As the summer sun sizzles into the start of a new day in the beautiful parts of  Australia , we take a dip pool party style with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE beauty as Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder interviews Jamie Lee – Andrews 




Good Morning Jamie Lee ,





1. Give us a sneak peek on who Jamie Lee is and where you come from ect.




  • Well my Name is Jamie-lee Andrews. I am 20 years old, I was born in November which makes me a Sagittarius. I was born and lived my whole life on The Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA. I’ve been a dancer since the age of 4years old , I started modeling in 2013 while I was in year 12 and loved it from the get go. I love going on adventures, exploring new places, going to the beach and traveling. I have two jobs I work at Australian Outback spectacular and I teach new models at my agency which is Katz Model management.  If you want more insight on my life feel free to follow my journey on Instagram.



2. What defines you as a model and a woman that lives in today’s lifestyle ?




  • I have a positive attitude and outlook to both being a model and a woman in today’s lifestyle. I am proactive and I am always open to learning new things and skills.



3. What is beauty to you describe ?




  • Beauty to me is anyone. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. We all have something different that makes us beautiful and we should all embrace and love ourselves for all our flaws.




4. What is your favorite genre of modeling and why ?




  • This is a hard question to answer…I honestly don’t have a favorite genre however there are things that I love about each. Runways I love them because of the nerves I get when I’m about to walk on the runway in front of hundreds of people and getting to wear talented designers clothing and the craziness backstage can be a lot of fun as well. Where as photo shoots I love them because you get to get creative with a team of people and bring ideas to life to create a story and you get to see the final result and the posing is a lot of fun as well.


5. We know you ladies love wearing new clothes and shoes shoes and more shoes so tell us whats your favorite outfit to wear when you getting ready for a glam night out , plus where would you like that glam night to be to spend the amazing time with that someone special in your life? 



  • I have a few favorite outfits so I will share two with you. One of them is my black pantsuit that has a plunge neck and open criss cross tie up back, with a pair of black heels and accessories and a clutch to match. My other favorite outfit would be my black slip dress with a nice pair of tie up heels and a matching chocker and clutch. I would spend my glam night out with my partner Tyler at a nice restaurant and out for a boogie.




6. What quote do you live by ?



  • Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your gonna get -“Forrest Gump”





7.  What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?



  • Think the thing that people get most surprised about me that they don’t know until I tell them is probably that my plan B career is to become a Detective.




8. Your favorite Celebrity crush to follow on social media and why ?



  • My favorite celebrity crush that I follow on Instagram. I have two Miranda Kerr and Dwayne  Johnson. Miranda Kerr, because she is an Australian girl from the country who has worked hard to become who she is and be the model she is. And Dwayne Johnson because he is so inspiring, he has worked so hard and always has a positive message and outlook on life.



9. If you were a SUPERHERO, tell us what kind of super power would you like to have and how would you use that power to get what you want out of life ?




  • If I were a superhero my power would to be able to teleport. That way I can see all the beautiful countries and cities the world has to offer when I wanted.





10. Favorite TV SHOW , MOVIE , MUSIC and way to relax ?



  • My favorite T.V show would have to be Pretty Little liars. MOVIE anything Disney I am still a child at heart and will always love them. MUSIC I love so many different genres of music but my favorite at the moment is Majestic music or Summer house music. I like to relax by soaking up the sun either by the pool or at the beach.


11. Whats next planned out for you in 2017 and whats next on your bucket list , please share ?

  • I am 100% going traveling this year that is the next big plan and at the moment I am thinking of traveling Europe. However my plan for modeling in 2017 is working really hard to reach my goal and get a contract to model overseas. The next thing on my bucket list is to overcome my fear and go skydiving!





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