dsc_5342As we bring you all another MOLLBABE Babe Of the Day beauty as today we travel across Canada to introduce to you all  the all so inspiring and vibrant MOLLBABE model Vikki Lenola  as our CEO – Arne Schreuder sat down to Interview this amazing lady with many talents like dancing , actress and animal activist.

A Warm Welcome Vikki Lenola  ,

Tell us where do you come from and how did your modeling career start?

  • I live near Toronto, Canada. I used to supply a bridal store with all their veils and other accessories. I was asked to showcase my collection at a runway show. Once there, I got caught up with the glitz and glam of the runway and became a model instead! Since then I have stopped making the veils so that I can focus on my modeling career.


Whom of your family is your biggest fan and supporter in your modeling career thus far?



  • I consider my friends to be my family. I’m so lucky to have so many supportive friends! I really can’t pick just one.


How would your fans, friends and other models you interact with describe you in 3 words?



  • Sweet, ambitious, and focused.




If you could invite a few friends and 4 famous celebs to a meet and greet modeling party in your honor whom would they be and why?



  • Ricky Gervais, Ke$ha, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pamela Anderson. I’d choose these four celebs because they make a difference for animals. As an animal activist myself, I admire what they do.



Let’s talk #foodporn. What’s your favorite food take away or your favorite food dish to make and eat in this festive season times of DECEMBER?



  • I’m definitely a foodie. I like some good ol’ European borscht over the holidays.



dsc_5336What’s your favorite holiday spot and where would you like to go just to have fun and relax and be yourself with friends and loved ones ?



  • To be honest? Probably not what you’re expecting, but I think a few days by myself at home would be amazing! Just take a break from the year-round hustle and bustle.



As a model what should fans and people, modeling agents ,  photographers, makeup artists and hair stylist respect from you as a model and a person when it comes to supporting you or working alongside with you in your modeling career ?



  • I think respecting my hard work ethic would be nice. I earn things the honest way. I have put a lot of time and effort into the things I do. Also please respect my educated input when it comes to animal rights.



dsc_5323Your favorite hobbies?


  • I am married to my career and goals… I am almost always working on them one way or another. Between university, work, and volunteer work, I’ve got some busy days and it’s very fulfilling.


We all sometimes have those funny moments in life as we turn back the clock and time what were your 2 funniest moments back in school or kindergarten that you can think of and share with us today?


  • One time I was out partying when I was on house arrest, and my dad (who I called by name) found out and intruded in with a flashlight looking for me! OMG sooooo embarrassing. I wanted to die. I remember telling my hairdresser and she laughed, saying it would be funny when I was older… I guess she was right.In junior high I was in detention so often. They made a separate detention room for those of us getting detention frequently. It was in the principal’s office. They would generally just leave us in there and check up on us every ten minutes or so. I was the only girl in this group. Of course, you can imagine the silly things these guys did… burping contests! Farting contests! It was horrible. Lol. Boys will be boys (*rolls eyes*)




QUICK FIRE HOTSHOT moments where we give you a question and we need one quick 1 word answer in return. Let’s go. 🙂

– Favorite Movie: 


– What is the last thing you read recently: 

Some article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

– Favorite music song that pops into your head and sing along with in the shower or in the car:

Paper Planes.

– Any secret talent you have we don’t know about share with us:

My research skills. I’m certified to do studies using human subjects.

– First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:

Take care of my ppprrrr… pussy cats.

– Last thing you do before you go to bed at night:


– Favorite Dance move on the dance floor in the club:

It’s all in the hips.

– Favorite cocktail or drink:

Vodka cranberry.


Who inspires you the most in life?



  • Founders and volunteers of charitable organizations and other people who dedicate themselves to positive change.


Any Pets you love and care for?



  • I have 3 fur babies. Toby, Koko, and Onyx. I love my cats.


If you could ask your pet 3 questions what would they be?



  • Are you bored with your food? Are you ever going to stop shedding? What are you thinking?!


What’s the next big thing and achievement you want to do and achieve as a model?



  • I will be focusing on publications for the year ahead.



You can follow Vikki Lenola at the following SOCIAL LINKS :




FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/vikkilenola/

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/vikkilenola/

IMDb website link – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7608273/

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Article Written and Edits done by : Arne Schreuder