Justifying BEAUTY and STYLE with MOLLBABE – Jasmine Farlow

Another installment of MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY is taking us again to all corners of the world as today in the HOT SEAT we got another Justifying beauty with us as Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO /Arne Schreuder introduces today’s MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE stunner international model Jasmine Farlow 

A warm welcome to you Jasmine 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where are you based and from ?

  • Im the all Australian girl, based in NSW on the east coast of the land down under.




2. We come to notice your a very talented and accomplished model that took part in various modeling contests back in AUSTRALIA and won 5 titles , explain to us what entails that 5 modeling contest titles and what is it all about ?



  • Well thank you for noticing haha yes I’ve completed in my share of pageants and competitions and throughout my time doing so I have been crowned,


Miss continents Australia 2016
Miss inter area Australia 2015
Miss freedom of the world Australia 2014
Face Of The Globe Australia 2013
And miss petite Australia 2012
As well as gaining some national and state competition titles.

To obtain these titles I’ve worked continuously with my community my country doing charity work,  fund raising,  media releases and of course just pushing myself forward to be the best I can be.


3. What is your favorite genre of modeling to do ?



  • I honestly can’t go past high end commercial fashion,  I love the uniqueness of it and the challenges it provides the team with.




4. Other than being a model any other talents you have please tell us more about that ?



  • I actually have my own costume business called jf designs where I design and create a lot of Australia’s national costumes for the world stage.  I’ve created costumes for miss earth Australia miss teen universe and many others.



5. What do you consider your best assets?




  • My stubbornness and ability to never give up.  I mean of course we all have those times where things can seem to much or to hard but I always persevere and push on. I must not have that give up button programmed into me lol





6. People and your fans and photographers you worked with , would say that you are…….. ? and give reason to why that is so?




  • I had a bit of trouble with this question actually so I had to ask around and the most common response was vibrant, dedicated and fun and the reason, because I don’t take things to seriously but always get the shot!


7. What do you enjoy most about being a woman ?




  • I know most people would say the opportunities it affords or the ability to make a change and I definitely agree with them but I have to say the shoes we get to wear are pretty amazing too lol.





8. Most of us are proud of breaking old habits to start off fresh , we want to know what old habit you are proud of breaking yourself as a model and person ?



  • Growing up I never liked change,  we never lived in one house for longer then two years at a time growing up Ive broken down my dislike for change its still It always my favorite aspect of life but I now embrace it when it does come along.



9. Last spontaneous thing you did thus far ?




  • Entering the miss continents pageant in 2016 was fairly spontaneous,  I was sitting at a fund-raiser in Sydney and spoke with a friend about the pageant, I decided to enter the next week, I was crowned and the following week I was in Las Vegas on a world stage with a top position finish.





10. In your own words explain … what is the secret to a happy and successful life for you ?




  • I believe the secret to a happy and successful life is looking within and simply being okay with yourself and who you are.



11. Whats next for Jasmine on the Agenda of 2017 ?



  • 2017 is bringing a huge change for me while I will still be working on my modeling it will take a small back seat position to my. Planning for the future with my amazing partner.






12. Parting words , any last words of inspiration you want to give our readers and your fans out there today?




  •  ” Focus on the now moment and just do it!  You can learn from the past but you can’t live in it , so don’t cling to the memories, experience life and grow from in. Live in the now moment “




INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/jasminefarlow/

SNAPCHAT – @  jasminefarlow

WEBSITE – http://australianmade.wixsite.com/jasminefarlowmodel

Photography done by and credit to 

Rod Capon Photography / RJCPhotography at

ModelMayhem site at – http://www.modelmayhem.com/rodcapon

FACEBOOK – RJC Photography Aust

Makeup Artistry done by


WEBSITE – http://www.kokomakeupdesign.com/

Article Written and edits done by :

Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 

Justifying BEAUTY and STYLE with MOLLBABE - Jasmine Farlow
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