Nature has more to offer these days than just Beautiful horizons , mesmerizing mountains and crystal clear flowing rivers and AMAZING sunrises, sunsets and SPARKLING stars skies , as WE go on a nature walkabout  with our BEAUTIFUL BLOND Canadian International MOLLBABE model Nevada Caitlyn

Welcome back Nevada Caitlyn , really amazing to see you again in the “HOT SEAT”  with us today.

Tell us how this idea of a beautiful NATURE SHOOT come all about Nevada with you and Photographer  Sen Anup for us ?
We intended this shoot to be located at Albion Falls but unfortunately due to the busyness of the location, and the brightness of the light at the time we ended up venturing off the location to nearby paths and areas until we found this amazing location.

Where is this beautiful spot of NATURE of Canada situated?
This spot is situated near Albion Falls in Hamilton, Ontario.

As we come to notice you are a very driven model in your work but you also have a sexy  bubbly blond personality, what was the most fun for you on this NATURE BEAUTY BLAST escape shoot you recently did for us?
The most fun was getting to explore the beautiful location that we have not spotted before, and the weather was absolutely beautiful to shoot in. Overall, was a pretty amazing day!

As we are in the woods and in nature with a beauty like you we would like to know can you teach us any survival tips in the woods if we get lost what is the first thing you can teach us and what to do and what not to do ?
First of all, I would try and think to myself backwards and get the feeling what directions I took to get to where I am at now and backtrack the steps. Don’t panic just take a breath, and think thoroughly. Also, if there is reception GPS can always be the easiest solution!

As its summer season in Canada as we speak did you get any time to work on your glowing tan lines?
Of course! I normally use the tanning beds so I can always get an even consistent tan! However, the beach is always another one of my favorite spots to soak myself in the sun!

Let’s get ready to make a campfire and get ready for a late lunch or dinner, what’s your favorite camping food on times like these in nature?
A favorite camping food – ” guilty pleasure would have to be smore’s! “

What’s your favorite go to makeup item in your makeup kit?
Favorite go to makeup item in my makeup kit would either have to be highlight, or mascara.

As we are in nature explain to us and give us your top 3 most fun poses to do on a shoot like this and on a day like today ?
The thing about shooting in nature or on location is the variety of poses that can be done are endless. I feel more creative when shooting on location!

What makes you as a model feel free and becoming one with nature on a shoot like this?
What makes me as a model feel free and become one with nature is the fact there was absolutely no one around besides myself and photographer! I feel like I can express myself more in poses with nobody around!

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Article Written and edits by : Arne SchreuderArne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO