Giving the jaunty styles a elegant fashionable glam statement touch with our international sensation glamor  model from AUSTRALIA  Jasmin Shojai Model this February month, as she gets interviewed today by our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO ,  Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 

Morning Jasmin Shojai ,

1. Tell us Who Jasmin Shojai is and what you stand for in life ?

  • Good Morning my name says it all, I am a empowering model who has huge confidence in myself , and is determined to become extremely successful in the model industry I stand for diversity and believing in yourself.





2. As a model we heard along the grapevine about your achievements and success on magazine and modeling platforms and followed your journey in this industry very closely , would you please tell our readers and your fans today a bit more about your achievements as a model please list below :




  • I am currently selling copies of the Australia’s Top Glamour Models 2017 Calendar right now with my autograph 🙂
    I am so honored to be Miss July in the calendar
    Some of my magazine covers and features so far include, Via de Escape magazine featured along side Paris Hilton, cover of IOB magazine, Celeb Riche, Oz mag, RHK and heaps more
    In November last year I also hosted my very own public event here in Australia, for the opening of my brand/business Jasmin Shojai Model
    It was a very successful and amazing night 🙂 I was so honored to welcome everyone
    And it was such an amazing and fun experience saying my speech in front of all my guests
    We also had a lot of prizes given away, as well as free food and drink and a  live DJ on the night. Thanks to all our sponsors, the venue and everyone who helped out on the night.
    Readers can find out more about the event in our newsletter which is out now 🙂

3. As thats a big list that you recently mentioned , and we would like to add another one to that big list of yours and thats the feature with us today in MOLL MAG South Africa  how does that make you feel your first reaction ?
  • I am so honored to be published in MOLLMAG South Africa.  This is so exciting for me and I am very happy, I have been following MOLLMAG and MOLLMAG South Africa for a while and have been really looking forward to being published in it.




4. FASHION STATEMENT and unique STYLE describe to us your unique style and statement in a nut shell ?




  • Everyone has a look they like and a set of designs/colours that suit them most.
    For me on my complexion, I love whites, nudes, golds, tangerines and some pinks as well
    I love a lot of clothing pieces
    In particular I love simple bodycon dresses and skirts
    They are a really classy and a sexy look
    Heels are also a big favorite of mine.
    Stilettos are my favorite type of heels
    Recently I have just gotten the ‘clear/see-through’ shoe look
    I have a pair of nude heels where the mid section of the shoe is clear. It is pretty cool and they look absolutely stunning when I put them on.



5. What do you like to wear thats in style and in fashion for this season , your favorite outfit and fashion accessory ?



  • My see through pointed heels and my white high waist low-crotch pants. Sounds a bit weird to describe, but these pants from ‘Bad Af Fashion’ are absolutely stunning and so stylish. They really go well with my see-through heels, which not to mention are my favorite shoes at the moment! I literally just cleaned them earlier after wearing them once lol!
    Can’t have them damaged or dirty, I love them too much.




6. Latest documentary or show or movie that captured your attention and inspired you please share what was it all about and what life lesson can we learn from that today ?




  • In general a lot of shows, movies and documentaries inspire me
    In particular I got inspired by alot of TV shows on E entertainment channel
    I use to watch a lot of shows on Foxtel. Fashion TV, Next Top Model, Girls of the Playboy Mansion, Keeping up with the Kardashians. A lot of music videos then and now, which I would watch on MTV and other channels, also inspired me a lot. Particularly when it comes to creating ideas for my TV show.



7. We also come to notice your a upcoming business woman as well and your latest project is getting your own brand out there and a airing a TV SHOW on your YOUTUBE channel called  , Jasmin Shojai Model TV ,  tell us a little bit more about that ?




  • Jasmin Shojai Model TV  (JSM TV for short) is about my journey through modeling, including behind the scenes clips, exclusive interviews and latest news.
    From time to time we will also be featuring other talent on the show
    So far it’s doing really well, we have recieved alot of amazing feedback
    For fans/readers, you can subscribe to JSM TV on YouTube  to keep up with all the episodes of my show
    We can definitely see it coming to TV one day.




8. What is something you have tried, but will never do again?




  • Cherry flavored gum lol
    Don’t like the taste haha





9. What scares you the most ?



  • Spiders, cockroaches and moths.




10. What or who inspires you the most in life and why ?




  • I believe in self confidence, and empowering yourself. Thats what really inspires me day to day , Being yourself and doing what you love in life is very important to me.






11. Any quirky habits we don’t know about please share ?




  • I am not sure if this is quirky
    But occasionally if I want to cheat on my healthy lifestyle and if I am low on energy, I love eating chocolate and drinking a V Energy drink. The combination taste is amazing.





12. How do you keep focused on a bad day at work in your modeling career as we all know sometimes we all do have our ups and downs ?




  • I am passionate about modeling quite a lot.
    It is so important to me
    Life is not perfect, of course there is going to be ups and downs 
    I am driven by passion, my goals and determination to do well
    I leave anything that’s negative behind, and stay positive and focused on what I need to do.





13. Favorite way to relax if you just want to be yourself and get away from modeling for a bit ?




  • Pretty much just lie down and nap, watch something on TV while having herbal tea. Sometimes I find online shopping pretty relaxing too haha




14. Favorite Food / Drink / Music and Movie ?




  • For food, some of my favorite treats include Tiramisu and Quiche Lorraine.
    Drinks, I love soy milk, coffee and not to mention Green Tea 
    With green tea, I particularly like stirring in Saffron Rock candy (a Persian sweet).
    As for movies, I have too many favorites





15. When you google your name to get the meaning behind your name what is the meaning of your name please explain ?




  • The meaning is a flower, my name originates from Persia (modern Iran today). The Origin Persian meaning refers to the scented flowering plant (The Yas flower).





16. As its the month of Valentines give us a glimpse sneak peek on how you want to spend it ( wink wink)
  • Probably movies or a nice dinner with my finance. Will definitely be having some chocolate, can’t miss out on that on Valentines Day.




17. Whats the next NEW PROJECT thats on the TOP of your bucket list ?
  • I don’t like to reveal too much. But this year we will be working on more videos and filming. We are going to make things bigger and better every time.
    I will also be launching my high tech professional website too.
    You will just have to see when it comes out 
    I am also super excited to be working with some of the best professionals in the industry over the next several months 




18. Where can fans follow you on social media ?




  • They can please follow me at :




FACEBOOK – Jasmin Shojai Model


YOUTUBE – (JSM TV , Jasmin Shojai Model TV )


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Article written and edits done by – Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder