MOLLBABE Pinup style PART 2 with model – Ami Raine Cooper

As the sun sets on the JACK TAYLOR AIRFIELD BASE and the fighter planes are doing its tests runs and flyby’s  , we get another throwback MOLLBABE PINUP modeling beauty the chance to showcase her inner pinup top-gun vintage fighter pilot style for us as Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO interviews

MOLLBABE model Ami-Raine, Model 



Welcome Ami-Raine, Model ,

1. Give us a small glimpse on who you are and where you reside from ?

  • A small glimpse of myself. Well, Im a hippie and a mermaid at heart. I enjoy a good laugh with great people. I LOVE modeling as it gives me an escape from reality. Im hopeless when it comes to fashion and Im getting married in November. Yay.






2. How did your Modeling career take shape to where it is right now ?



  • Well I started by helping out a photographer friend of mine in my small farm town of Bronkhorstspruit SOUTH AFRICA. And now, 3 years later, Im featured in an animal rescue organizations calendar, been front page in a newspaper, and my work has been printed numerous times by photographers to use for their personal projects. But Im not stopping here.




3. Tell us how did you come to know about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and what is so intriguing for you both about our magazine ?




  • I actually just saw MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA pop up on my Facebook news feed one day. Then a few girls I knew started getting featured and I knew I had to get in.





4. We want to congratulate you on being featured with us as another one of  our PINUP MOLLBABE beauties for MOLL MAG South Africa today , what was your first reaction you had when you found out you will be doing a pinup photo shoot at a AIRBASE AIRFIELD with vintage ” TIGERMOTH” fighter airplanes from the 1930’s and 1960’s ?





  • My first reaction was “YES! I get to translate my inner Amy Johnson!” (She was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia, she set many long distance records, she flew during WW2, but unfortunately passed away during a ferry flight)



5. What was the most memorable moment you both will always remember from the photo shoot you had on location with our team Hair and Makeup by Leilanie  , Natasha Booysen Photography  , and Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO  , as well as the staff and pilots of JACK TAYLOR AIRFIELD Flying Academy squad ?




  • We just had so much fun, so many laughs were shared so its hard to pick one specific moment. But I must say the planes were mind blowing.





6. Staying with the theme of pinup , tell us ladies, who inspires you the most in PINUP vintage fashion ?



  • Bunny Yeager! She is just ( goals )




7. That animal loving and caring spirit inside us all , As we all know, we had some visitors 2 cats on our location with the photo shoot we did with you …. so we would like to know are you a cat lover or dog lover and what type of pets do you take care of back home ?




  • Its a very difficult decision, so Im not going to answer that. But my fiancé and I have a ginger cat named Loki (Little Orange Kitty) and as soon as we have a home with more outside space were going to adopt a doggy from our nearest shelter. Oh, and I have my horses name tattooed on my ankle as well.





8. What makes you proud to be a woman in today’s day and age define beauty in your own words, what makes you stand out from crowd and what makes you unique ?




  • I’m proud to be a woman because we just have to fight so much harder for what we want. Things aren’t just given to us, we actually need to work blood, sweat and tears to get to the level men are just given. So we are stronger in that sense. Everyone is beautiful, and you don’t need to fit in to societies version of beautiful. I feel I don’t have a very common look. My facial structure is very unique and it took me years to learn to love myself, because society can be so cruel.





9. As we know back in the vintage pinup era most of the ladies had beauty spots that they were proud to show off , tell us , where are yours do you have a beauty spot to show off to us ( wink wink )





  • Well my whole body is full of freckles!





10. What would you change about your personality & look if you could ?



  • I would like to be able to translate my alter ego (the very confident person I become when doing photo shoots) in my every day life. And I have had a nose job- that was the only thing I wanted to change about myself, and I did.





11. Give us one word that close friends , family and fans should remember you by and describe to us why ?




  • Whimsical. Im a very “light” person. I don’t make a big scene or a very big impact where I go, but for that brief moment Im there, Im playful and amusing and fanciful.





12. Any hobbies and if so tell us more about it?




  • Horseback riding and Photography have always been very close to my heart. I love animals and riding is just such a therapy session. And I love photography because I love capturing memories.




13. Who’s your celebrity crush? and give us the reason why ( wink wink )




  • Eminem. I have been obsessed with him since forever. I have his books, tshirts, movies, all his CD’s and my fiancé and I went to see him live when he was in South Africa a few years ago. He just made the best out of a crappy situation and made himself a sensation. (See, Im even rhyming like him now!) Plus he is super hot.




14 . If you could witness or be part of any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be and why ?


  • Woodstock for sure! Can you imagine what a party that must have been ( all smiles )




15. Tell us what would your advise be to fellow up coming models that wants to par take in modeling what is the GOLDEN RULE you live by ?




  • Go for it. You will never know if this is for you if you never try. And my golden rule is be punctual and keep to your word. A bad reputation travels faster and stays longer than a bad photo.



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Special Thank You goes out to our LOCATION and the airfield base , staff members 

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Article Written and Edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 

MOLLBABE Pinup style PART 2 with model - Ami Raine Cooper
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