Magic Makeup Tutorial Interview with TALENTED MUA / Hairstylist

Every Lady wants that perfect look in day time and night time as we take a look today at some MAKEUP tips and tricks for that perfect glam  look that every lady wants and deserves these days , so lets get our glam on as our CEO Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder sat down to interview and get the magic makeup scoop for the day with MAKEUP ARTIST and Hairstylist – 



Welcome Leilanie Higgins 

1. Tell us where did your love for Makeup and Hair styling Artistry come from give us a little inside scoop on it ?
  • To be honest I think I was born with it automatically. It’s always been my passion to bring out women’s inner beauty and making women feel good about themselves since we are all worth it!  I started working at a hair and beauty salon just after I completed high school with the mind set of it only being temporary but as time past and I acknowledge and became involved with the feeling and joy that women experienced after their appointment that I really started growing a passion for this type of industry. It then wasn’t long until I found myself studying for this industry and not long after my student journey was completed I focused to become a Qualified Hairdresser.
    For me personally the best reward to myself is assisting women of all ages to be proud in the way they look and feel and most importantly is for them to gain confidence in themselves.




2. How did you find out about us at MOLL MAG South Africa  ?




3. What is the one Makeup item every women should have in their makeup bag in this new season of 2017 ?
  • I definitely believe that Mascara is a necessary at all times!




4. Explain to us in your own words How do one  find one’s perfect foundation shade when it comes to makeup ?




  • This does differ from person to the person but I always advise to test your foundation on your wrist before applying on your face (for allergies reasons) and use your neck shade as a guide. Over the years I’ve seen that your neck shade is the most natural tone and will definitely help you to find your perfect shade of foundation.




5. Do you have an easy trick for applying eyeliner? IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG today for us , and if so please spill the beans of MAGIC MAKEUP tricks ?
  • I always prefer to use eyeliner shadow rather than a eyeliner liquid for day looks since it gives a pure gentle appearance. Using a thin flat makeup brush will give you the best results. For night I believe we as women can go for a more dramatic look and is best achieved by using a dark black liquid eyeliner. It automatically gives the eye a more detailed finish.
6. We know the Makeup Artistry business these days can be very competitive at times , so tell us , what do you think makes the work you do stand out from the rest what is so unique in what you do as an artist in your profession ?
  • I truly believe it’s because I adapt extremely easily to people and all types of circumstances. If you have a passion for the type of work you do it will always reflect on the work that you do. Ones mind set is the secret ~ positive minds  will always give a positive outcome in the end!




7. What has been your most memorable project as of date ?




  • I would definitely say ,  contributing for MOLL MAG South Africa and being part of the MOLLMAG family.  has given me so many many joyful moments  and as well as amazing confidence to showcase my talents to you all and the world.




8. Give us a inside scoop on Who are your clientele ? and whom you like to work with as a makeup artist ?
  • I’ve worked with amazing people whom are extremely talented such as Hannon and my clientele differs, I don’t really focus on particular clients since we are all worth being pampered.




9. What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists?




  • Be yourself and enjoy every moment like it’s the last. Don’t try to be someone that you are not. Embrace your talents since it’s your gift alone.





10. Lets get Makeup trendy some Makeup BAG HOTSHOT quick fire Q session 
– Lipstick vs. Gloss? Who wins?
– Eyebrows: threading, waxing or tweezing?
  • I’d say definitely lipstick ~ go big or go home
  • I’m quite old school on this question so I’ll go for waxing ~ it’s painful to be beautiful





11. Whats next for you on the agenda whats your next BIG project give us a sneak peek ?
  • My next challenge would be a pinup look for the next MOLL MAG South Africa  project coming soon together with  Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / , as I’m so excited since it’s going to be sexy but elegant at the same time. I’m honestly honored to work with such talented people who embrace their beauty with confidence, since confidence makes you see the world in a whole new way.





12. Where can the public and followers get hold of you to book you for future projects on SOCIAL MEDIA ?
  • Well people and my fellow followers and fans can follow me at ,










photography by :  Natasha Booysen Photography






Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 



Magic Makeup Tutorial Interview with TALENTED MUA / Hairstylist
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