Today we explore the exotic beaches in ICELAND and making our fashion statement glow with another international MOLLBABE Blond bombshell as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews  MOLL MAG South Africa international model Amandy Ranger 

Welcome Amandy Ranger 



1. Tell us a bit about yourself ?



  • My model name is Amandy and I am from a small city in Northern Ontario Canada ,  I am passionate about helping people and work as a social worker with mental health and as you all know I also model part-time. I also recently started a business called Be YOUnique models and I host events for new and experienced models and work along side with some fantastic photographers and sponsors. Including Gworld, Naughty Girl Lingerie, Wetpeach and SNS clothing.




2. How did your Modeling career all start and where did the passion for modeling come from ?


  • It started a bit later in life, even though I wanted to model when I was younger but really didn’t have the confidence to pursue it, as I grew more confidence I figured why not do a photo shoot for fun. After that I realized that it was something I liked and wanted to get better at. Eventually I ended up with some great opportunities and some fantastic sponsors and fans




3. As we come to notice with your modeling career thus far your modeling CV has some interesting achievements on them and we would like to add another one to that LIST of yours as you are also now one of our MOLL MAG South Africa  international MOLLBABE features today how does that make you feel ?



  • I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing team and look forward to the future and what opportunities could arise from this. Thank you




4. As a model give us a glimpse HOW DO YOU prepare for a BIG DAY as knowing as PHOTO SHOOT DAY give us 5 tips on how you prepare yourself for the big day which involves long hours on set or location in front of the camera lens ?



  • I always shower and shave the day of shoot. I make sure to pack a bag with all of the outfits I need but I separate each outfit in zip lock bags so I am ready to shoot faster in between sets. I also pack water, a snack and wine (when appropriate). While I am getting ready I like to play music and dance around or practice in the mirror (it’s really funny to see)




5. Your Hobbies what makes you enjoy life other than modeling ?



  • I love anything outdoors, summer time is my favorite because I enjoy Rollerblading, biking, Paddle boarding, kayaking, Hiking, Boating and anything adventurous.




6. If you could win the LOTTO JACKPOT one day what will you do with the winnings ?



  • I have planned this one out rather extensively. First off pay off all debt for myself and my family, travel the world and open up a shelter for homeless people and help them get back on their feet. I would definitely want to be the type of person who makes a positive impact on others around me. “Pay it forward”




7. As we know models these days get loads of fan mail from their fans via social media , tell us which of those fan mails was the most heart touching for you and which ones made you laugh and smile and brighten up your day ?




  • I really like the messages from other models who will ask questions about where to start in the industry or pop in to offer encouragement, I feel that having the support of other women and models
    is integral to a model’s success. I also appreciate those who purchase posters to help me in travelling to different places. The set in this feature was taken in Iceland at my friends shoot out  –  The Arna Karls Shootout with Exquisite Events. , where I attended as a model coach. It was an amazing time and event, can’t wait for the next one.




8. Time for a QUICK FIRE SESSION ?




– Favorite Music–Latin/Reggeaton

– Favorite Movie–Kill Bill, Cool runnings (I know its old lol), Iron man

– Your guilty pleasure , Leather or lace –both

– Food porn your favorite food and snack to enjoy late nights –I love poutine and salt and vinegar chips

– What was the last gift you gave someone and what was it ?

I bought my husband a kayak





9.  What beauty tips do you swear by and use to have that glowing beauty you are blessed with ?



  • I honestly have no tips other then to wash your face at night especially if you wear a lot of makeup




10. Words of inspiration , what 3 guidelines and advice would you give other ladies out there that wants to take up and do modeling themselves ?



  • Don’t give up , Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do something , Be humble and kind and support others




11. SOCIAL MEDIA where can fans and the public get hold of you to book you for future events and photo shoots



  • You can find me at the following links





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