The weekend  starts here ,  we indulge into a perfect GETAWAY destination of beauty bliss and sexy nature style bringing BEAUTY and NATURE together as one , as we crossing borders from Canada to South Africa to bring you our next INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE OF THE DAY for MOLL MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA , we introduce to you all the alluring beauty  Ashley Heinrichs  as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview  this Cabin fever beauty today. 

Welcome Ashley Heinrichs ,

  • As some of our fans will come to notice you featured as one of our international INSTAGRAM beauties a while back,  and its a great honor to have you back with us once again  as our MOLLBABE model of the day Ashley  , please give us a little insight to who you are and where you come from for those readers and fans of us that does not know you ? and also what you have been up to so far for the year of 2016 ?


I’m Ashley Heinrichs , I come from a small town in British Columbia Canada and have been modeling for a few years now. 2016 has been a great year so far. Lots of spiritual growth and have met some lovely people that I am so happy to have in my life. Life is good.


  • How did your modeling career start ?


My modeling career started by doing a few small photo shoots with local photographers. I was published in my very first magazine in April 2013 and it kind of just progressed from there. Modeling really took off when I attended a modeling event (IBMS) in Cancun when I got published in various magazines and got my first Playmate feature for Playboy South Africa in September 2014.


  • As you are another Canadian we are featuring tell us as we know the sport of ICE HOCKEY is very big back in Canada tell us what do you love about the sport and which team do you cheer on in the NHL season ?


I dont watch hockey a whole bunch anymore lol. But when i was younger I was such a huge fan. It was always so exciting to watch the game on tv.



  • Who came up with this wonderful idea of the photo shoot you recently did for us at this wonderful Nature secluded Cabin HOT SPOT that this shoot took place ?


It was a combined effort between the photographer and I. I wanted something comfy and casual instead of big and glamorous. “Sometimes less is more. “



  • What about the Canadian wildlife and nature do you specifically like the most ?


In my hometown nature is all around. I am very thankful to live in a place where lakes, mountains, hiking, etc are very accessible. Seeing the wildlife is always an amazing moment. Everything is really quite beautiful. I’d have to say bears are my favorite.



  • Any outrages Photo shoots you had recently done, that you had to think a bit outside the box , what do you do in your photo shoots as a model to spice things up a bit and change on the day to keep the photo shoots interesting for all your followers , supporters and fans a like ?


I haven’t had any crazy photo shoots yet. Except when I shot some winter photos outside and it was -20 that was pretty darn cold haha.



  • Whats your favorite part of modeling and being a model and being in front of the camera lens ?


My favorite part of modeling is getting to express my feminine side and being able to share that with others and hopefully inspire others to do what makes them feel beautiful which is not limited to being in front of a camera/modeling. Do what makes you happy. ” Where there’s happiness there is beauty.”



  • Tell us in your own words what is your best assets and features as a model to get that perfect photo shoot you want on the day ?


I feel like my eyes can be really intense and almost tell a story. I would say that is one of my best assets even though most people say my boobs are. haha



  • Any hobbies you take up in that interests you and gives you that special relaxing feeling after a hard day’s work in front of the camera ?


To relax after a long day at work or even on my days off I like to have nice warm baths, meditate with crystals, read books, drink tea, and spend time in nature.



  • What is your turn ons and turn offs ?


Turn ons: Good sense of humor, compassionate, loves animals, someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves
Turn offs: Rude, fake, materialistic, people who litter, people who are mean to animals



  • What makes you as a woman feel confident and sexy about yourself ?


I’d have to say I feel most confident and sexy when I can just be myself which is sometimes when i’m chillin at home with my hair up and no makeup on haha. ” Nothing hinders the spirit more than when you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you are not.”



  • Favorite TV SHOW , MOVIE , MUSIC ?


Fav TV shows :
– Witches of east end (I wish they would renew it)
– Charmed
– Friends
– How I met your mother
– True Blood

Pirates of the Caribbean (All of them)
Harry Potter (All of them)
Just go with it
Step Brothers

theres too many to list

I listen to a variety but I can’t stand country music. Mostly Lana Del Rey type stuff.

  • How do you keep that beautiful body of yours in the shape that it is in ?


I try to exercise when I have time. I think the key is eating right and not over doing it on sugar.


  • Describe to us your perfect date night ?


A perfect date night would be sushi for dinner followed by watching the stars. I’m pretty easy going.


  • Last few parting words a phrase or words you live up to in daily life that inspires you ?


” Be thankful for everyone and everything in your life… even the challenges. Release your troubles, learn from them and let yourself heal. “







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Article Written and Edits done by : Arne Schreuder 

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