As South Africa gear up for another blazing sizzle HOT SEASON we heat up our fashion fusion senses with our OCTOBER MONTH MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA Mollbabe beauty as we introduce to you all , one of our very own SOUTH AFRICAN Modeling beauties as this blond bombshell model  out of South Africa has a passion for some fusion fashion and also shes a talent behind a deck of POKER CARDS plus a drummer in the making as well and some Sexy facial expressions to light up those camera lenses . As our CEO – Arne Schreuder sat down live on set to interview MOLLBABE model  Sonél Luyt

Its a HOT SUNNY Warm Welcome on SET today to mollbabe model  Sonèl Luyt welcome ,

  • Give us a inside scoop of who you are and where you come from ?


I am Sonél Luyt born in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape province in SOUTH AFRICA ,  I’m currently 35 years of age. I reside in Pretoria.



  • How did your modeling career took off and how do you find your journey thus far ?


Six years ago May 2010 to be exact, I attended an event at Cheeky Monkeys Parkview and coincidently met Deon van der Merwe who introduced me to the modeling industry. The following day I did my first photo shoot. My whole modeling career was and still is a wonderful journey. I meet so many people and come across beautiful venues.


  • In the modeling industry of today what is the ONE THING that grabs your attention and keeps you interested in the modeling work you do ?


The modeling industry is a wonderful way of encouraging and uplifting your self-esteem. With a strong self-esteem I encourage all people to exceed their boundaries and capture beautiful moments. Everybody must at least do one photo shoot in their life, because I strongly believe each person has something beautiful to show.



  • We want to congratulate you on being our next INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE model out of SOUTH AFRICA for MOLL MAG SOUTH AFRICA as well as MOLLMAG USA how does it make you feel knowing this achievement you made that you are gracing our pages not just locally but also internationally ?


Like a Jumping Jack in a Box!!! I feel honored and proud to be part of the Moll Magazine’s amazing team and family that I find myself a part of.


  • How did you find the experience live on set and on location with the SPRING BEACH FASHION FUSION editorial theme you did for us recently alongside our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder as well as our contributing Photographer Natasha Booysen Photography
    as well as our MUA artist that made you look so beautiful today ?


I Felt like a million dollars!!! The entire team in their own regards are professionals and made me feel completely comfortable. It was an absolute privilege working with all of them and wish to do it again in the near future.



  • Give us 3 memorable moments of the shoot on set and location you will always cherish and never forget?


To start off , we all could easily communicate and get along very well with each other. We had lots of laughs. Sometimes one has to take initiative for example Natasha and Arne combined together to self tailoring the red dress to fit the image and outfit they both wanted on set.



  • Describe to us what makes you as a model very unique and different to other models in the industry out there ?


I Think my two qualities which make me unique is being a humble and friendly person. I don’t have time for snobby people. Secondly I have unique facial expressions and ” I receive continuous compliments from different photographers. ”


  • The Saying goes BLONDS have more fun…… in your own words tell us why is that so ?


I Believe people create their own fun, blond or not, how ever I do have my blond moments quite often…



  • Any other hidden talents you have that you can share with us besides modeling ?


” I love playing the drums and poker.”



  • As SOUTH AFRICA is a very diverse country with lots of cultures and backgrounds, as well as beautiful landscapes and vibrant vibes , what for you makes SOUTH AFRICA unique as it is?


We have spectacular landscapes with beautiful weather throughout the country you will come across many diverse landscapes. This adds pleasure to my modeling career.



  • To keep with the ” BEACH FASHION FUSION ” theme photo shoot you did what is your favorite cocktail drink to sip on to take your mind on a beach vacation trip ?


It’s called ” Sex on the Satin Sheets”

It consists of : 1 Shot Vodka, 1 Shot Bacardi, 1 Shot Malibu and filled up with Litchi juice and crushed ice.



  • As everyone of us have a icon or inspiration we look up too , to strive to be our best we can be….. which MODEL in the Modeling industry do you look up to whom you idolize and look up to for inspiration and why ?


I don’t necessarily look up to a model in this regard but rather an actress. Sandra Bullock is my Idol. She is a natural beauty. I never hear people complaining about her, or read of any bad incidents. I think I can see myself idolizing her trend as well as looking up to her in a big way.



  • Lets play a QUICK FIRE session as we will give you 3 sentences and you must answer with the first word that comes to mind :


– MUSIC TRACK SONG – Tonight from Westlife
and MOVIE : City of Angels – Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan

– Celebrity crush: Wow where do I start lol, Brad Pitt, Shane Filan, Channing Tatun, Tom Cruise, Collin Farell, But if I have to chose one it would be Brad Pitt – especially the way he eats his peanut butter in Meet Joe Black.

– Favorite food and snack: Pizza, Pasta and Biltong.


  • Lets get romantic what gets your heartbeat racing on a DATE NIGHT ?


Nice candle light dinner.


  • If you had the power to change ONE THING in this world to make it a better place for humanity what would it be and why ?


To end corruption.



  • Give us a quote that defines you on whom you are in life ?


“Live Love and be happy”


  • Dream destination to travel to one day and why ?


Las Vegas – I love it, it looks like an extraordinary night live and I Love being busy and perhaps play a game of poker or two.





  • Favorite way to relax ?


Going to the beach and swim in the sea, if I cant do that I like to dance and gym.



  • Whats the next BIG STEP for you in on your wish-list or to do list in 2016 ?


I would love to feature Internationally and not just in South Africa.



  • Where and How can fans and the public interact with you through SOCIAL MEDIA and book you for future photo shoots and events ?



FACEBOOK –  Sonél Luyt & SONEL LUYT Public group at 




Photography credit – Natasha Booysen Photography


Photo shoot set directing on location BIG THANK YOU to

MOLL MAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO – Arne Schreuder & Natasha Booysen Photography 


Photo shoot Location – SOUTH AFRICA

Article Written By – Arne Schreuder