Exploring and spending the day out and about along the beach side shores of Cape Town South Africa as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews another Proudly South African model , the Sassy Simone Shannon Smith thats our MOLL MAG South Africa  BABE OF THE DAY South African Beauty 

Good Morning Simone , 

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

I’m 26 years of age and I reside on a farm out in Cape Town Klein Dassenberg. We have a family business we are running from the small holding. The government funds our family business. I’m a music and dance lover. I can be a drama queen from time to time hehe. I loooove pit bulls. I’m an extreme sport enthuses. I like horses but I’m allergic to them. I’m a pasta and pizza fan I swear I should have been born Italian lol. I’m studying with Healing hands and doing a social media marketing course at the end of this month.


How did the modeling scene all begin for you and how long have you been in this industry ?

It all begun when I was chatting to a friend on BBM MOBILE chatting app platform. I told her how much I loved her photo and she lead me to my first photographer Saville James where we had my very first group beach shoot with about 15 other models. It was a very good way to interact and network with other ladies  with the same thing in common. I have been modeling for four years and still currently in love with the industry.

Which is your preferred genre of modeling FASHION / GLAM / SWIMWEAR or LINGERIE ?

I must say I absolutely love modeling swimwear as well as lingerie and I have an insane love for glam modeling.


What is your ultimate goal in the modeling you do and why what would you like to achieve more ?

My goal is to sign into a prestigious modeling agency like EVOLI agency one day ,  and also  to star in more music videos this year. I’m very keen on collaborating with female clothing brands to raise awareness about women empowerment. I’m hoping to achieve a feature COVER one day in the prestigious MOLLMAG / MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA one day.

Who inspires you in modeling and why ?

Tyra Banks is who I grew up watching I love her because she is super honest, fierce and elegant.  Her WORLD renowned  T.V. show America’s Next Top Model is what I used to watch every Sunday.


What for you is the 3 GOLDEN rules to follow and live by in the modeling industry ?

  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • Respect


If you can inspire other models and people around you which words of inspiration would you teach them or give to them when they ask for guidance ?

For me I have been approached by a lot of photographers and don’t just shoot with just any person that says they are a photographer. My thing is to always be safe and do background checks on photographers.  Never compare yourself to another woman, we all have beauty plus flaws and we are all going to get old and pruney someday. Beauty doesn’t last forever but a beautiful personality lasts a lifetime.  

Ultimate Dream Romantic Holiday or date you want to experience with your hubby or loved one , one day ?

I’m thinking an outdoor adventure like water jet skis, wake boarding, mountain climbing , gun range shooting , skating the promenade then sharing a moment with a super funny comedy combined with tickles and some passionate cuddles afterwards.


Hobbies you are interested in doing other than modeling ?

Dancing is just embedded in me naturally. I’m also musically inclined with playing the guitar. I love to catch a skateboard ride on my cruiser every once in a while when I’m closer to civilization.

We also hear along the grapevine you’re a lady that’s up for some adventure in life and that you also love skateboarding, tell us who is your favorite X GAMES SPORT STAR and sport celebrity Skateboarding pro athlete you want to meet and spend a day with one day and what type of adventure will the both of you be doing together ?


My favorite X Games Sports star is Rob Dyrdek and my all time  Celeb Skating pro athlete I would love to meet is Paul Rodrigues. The type of adventure I would want to do with him is go to one of those theme parks in America then get pizza and ice cream with a boat load of chocolate sauce.  mmmmmmmmmm (Munchies)

 Describe yourself in 3 words to us ?

  • Bold
  • Passionate
  • Fiery  


Your most favorite beauty feature and trait you have what makes you stand out from a crowd?

Quote Black Eyed Peas ” I got it from my Mama”  my curly crazy hair, my sexy thighs and  glam nails is what always gets me to shine out from the crowd.


What does intimacy mean to you and your loving partner in life ?


Intimacy is when two people have each other’s back for better or worse. A shoulder to cry on also support for each is very important.


Let’s have some fun if you could base your family on any TV FAMILY RELATED series or comedy which one would it be and why?


I think The Cookout would be a perfect way to describe our family because our family is dysfunctional at times  and not normal but we still love each other always! (laughs)


Favorite Movie

Super Troopers

Favorite chart topping music song on your music playlist at the moment ?

Zara Larsson, It ain’t my fault. Listening as of right now!

 Favorite TV show ?

How to get away with murder. It’s giving me pointers. hahaha lol ( just joking )


How did you find out about our magazine and who we are ? , plus We also want to congratulate you on being chosen as one of our local and international MOLLBABE modeling Babe of the Day features how does that make you feel ?

I found out about MOLLMAG / MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA from fellow MOLLBABE model and friend Cee Bailey  when she got featured in your magazine. Thank you for featuring me in your outstanding magazine filled with thousands of beautiful women and talent thats truly inspiring that  I’m grateful to be a part of the family. I couldn’t believe it when CEO  Arne Schreuder approached me and asked for me to take part in this year’s March 2017 issue. I must admit I have delayed since last year as me and Arne were in talks and planing this for me since last year then we both agreed to make it happen for me this month,  because I wanted this feature to be an exact reflection of myself.

“I’m ALSO thankful to be working with  such a well known and most diverse Magazine MOLLMAG and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA . I’m now a MollMag Babe Yay as Im so so excited. thank you so so much.”

In South Africa there are so many cultures, beauty and diversity, what from SOUTH AFRICA as a country makes it so extra special for you to be a part of and be living in a country that’s so unique?

Firstly, I was born in Cape Town and we have the seventh wonder in the world which is Table Mountain . We hardly have any REAL disasters here in South Africa thank God for that. We have the most amazing Climate. South Africa has a lot to offer  I just thank my mother and all the other fellow people who fought for us younger generation to not live in apartheid anymore. as we as a nation are truly blessed.

What’s next on the horizon for you Simone, your next project give us a sneak peek?

Another few photo shoots , I’m thinking SASSY tight clothing and superbikes

Where can fans , friends and the public follow your modeling journey on SOCIAL MEDIA ?

You can find me and please follow me at :

SIMONE SHANNON SMITH |  Facebook |  Twitter |  Instagram

Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder