Time has come to get our Street Fashion CHIC on as we travel the Streets of San Francisco with the Majestic MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE model Melissa Koenig give us the lowdown on the brand new chic street fashion looks alongside our CEO – Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 

Welcome back Melissa for yet another fantastic feature , 

As we Start off our 2017 Season what is your New Years new years resolution and what do you want to achieve in 2017 ?

My New Years resolution is to focus more on myself. I normally find myself accommodating my loved ones wishes and focusing on their issues rather than my own. I don’t think it is selfish for me to reevaluate what I want for myself and I hope to achieve more of my aspirations by doing this.



Give us a small sneak peek to what you’ve been up to since we last featured you back  in our August 2016 feature ?



I’ve recently signed with Cabani, a modeling agency based in Germany. I’m looking forward to traveling overseas. Also, I’ve recently become the newest brand ambassador for The Alley Chicago. I’m a big fan of the attire so I was very happy to receive the news.




Lets get sporty , Melissa Your a Chicago native , tell us how did the city of Chicago and you reacted when the beloved BASEBALL TEAM The Chicago CUBS recently won the WORLD SERIES ?


Oh my goodness. At first I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Chicago was so wonderfully chaotic that night. I live on a very popular street for celebration, so I literally had to walk a block down to the main street to join the party. Police cars stood guard while hundreds on fans road across the streets screaming with joy. Car horns honked as countless people ran around outside responding with screams. I’m very grateful I was around to experience history being made.




As we come to notice you are one of our MOLLBABE models that’s in demand with doing photo shoots with different photographers and different locations , as you recently traveled to San Francisco to do a STREET FASHION photo shoot with Michael Moore Photography , for your latest feature with us , For you as a model , How did you experience the vibe and fashion sense SAN FRANCISCO has to offer comparing to CHICAGO ?


Well,  San Francisco, to me, wasn’t all that different regarding fashion. Like Chicago, everyone had their own personal sense of style with no judgments from others. From my experience, the people who live there are very liberal and free spirited, so naturally I fit right in. I will say that you must dress warm to walk the streets. Not as bundled as Chicago, but I definitely had to dress in layers.



Lets talk Street Fashion , in your own words what is it about #streetfashion that makes it so unique for you?


I think street fashion has a bit more attitude to it, which I love. It’s suitable for me because it allows me to unleash my catlike attitude. ( Purrrr meow )     😉


As we also know some of your hobbies is being adventures and taking a adventure to break away from modeling to relax sometimes , WHAT is your most recent and outrages adventure you took part in?


Hmm. Most recent adventure. My last trip took me to Malibu, California for a one day photo shoot. Although I did not have time to do much else, I was able to experience beautiful views.




What is the most adrenaline rush for you as a model in modeling these days ?


I love shooting at new places. Places with outstanding scenery. This is where I get my adrenaline rushes from.


Any quirky habit that you have that you can share and tell us about ?


I’m a perfectionist. And a #gymjunky. If I miss a day, I’ll work out twice as hard the next.





What is the one career you wish you could do as a profession one day besides modeling ?


I have many interests, but I’ve also been fond of psychology so I would have to say psychologist.


 If you can get a chance to change your looks as a model someday what would you like to change about yourself as a model ?

I believe that we should all love and learn to accept ourselves for who we are. Although I have flaws I don’t like about myself, I try my best to focus on the things I do love.




What is the ONE GOLDEN RULE you as a model LIVE UP to in the modeling industry ?


Golden rule, always stay humble. This industry can easily change you for the worst. People grow big heads and forget their beliefs and morals. I believe remaining humble through it all is the easiest way to stay true to yourself.



If you could travel to SOUTH AFRICA one day in the future , What is the first thing you would like to do and see in SOUTH AFRICA ?


I love animals and nature! The first thing I would want to do is see the wild animals, such as the lions!!




What was the funniest moment in your life so far ?


The funniest moments have been with my best friends. I’ve literally busted  into tears laughing.




Lets get our love for food a thought , What is your favorite fast food restaurant and what is your favorite fast food dish you absolutely love to indulge yourself into ?


It’s a tie between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. I love the coffee and pastries from both.





Lets make our FASHION SHOES do the talking as every lady loves her different stylish pair of shoes , what is your favorite high heels: wedges? platforms? flatties , stylish sandals , boots or stilettos ?


Stilettos!!! all the way


Give us a sneak peek into your hidden talent you have ?

I’ve been told I’m a riot once you get to know me.


Any last words you want to share with us and your fans ?

I want to personally thank all of my fans as well as Moll Magazine & MollMag South Africa for the support I’m being given. <3 I couldn’t ask for a more loyal group of people.


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