As Spring is in the air in SOUTH AFRICA this September month glows with Fitness , Style and Beauty as we introduce to you all our COVERMODEL of September 2016 the talented and graceful our newest MOLLBABE model for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ( Jade Fairbrother ) as she shows us the JADE FACTOR

Welcome Jade Fairbrother,


Tell us a bit about yourself where you come from and who you are?


I am a South African model, fitness bikini competitor, internationally published Playboy Playmate as well as a celebrity ambassador.

Born in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, I am an only child to entrepreneurial parents. Growing up, I attended Springfield Convent private school, and participated in a variety of activities including dance, debate, and writing; Matriculating in 2004 then enrolled to study a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology.

I’d consider myself a philanthropist who is career driven and thus an ambitious person who very seldom accepts no for an answer. I’m enthusiastic about the acting, presenting, modeling, fashion and most certainly health and fitness.

In 2012 I got married to my best friend and we became parents to a little boy in 2014, right before relocating to Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The move was for professional reasons which has seen my focus on health and fitness flourish!

As we come to notice that you are a lady full of talents and potential as we heard along the grapevine that you are one of SOUTH AFRICA’S brightest Modeling Stars as you were PLAYBOY SOUTH AFRICA’S first ever Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2012 and now over the years you also have chosen to take up and be part of the competitive fitness industry, tell us how big of a difference is it to switch from being a PLAYBOY playmate model to Fitness modeling and modeling in general?


Playboy is a very prestigious and globally recognized brand which I have always been proud to be affiliated with and humbled by my successes with their guidance. While there is much emphasis on Playmates being ‘more than just a centerfold’ and a pretty face, I craved more in terms of my modeling career which seemed over saturated with woman of similar looks and body types.

After becoming a mom, I threw myself into fitness in an effort to get back into ‘pre-pregnancy’ shape before the summer holidays. I applied a lot of discipline and extensive training to get back into shape in a mere twelve weeks and it was along this journey I found my passion.

I was approached in the gym and positioned with the idea of competing on a bikini fitness competition – it was intriguing to me, the concept of being on stage – in the lime-light once again – and showcasing all my hard work and the brilliant results I had obtained, so that’s exactly what I sought out to do.

The transition from commercial modeling to becoming a fitness athlete, bikini competitor and fitness model was seamless and natural as if that had always been where I needed to be. I’ve loved every minute from the outset and this is merely the beginning!

There is certainly a difference in the type of pictorials one would shoot but the underlying femininity and overall beauty is still something desired by photographers and publications. The difference is in the package you bring – your body – it is just far superior in fitness and tone than ever before.




As you were born as a OCTOBER #ROCKTOBER baby, do you have ROCK moves to splash out with that fitness beautiful body of yours on the dance floor? and what type of MUSIC do you chill out to when you want to let your hair down and just want to relax and have fun?


When it comes to dancing I actually do have a few ‘tricks’ up my sleeve! I used to do Pole Dancing as a hobby and learnt a few handy moves, I’ve also had training in Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Music and dancing definitely speaks to my soul so my taste varies depending on my mood.

I mostly really enjoy the commercial music; good beats and catchy lyrics – although I am talentless when it comes to singing, I still thoroughly enjoy my car-karaoke. It is this I listen to most frequently, coupled with some classic ‘oldies’ for the more relaxing and mellow-type days. That can include the likes of Tina Turner, Lionel Ritchie, Richard Marx, Modern Talking and Cher.

If there’s good music and a dance floor, that’s usually where you’d find me…

Fitness and being fit and living a healthy and fit lifestyle is a BIG THING in most of our lives these days, what is your daily fitness routine to keep yourself in the shape you’re in and healthy along with that BEAUTY glow of yours?


The further along my fitness journey I get the more serious and professional my routine and regime becomes. It is the same as reaching a goal and then setting a new, harder and better one.
I’ve taken huge strides in my training and eating programs – I really have come a long way since 2015 when it all really began.

Currently I train twice daily during the week and once over the weekend. My workouts are split with fasted cardio in the mornings and my weight training in the evening, every day focusing of key muscle groups.
This is coupled with a dedicated meal plan to help promote a healthy and strong physique, build lean muscle mass, burn fat and promote overall health and wellbeing.

To ensure that I am on track and following my plans, I follow the ritual of ‘meal prep’ which is where I cook my weekly meals in advance so that I am prepared with all my healthy meals for the day and am not tempted to look at take-aways as a quick fix during a busy day.
I pack my lunch and gym bags the night before so that I can get up and get going without delay every morning.

Of course, early to bed – early to rise, that is something I live by as days are long and busy but we all know that maintaining a healthy body and mind, a fresh and glowing complexion goes hand-in-hand with obtaining the necessary hours of sleep the body needs to rejuvenate itself.



As you are an ambassador FOR so many brands and Charity’s over the years tell us what charity is the most meaningful and dearest and close to your heart and why?


I have never aligned myself to merely one charity or organization as there is no limit to my philanthropy. Rather, I prefer to say that I focus more on charities centered around children, animals and women or social services.

Where possible I like to give what I can even if that constitutes merely my time and presence for a worthy cause.

