As we dazzle this December month with our glitz glam and style, Today we put the spotlight on another PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN homegrown beauty as we travel through the beauty of South Africa to bring you the Dynamic Dazzling beauty of today’s babe of the day model as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model Donnaleigh Jones

Welcome Donnaleigh Jones , 

1. First and for most we want to congratulate you as you are one of our MOLLBABE international models from SOUTH AFRICA featured in our December 2016 issue , how does this feeling make you feel right now ?

  • “I feel thrilled to be featured by MOLLMAG South Africa & MOLLMAG USA. It is a great opportunity and I trust that it will get me great exposure.




2. Tell us a bit about who you are where you reside from in SOUTH AFRICA and how your modeling all started for you ?


  • “I was born in Pietermaritzburg but later re-located to Johannesburg. With so much interest in the fashion and modeling industry, I decided to enter online competitions where I could win free photo shoots. I then started to get contacted by a lot of photographers of whom I have now become friends with introduced me to the scene. I have never looked back since. It is my burning passion “




3. On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you put and classify yourself as a model in the modeling industry of today what defines you on who you are as a model and where you find yourself as a model in the specific style you concentrate on ?



  • “I would scale myself as a 10 of course and any other woman that gets asked this question should too. We are all individuals and we are all unique in our own way. I am comfortable in my own skin and accept any challenge not matter genre shoot I participate in.”



4. Any specific genres you absolutely love to work on as a model and why ?



  • “As a model I really enjoy high fashion, after all, we are just walking hangers showcasing the latest trends and creating exposure for upcoming designers and photographers.”





5. Bringing your own individual look into modeling, how important is that and how do you incorporate a role model image and style that you look up to and follow in to your own unique style ?




  • “To me, it is all about how you put yourself forward, be professional. Looking good in front of the camera will mean nothing if you are not professional on how you conduct business. After all, your name is all you have therefore you need to keep it clean.”




6. Who is your role model you follow and look up to in today’s lifestyle ?



  • “I do not have a specific role model. I follow God.”




7. As South Africa is known for its beautiful nature and animal wildlife what would you do to show people through your modeling how you would help protect and save wildlife today and for the future ahead ?



  • “Well, I cannot protect them physically, but we can create awareness”



8. As we come to notice in your modeling portfolio give us 3 of your favorite photographers you have worked with thus far in your career ?



  • There are too many to name but to mention a few, Fiona Foto, Michael Cowell, Trevor Trim, Pierre Venter and Shane Ashby. I can go on all day 😉 ( SMILE )




9. If you could choose between the following : Would you rather win , a MISS WORLD modeling contest , an Olympic medal, an Academy Award or the Nobel Peace prize , which would you prefer to win and why ?



  • “I would have to go with the Nobel peace prize. It’s a great honor.”



11. What is your favorite quote you live up to in life ?



  • ” Dream it, Wish it, Live it




12. Favorite Hobbies ?


  • “Doing my nails, cutting up old clothing and designing my own outfits with added flair. And of course modelling.”



13. Romantic moments what makes you feel romantic and express love to your loved one or soul mate ?


  • I enjoy a nice candle lit dinner with some wine, ending the night off under the stars.



14. Lets get into that Bedroom pillow talk times , Your guilty pleasures leather , lace thongs or beautiful vintage corsets ?



  • Lol, all of the above



15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years …. where to from here whats next on your to do list and agenda what can we expect from you for whats left of 2016 and the years to follow ?



  • “ In 10 years I will be running my own fashion and beauty boutique and possibly running my own model agency. Shoot Shoot Shoot for 2017.” 😉   ( wink wink )



16. Any last words to your followers and fans and where can they get in touch with you via SOCIAL MEDIA ?



  • “To all those that follow me, thank you for your support, it does not go unnoticed. Be yourself.”





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Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder 

Introducing Dynamic Dazzling MOLLBABE Babe of the Day - model Donnaleigh Jones
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