOUTH AFRICA , and don’t let your eyes fool  you as this beauty is a amazing talent and much more.

Hometown:  Vanderbijlpark , South Africa

Good Day Etresia ,   Tell us a little bit about your self ,  where do you come from and  How did your modeling career start?
I am a born and bred Vaal Triangle, Vanderbijlpark girl who is currently busy with my Master’s Degree in Food and Beverage Management. I have already obtained my National Diploma in Hospitality Management and my BTech degree in Food and Beverage Management on a Cum Laude pass rate level. Although I have a love for the Hospitality industry, I also share a great passion for music, singing, photography and consider myself an artist.

I never considered modeling as something I would ever do, until a friend asked to photograph me for a project she was doing at that moment. I simply enjoyed the feeling of being photographed and the results of the shoot made me feel good about myself. I simply enjoyed it. From there, I joined a portfolio club and started gaining experience in posing, being comfortable in front of a camera and doing different styles.

Whom and what  in your life inspired you to do modeling ?
Like mentioned, I never considered modeling. Being a bit of a bigger girl never seemed ‘socially’ acceptable when it came to modeling. But yes, due to a friend who considered me as being confident enough to be photographed caused me to start seeing myself in this industry. But if I really have to choose a fashion icon and inspiration, it would have to be Marilyn Monroe.

Everything in life has a positive side to things and a negative side to things,  What is the one thing you love about being a model , and what is the one thing you dislike of being in the modeling industry as a model ?
The positive side of being a model is seeing the results after a shoot, hearing that a photographer really enjoyed working with you and getting more shoots due to photographers who really like your look. It is like a confidence boost. What I really dislike and not appreciate about this industry is being criticized because you have the confidence to go against what people think is socially acceptable. Also hearing that a photographer does not want to do a shoot with you because you are not the “size” they usually shoot. Guess there are different strokes for different folks. Your loss.

Any hobbies , tell us what do you like to do in your spare time ?
Well I have been musically trained my whole life and enjoy singing classical and Oprah music when I have the time in between university work. Although I am classically trained, I enjoy listening to heavy metal like Amon Amarth in my spare time. I also spend most of my time with my family and loved ones.

If people should describe you in one word what would it be and why ?
Random. I don’t want to be classified as normal. Normal is boring and that I am not. Yes I might be awkward sometimes but if I am comfortable with you, I am random, funny and enjoy seeing people laugh.

Favorite animal or pet ?
I don’t really see myself as a cat or dog person. I see myself as an animal person. I believe if you respect nature, nature will respect you. I love all our pets, why should I limit my love to a creature who does not know any limit when it comes to love.

Lets take a comedy moment , tell us a joke , what makes you laugh ?
I am not really the type of person who starts a conversation with a joke. I am the person who would throw a piece of ice against the wall and call it an ice breaker. “Badum tsss”. I have a very dry sense of humor. You can’t force it, it just happens. What makes me laugh? YouTube reference “How animals eat their food”.

If you could choose to be a animal which one would it be and why ?
I really don’t know. There are so many animals with awesome qualities and abilities. If I would have to choose, it will have to be a Fish Eagle. They are amazing birds. Powerful and have the most amazing bird song. They have great hunting abilities and are bound to their partners for life.

Do you have a hidden talent and if so tell us more about it ?
I have a passion for singing and Oprah music. I sang on provincial level and went to SA Championships at one stage during my school years.

If you win the LOTTO JACKPOT one day, what will you do with the winnings ?
I would buy myself a new car, and treat my family and loved ones to something special. If it is in the near future I would put some money away and save up for my wedding, buying a house and for my kids one day.

As our readers will come to notice,  you are our first Plus size model , what would you tell others to inspire them to take the same path as you in this industry ?
“Don’t let anybody define who you are. You are an individual with your own voice”  Use it. Just because I am a plus size model does not necessarily mean that I am promoting obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle. I am health conscious and do exercise. But to maintain my curves, not get rid of them. Remember, your body tells a story. Stretch marks might mean the wonderful miracle of having a baby. Scars can tell a story. I don’t always feel great and confident, I am only human. It is okay to sometimes feel bad, just don’t let it get the best of you. Live to stand out from the rest of society because so many people live to fit in.

Whats the next ” BIG THING ” –  the next  step for you in your career as a model , where do you see yourself in 10 years from now ?
I would really like to be crowned the title of Plus Ms. RSA. I also would love to be contracted as a model to really get myself out there. I am a big opportunist and can’t wait for that next big thing.

On your recent photo shoot you did we want to know as a model , when the photographer tells you  ” That’s a Beautiful pose you did there ”  define the word Beautiful what does it mean to you ?
Beautiful is only what we as people make of it. Due to society putting us down and setting the bar so high it is obvious that one sometimes forget what the word actually means. In this case, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. Maybe we as people should stop trying to satisfy society and start appreciating the smaller things in life. Beauty to me, is reserving your identity. Not changing yourself no matter what the circumstances are. Beauty is you, being you. Remember, there is a difference between changing and adapting. Keep your identity. There is only one of you. “Why want to fit in when you were born to stand out”

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