Let’s get our talents glowing today with  ANOTHER international MOLLBABE model for MOLLMAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA a beautiful Mexican senorita that calls Arizona HOME SWEET HOME these days  , people say her BEAUTY is exotic due to her Chinese , Mexican and Spanish culture background , as our CEO Arne Schreuder sits down and interview the NEW mollbabe model with many talents Alba Felix 

Welcome Alba Felix , 

  • Tell us who the person behind the name Alba Felix is ?

I am a former college athlete, with a degree in Biology and International discuss throwing champion from a small town named Caimanero-Guasave, Sinaloa/Mexico

  • As you are a Model and also TV presenter / actress,tell us how did that all came about ?

I have been performing in front of people since I was a small child, I used to perform with a dance group in Mexico. In the US I have been in several TV commercials, music videos and I have hosted TV shows. Because of my outgoing personality I have always jumped at the chance to speak in front of people or host events.

  • What inspires you in life to be who you are and where you found yourself today ?

I love to create art, I believe beauty should be pursued for it’s own sake. However a lot of the time it is difficult to create the concepts that matter to me because I am representing someone else’s brand. Growing up I used to see beautiful women in magazines and I wanted to look like them. However at the time I did not realize that the look I was going for was not real, it was photoshopped but I keep trying to look like them in real life! haha


Photography Credit : Chad Sexton at – http://www.csextonphotography.com
  • You recently did a photo shoot for us in the beautiful landscape backdrop HOW does it make you feel shooting on a mesmerizing location like this in nature with the beautiful nature scenery around you in the Arizona Desert ?

Arizona is a second home to me and I have been fortunate enough to have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the southwest. Our sunsets are truly breathtaking and when I get to be a part of something that amazing I always feel inspired to create the best images possible in front of the camera.


Photography Credit : Chad Sexton at – http://www.csextonphotography.com
  • NATURE talk what type of wildlife animal do you like and why and if you can compare yourself to your favorite wildlife animal’s characteristics which animal will it be and why ?

I love all types of animals, even insects.Because I have a degree in biology I had to study and handle all sorts of animals and insects, giving me a deep sense of respect for all living creatures.My favorite type of animal is my puppy, I have a pug and he is my baby.

“The animal I most relate to is a cat, I love the feline characteristics. They are strong yet sexy.They have a very independent personality but still make great companions. I have been called a cat several times in my life.”

  • What do you do to Relax your mind , body and soul ?

“Hike, dance and sing along to my favorite music.”



  • You also recently met the BILLIARDS POOL TRICK SHOT MASTER Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler ,  as you did a video together and in the video you were the model in the video that helped Florian to show off his trick shots on the pool table , tell us how did you find that experience to be being alongside Florian in the video ?

It was a long and grueling shoot, we shot all night in cold weather. However I am so proud of being associated with that shoot, his mastery of the pool table is spectacular.Seeing him work was so surreal that even though I was watching it with my own eyes I had trouble understanding and believing what I was seeing!.

“Anyways every shoot is a new experience, and definitely this one is one of those shoots that I will never forget.”

  • As Modeling is a very competitive and demanding occupation in the industry these days HOW DO YOU as you as a model keep yourself grounded and level when the going gets tough?

I try to see the positive in life. If a shoot starts to go south I always keep things in perspective. The fact is I am being paid to pose in beautiful situations. I came from a very humble family and I appreciate every opportunity that has been presented to me.



  • What is your best and most beautiful asset THAT YOU  have when it comes to taking those amazing photos of you on location or on set ?

“I don’t really think I have a “beautiful asset” but do get compliments on my abs and legs so I guess that is it.”

  • In your own words describe what TRUE BEAUTY means to you ?

I believe true beauty is being at peace with your own body mind and soul. I think we should focus on being better, self actualized human beings but still strive to be the best version of ourselves.


Photography Credit : Chad Sexton at – http://www.csextonphotography.com
  • Where to from here what does the rest of 2016 hold for you as a model , actress and person , what can we expect from you in 2016 ?

I have several upcoming traditional photo shoots, magazine publications, calendars, but the most exciting thing I have coming up is a kids TV show I’m busy working on that will air soon back here in UNITED STATES.


  • Where can we find you on social media and how can photographers and fans get in touch with you Alba ?

Please follow me at the following: 

FACEBOOK fanpage – https://www.facebook.com/albafelixmodeling/

WEBSITE – http://www.albafelix.com/

MODEL MAYHEM website – http://www.modelmayhem.com/Alba05

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/albafelix1/

Photographer credit : Chad Sexton at – http://www.csextonphotography.com
Designer credit : Lousy Rich
Wardrobe Stylist : Candace Carter