As the Summer in SOUTH AFRICA heats up so does our local South African modeling beauty as well as today we soak up the Sizzling Summer Vibes of South Africa with our newest MOLLBABE as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model Carmen Jantjies today 

Welcome Carmen ,

Which part of SOUTH AFRICA do you come from Carmen and tell us a bit about yourself ?
I grew up in Blackheath, Cape Town. I’m the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. I’m a single mom of an adorable 3 year old girl named Atarah.  I’m a people’s person and love to spend time with my family. To relax i love chilling with my lady friends,doing a photo shoot and then I am at my happiest.





Where did the passion and interest in modeling come from how did it all start for you ?

My passion for modeling started at a very young age without my parents knowing that it’s actually a passion I was always ready when my Dad took out the camera to make memories of family events. People also use to tell my mom that I have the potential to do modeling when I was a teenager.




How do you handle negative critic in your modeling career ?
At the beginning it was hard,not knowing how to handle critics but with the help of photographers and their tips I just try to turn a negative in a positive and be the best I can be.




The most positive thing about modeling for you is ?

To stay Professional at all times , be true to yourself and be honest.  Also it has to come from the heart and soul.



 How do you take time out and spend quality time with loved ones away from the hustle and bustle from modeling ?

I spend my time chilling with my lady friends or with my adorable daughter, on a nice summer’s day a drive to the beaches are just soooo relaxing.



Give us a sneak peek into your favorite movie and music collection YOU LIKE A LOT ?


My favorite Movie is The 33 and Music I love is Jazz




If you could go on a date night with your favorite celebrity crush who will it be ?

Oooooh my favorite celebrity crush…….there are unfortunately more then one, they very good actors but if I  had to choose one it would be Clint Brink (local actor from South African) he is  very down to earth, extremely good at acting, if I could spend a day with him it would be at a message parlor, followed with dinner at a restaurant.



Who is your inspiration ?

My mom, my best friends, neighbor and photographers Roger Paulse and my best friend Chantal Cecils.


What would be your dream job one day other than modeling ?


Maybe a make up artist or singer and play my guitar even though I must still master the guitar.



Heard any funny jokes lately that made you giggle and laugh out load ?


Haven’t heard one in ages……sorry  🙁



Which words would you say describe you the best ?


I’m Very friendly,  caring, spontaneous, lovable and help where I can, ” Just be honest and true to yourself.”



Where to from here Carmen what is there more in life that you would like to achieve one day in the future ahead ?

I would not wanna take a break nor retire from the modelling scene ,  but I would love to settle down with a family one day.


Where can we find you on social media ?

You can get in touch with me at the following links at




FACEBOOK – Carmen Mac C Freelance Model Page 

TWITTER – @Carmen_Jantjies


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Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder