As We GLOBETREK the ” Great White North ” through forests, tundra and Rocky Mountains , we find our next  MOLLBABE MODEL beauty as she is bubbly and as sweet as a of your favorite table serving side Maple Syrup , YES you heard correctly as we made our way into the land of the Maple leaf  Tree CANDA today to bring you our Beautiful Blond Nevada Caitlyn our MOLLBABE international beauty.

Warm Welcome to you Nevada Caitlyn ,

Take us down memory lane and tell us who you are and where you come from ?
My name is Nevada! I’m a 20 year old published freelance and promotional model. I’ve been modeling for a few years now and absolutely loving every opportunity and every minute so far. I’m frobottle m Hamilton,  Ontario Canada.

How did your Modeling career take shape and started out for you ?
My modeling career started very spontaneously! I was approached by a local agency at a mall when I was 15. I worked with this agency for a few months had the opportunity to go to LA. I then took a short break from modeling as I wanted to focus on my education first. At the age of 18 is when I approached back into modeling and haven’t stopped since.

Congratulations on being our next INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE model feature for us how does that make you feel ?
Thank you very much! I’m incredibly honored to be featured as a International Moll Babe model and apart of the Moll Magazine / Moll Magazine South Africa family. I’m truly blessed for this amazing opportunity.

In which genres of Modeling do you find yourself the most comfortable in as there is so many?
I find myself very comfortable in many genres of modeling as I have done a variety. I love trying out new concepts, and ideas. I find myself into almost every genre category!

As you are Canadian what makes you proud to be Canadian and why?
I’m proud to be Canadian not only because of its beautiful nature and land but also known for many talented musicians, actors, athletes and incredible people. Canada is full of diversity, culture and very peaceful which makes me feel extremely honored to be Canadian.

Canada is known for its wide open spaces , wildlife and Beautiful Nature , what for you is the perfect GETAWAY spot just to relax and switch off and be one with Nature and its beauty out there ?
There are a lot of getaway spots that I can go off to and relax! The city I live in happens to be the “waterfall capital of the world” and I find myself going on a lot of hikes, and exploring all nature has to offer.

In your own words describe to us what makes you feel ” SEXY AND WHAT TRUE BEAUTY ”  means to you ?
What makes me feel sexy is being tanned, working out, and trying on lingerie and new clothes. True beauty means not just physical beauty but having beautiful qualities inside such as kindness, helping others, positivity, and being thoughtful. True beauty is having a beautiful soul.

Its time for a romantic gesture what will you classify as a perfect date night for you and how would you want the date to be like with the soul-mate of your choice ?
Anything, and anywhere would be a perfect date night as long as I’m with my soul-mate that’s all that matters.

Favorite MOVIE , TV SHOW and MUSIC ?
I’m a huge movie lover, and absolutely can sit down and watch any movie! A few favorite TV shows would have to be Dexter, Orange is The New Black, Person of Interest, The Mentalist, The Vampire Diaries, and Big Bang Theory. I’m absolutely in love with almost every genre of music except country! I especially love music that I can dance to!

What is your Turn on’s and Turn offs in life?
My turn ons would have to be having good sense of humor, intelligence, optimistic, great smile, and someone who can support my dreams/goals. Turn offs would have to be being over confident greed, dishonesty, and cruelty.

3 words that describes you the best?
Bubbly, optimistic, and petite.

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be ?
If I could change anything about myself it would have to be better at making decisions! Especially when it comes to shopping or choosing photos! (haha)

Favorite Quote and Words of inspiration you live by as a person and model ?
Stay positive, don’t let anyone else’s opinion change your values and dreams. Don’t let success change who you are or negativity stop you from doing what you truly love. “Stay true to yourself, and others will stay true to you.”

Last few words , where can we find you on social media and What CAN we expect to see from you in 2016 ? Could we maybe indulge you to come visit us in the Beautiful parts of SOUTH AFRICA ?
You can definitely expect to see more upcoming photo shoots, magazine publications and promotional events! It would be incredible to come visit South Africa! I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and definitely South Africa is on my bucket list! I would love to check out the beautiful nature of South Africa!





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Article Written By : Arne Schreuder