Making our Valentines wishes and fairy tales come true in the majestic forests and landscapes of NEW ZEALAND as our  MOLL MAG South Africa CEO Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO interviews MOLLBABE model Xhakira Mcdonald 







Welcome Xhakira ,

  1. Tell us where did it all start modeling wise and where you come from ?


  • I’m originally from South Africa, born in Pretoria but now live in the beautiful Auckland New Zealand. I did a finishing course when I was 6 years old and then progressed into modeling courses, but it wasn’t until about 17 that I wanted to take modeling more serious than just a hobby so I booked a photo shoot and submitted to FHM SOUTH AFRICA  and made the SA top 100 , plus yes you’ve also seen me as PLAYBOY SOUTH AFRICA PLAYMATE model back in January 2013





2. Xhakira we are very honored to have you as a featured MOLLBABE for the month of FEBRUARY , as we also heard you were also a previous featured PLAYBOY SOUTH AFRICA playmate model , how did life changed for you after being a  playboy playmate , to a MOLLBABE modeling redhead beauty for us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA today  , what made you decide to submit to us ?


  • Haha well, it has changed. Modeling is going great having loads of fun but I must say the fans are  the best of all, the support and the kindness from everyone is amazing. I came in contact with Arne Schreuder a few years ago and he told me about the magazine, and  I submitted to Moll Mag as I have been following the mag for quite some time now and have seen it grow into an amazing brand that I’m super proud of being a part of.





3. As this feature of yours today has a valentines forest fairy feel to things tell us how did this concept of the photo shoot come all about in the beautiful NATURE OUTDOORS of majestic New Zealand ?



  • Hugo Schutte the amazing photographer of this shoot based in Auckland is very artistic when it comes to these kind of shoots, he had many amazing ideas and New Zealand is so beautiful and green it was a match made in heaven. As we then gave the concept to MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder to work with and  I think it was a great shoot with a great team. I truly loved it.


4. As we come to know you also previous emigrated from SOUTH AFRICA to the land of the silver cloud New Zealand , tell us a bit more about that journey ?




  • My amazing husband is a kiwi, we met in Johannesburg in 2012, he remained in South Africa with me for 4 years and then we decided it was time for us to move to New Zealand.




5. What do you miss about SOUTH AFRICA the most as a country ?



  • I miss certain parts of the culture, I miss national braai day ( as if a South African needs an excuse to braai) I miss all the delicious treats that you don’t get here and the open mindedness that comes with most of the people.




6. Lets get into the swing of the Valentine theme , what does Valentines mean to you personally ?



  • To me Valentine’s day is a day where you take the time out of you busy schedule to show your love and appreciation towards the loved ones closest to you. Interesting fact my first real valentine was my husband.




7.  As that REDHOT locks of hairstyle is most probably your most eye catching feature everyone talks about , tell us does redheads have more fun than brunettes or blonds , and if so explain more on that REDHOT debate ? ( wink wink )



  • Hmmm, I think Redheads have more fun, I have a fiery personality  you have to rock the hair not let the hair wear you it takes a certain type of personality to pull it off. Fun, outgoing, sexy and a whole lot of confidence.



8.  What type of hair care products do you mostly use to keep your RED locks so shiny and glowing on photo shoots you do ?




  • Red hair is quite high maintenance washing with cold water prolongs the shine and color and loads of treatments.



9. What makes you giggle and laugh these days anything on the flip side that was really a funny moment you experienced recently ?




  • Reading through my Facebook timeline …… its amazing what stuff people come up with. , its like looking at a smaller more blunt version of my husband and I. ( LOL )



10.  As a model tell us how do you keep your body in shape for that perfect day of photo shoots you do on set or location , give us a glimpse into your daily routine ?




  • I like doing at home HIT workout videos, a good workout in a short period of time.



11. #FoodPorn what will we get to find in your fridge that you mostly love to eat , and any favorite late night snacks you indulge in  ?




  • You would find a lot of salad loads of it I try and stay healthy but I love sushi and I like to indulge on Nutella on fruit so yum.





12. What do you like to do after a BIG DAY’S work or at the end of a busy photo shoot ?



  • Relaxing on the couch binge watching TV series




13.  As the BEAUTY of NATURE and animal wildlife is also a big topic on our agenda other than modeling , what is it about Animal wildlife and Nature you love the most ?




  • I love to see animals in their natural habitat I am  against zoo’s and circuses its cruel. I believe we should protect our nature and wildlife if we want any kind of decent future for future generations.





14. Lets take a trip into the future , 10 years down the line , what would you like to see change in the world of today personally ?




  • I would love to see people encourage each other and stop judging one another, no one is a saint.




15. Three golden tips you can share with us today and our readers and your fans , How do you balance your professional and personal lives as a model ?




  • It’s important to find balance I always make time for family but I also involve the people closest to me in what I do.




16. Where can photographers and the public get in touch with you via social media ?



  • You can find me at the following :






FACEBOOK – Xhakira Mcdonald 



Hugo Schutte at ShutterProNZ

FACEBOOK – ShutterPro 

TWITTER – @ShutterproNz 




Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO 

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