In 2013 I helped raise over R200 000 for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town which went towards the upgrading of the burn unit and research facility. It was a great honor being able to hand over this cheque and visit with all the children there!

I have been largely involved in the Jag Foundation’s ‘Bully Proof’ campaign which focuses on empowering the youth to retain self-respect, learning tolerance, asking for help and feeling safe again – to stop standing by and start standing up.
I am very passionate about this program having grown up experiencing bullying first hand. Myself and several other local celebrities have traveled around the Western Cape telling our individual stories to children in the hopes that they can identify with our stories and help stop the bullying epidemic.

We also notice that you’re a busy mother so tell us how do you juggle modeling and fitness competitions and being a mom at the same time? As we would also like to add to that huge CV of yours that you are also now part of our MOLLMAG / MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE models and also part of our fitness beauties, congrats and how does it make you feel? as we are TRULY honored to have you a part of us as a family. not just in SOUTH AFRICA but also known worldwide for it.


I am a mom and wife first and foremost, then a career woman and then a fitness bikini competitor and model – that is how I run my life, with my priorities in check. Of course I also have the most amazing support system for which none of this would otherwise be possible.

It isn’t always easy and often there seems like there is more to do than there is time to do them all in, but somehow, some way, everything always manages to work out just the way it should. I suppose maybe that has a little something to do with a positive attitude and being a ‘today’ person.

Thrilled would be an understatement as an accurate description on how elated I am to be featured with MOLL MAG both locally and internationally, for a long time I’m wanted to be a MOLLBABE so being able to finally have this opportunity really makes me grateful! I too am honored to be a part of the MOLL MAG family and proud that you will be the first to publish me as a Fitness Bikini Competitor opposed to the glamor model I used to be.

How do you stay humble and grounded after achieving so much in your career and being known in South Africa as Celebrity status?


That is a hard question to answer as I’ve never felt like anything I’ve done or achieved has changed me, my morals or my values. I’ve stayed true to myself and what I believe and kept those I love the closest. This has always helped keep my feet on the ground even when my head was in the clouds.

I’ve never sought to have celebrity status, that is merely something that sometimes comes along with following your dreams and living your passion – which was the case with me. I’ve never done anything for fame but rather because it was something I personally wanted to do, achieve or obtain, for myself. Everything that has come along with that is merely by chance and ultimately just additional blessings for which I am profoundly grateful.




Let’s make those tummy muscles do a workout, what makes you laugh any funny pick-up lines you heard or being used on you at a GYM OR BAR?


I get hit on in the traditional sense but certainly not with the use of pick-up lines, I think that is likely a fad of the unsuccessful in the dating-ring. These days’ men usually start with compliments and then trying to become friends before being outright obviously interested.

To be honest, it is actually pretty disappointing because as a married woman I would have hoped that more men were genuine in their friendship approach instead of using it as a disguise to better their agenda which is a complete waste of time anyways.

As times have changed so much over the years in the face of getting that perfect soul mate what would you consider being a PERFECT date night could it be a ROMANTIC picnic under the African Star skies romantic beach walks, a bushveld romantic getaway or enjoying a VIRTUAL SIMS AVATAR kissing game online with your hubby in front of the DESKTOP computer?


I love an array of different activities, whether that be an excursion or trip away to something more simple like a dinner and a movie. Each can be romantic in its own way but ultimately it is about who you are with opposed to what it is you are doing.

It’s the quality time spent together that means the most and when you become a parent, it is something you value and appreciate even more. My husband and I make sure we do date-nights and couple weekends away – just the two of us.

Favorite Movie, Favorite food or dish to eat or make yourself?


I love to cook and to bake, I cook at home most nights and love to test and try new recipes. I find cooking very therapeutic but seeing as I’m a wife and mom, that is a standard so I very much like dining out and trying new things. My favorite meals include pizza, soul, lamb shank and duck as well as a good Camembert starter and rich cheesecake desert – I have quite the sweet tooth!
Pairing food with wine is something I enjoy too, or cocktails in summer.

When it comes to movies Moulin Rouge is my all-time favorite along with the likes of 300, Saw and Seven. I love thrillers but hate horrors. Comedies, romance, drama and of course action are always welcome genres. Also, I just love Disney movies – they are classics!

Any words of inspiration that you can give to our readers and fans out there that wants to follow in your successful footsteps you made thus far?


Only that it takes zero talent to healthy a fit, it takes discipline and dedication – something we all have but something we need to learn to apply in our daily lives in order to see long lasting effects.
The journey is tough and some days you may not feel like going on but I can promise that it most certainly is worth it! Live your passion and follow your heart – doing this is a sure-fire way to always be happy.



What does the future hold for the lady behind the name JADE FAIRBROTHER?


I’m working on continuous improvement on my body, I’ve set goals and am working towards them.

Definitely more Fitness competitions this season and I’m already planning for next year too. I’d love to have additional trophies and medals for the mantel and it goes without saying that my eye is certainly set on a few more first places!

I’d love to be better recognized as a Fitness Bikini athlete so I am working hard to create a name for myself within the industry, hopefully with hard work and consistency this will come to fruition.

Last few words where can we get to connect with you through social media,



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