Swimwear Fashion Poolside with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day model feautre – Clarissa Franchesca Mars

Weekend is here and we got another Local HOMEGROWN South African modeling beauty in the spotlight with us today, as the summer feeling vibes are starting to kick in and we focus on SWIMWEAR fashion today as our MOLL MAG South Africa – CEO , Arne Schreuder  interview Cape Town born MOLLBABE MODEL Clarissa M. Modelling today,

A warm welcome to you Clarissa Franchesca Mars 

1. Where do you reside from and tell us a bit about yourself ?

  • I’m from the country side. From a small town known as Riversonderend – ( Cape Town South Africa ) I’m in love with nature, very peaceful person and very thankful. Outgoing, spontaneous and crazy at times, which is 99% of the time. And yes a full time nature student.



2. Where did the interest in modeling start for you ?



  • Since I was a little girl I always looked at girls in magazines and hoping one day I will always be like that. Over the years I just LOVE posing in front of the camera. And it became like a crazy habit.




3. In Modeling we know there’s a lot of people out there that will critic on your modeling work you do , How do you handle such pressure ?



  • Well people that were very close to me gossiped about lingerie shoots I did. What I learned in life is that there will always be negative people in the world. What people say about me, doesn’t bother me. I live my life and reach my goal without any opinions from people that don’t matter to me at all.




4. What is the most positive thing and GOLDEN RULE that modeling has taught YOU over the years ?



  • If Im not comfortable, I ain’t doing it. Self respect is key !



5. Tell us what do you do to relax or just to have some ” ME TIME ” away from the modeling lifestyle ?

  • Well I’m a full time student. I love to go hiking. And appreciate nature




6. Your favorite movie TV SHOW and MUSIC you really really like to listen to and watch ?



  • Movie: The last song
    TV show: Empire
    Music: Pop & House




7. If not most of us , some of us has had or still have that famous celebrity crush , tell us give us a hint or small scoop who is your celebrity crush and why and if you could spend a day with your favorite celebrity , how you’d you spend it and where ?



  • Rihanna, she just do damn amazing and sexy. A Day at the beach, fun at the club.




8. If you where not a model which other occupation would we find you doing otherwise ?



  • Wildlife Game ranger at Wildlife Game lodges I love animals




9. WHO inspires you the most in your life and who inspires you in the modeling industry ?



  • My grandmother inspires me and in the Modeling industry: Curved models



10 . What is the most funniest joke you recently told someone or heard from someone , make us laugh …….



  • (Its too dirty…… so noooooope LOL)





11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time from now ?



  • A Wildlife Game ranger at a wildlife game lodge, AND taking care of wildlife animals.




12. Your best attribute that you have as a model and a person that you can bring to the foreground that your fans and friends can learn about you as a individual ?



  • Be yourself, love yourself, be happy with yourself



13. To be SOUTH AFRICAN what does it mean to you ?



  • Pride and joy, knowing u live in a country with so many cultures, bio masses and wildlife species all together



14. Where and how can your fans and photographers get in touch with you and keep track of your modeling progress and career as a model ?


  • You can find me at the following social links:




FACEBOOK –  Clarissa M. Modelling

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/_clariana_/

Photography done by and credit to :

Jason Purcell at

Bearly Photography

Email at : bearly.photo@gmail.com



Article written and edits by : Arne Schreuder 






Swimwear Fashion Poolside with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day model feautre - Clarissa Franchesca Mars
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