As the Sun sets over the beautiful Beach sand surf and sea of the Surfers Paradise in Jeffreys Bay ( J-BAY ) South Africa its time to get beach body ready with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day model Sonél Luyt as she gets interviewed by  our MOLL MAG South Africa CEO Arne Schreuder 





Welcome Sonél Luyt

We would like to welcome you back as this is your 2nd time you are featuring with us Sonel as your first time was back in OCTOBER last year as our OCTOBER 2016 COVER MODEL , how does it feel to be back in 2017 for another spectacular feature you did for us recently ?
  • It feels fantastic and its a honor  to be featured with my favorite magazine and its professional team and  MOLLMAG family feeling that  I am honored to be a part of ,   amazing how time flies.



For our new followers and readers and fellow fans of you as one of our local and international MOLLBABE models , tell us what have you been up to since we featured you back in OCTOBER last year modeling wise , how big of a change and impact you have had and made on the modeling scene as one of our MOLLBABE model ambassadors ?
  • It was a wonderful experience working with the MOLLMAG team  the first time. I have received  tons of likes and great feedback  plus made loads of contacts and friends locally in SOUTH AFRICA as well as internationally. I’ve been swamped with new photo shoots and projects over these couple of months , due to the fact that my MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA October 2016 cover issue made such a memorable impact for me as a model , The Saying is true MOLLMAG / MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA speaks volumes through its style , elegance , grace and professionalism its team and models and photographers portrays to the fashion world out there.



Give us a glimpse and please explain to us in a nut shell how the vibe and day was on set at this spectacular beach and location in SOUTH AFRICA for the photo shoot you did with photographer and make up artist and wardrobe outfit specialist?
  • I experienced that everyone  involved were extremely  professional and a pleasant  to work with.  





Tell us more of these one of a kind specially designed micro bikini outfits that was used for this shoot and how can the public get hold of such amazing looking pieces of design swim wear ?






Lets tickle those laughing smiles for a while , what is the one moment you can look back on this shoot and say to yourself that particular instants and moment made you really giggle and laugh inside and that you will always remember and never forget ?
  • Just learn never to turn your back on the sea and its mighty waves , as you never know when that unexpected moment of a wave will knock you down lol.




Lets turn back the clock in time and history a bit , Sonel  tell us how were you as a little school girl compare to now , were you a TOMBOY OR A GIRLY GIRL ?
  • I was an absolute TOMBOY on my school days , As I always played rugby along with the boys on the school fields , never in a million years did I thought at that time I will do modeling , and yet here I am today.




Who is the one person in the world, past or present, that you would like to meet and why?
  •  Sandra Bullock , I am a great fan of her and adore her personality as well as her sincerity she portrays.




Finish this sentence: ” The people I went to high school with would be _____ to find out that I’m a model and featuring in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA “
  • Flabbergasted





What fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking and feeling good in front of the camera lens this 2017 modeling season ?




  • Trust yourself and think outside of the box. You play one vital role in a sequence of events to create a lifetime of art. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself,  and what makes you feel and look good . Just be yourself, because everyone else is taken….



As every SOUTH AFRICAN loves their sport especially rugby tell us which team do you support and why FOR this SUPER RUGBY 2017 season ?


  • I am a Bulls supporter that hails from Pretoria Loftus Versveld. The team  shows  a lot of character on the rugby field and has always been one of the great and highly competitive rugby teams in SOUTH AFRICA .




 Few words of wisdom / inspiration to our readers , your fans and followers , what do you want to say to the public out there as the stage is yours for 5 minutes what will be your message to all ?

  • Be yourself , Enjoy everyday as if it would be your last. My motto is ” LIVE , LOVE and BE HAPPY “.




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Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO