March month is here with a brand new Captivating splash of BEAUTY as we at MOLL MAG South Africa  are proud to announce today as we welcome our MARCH 2017 Cover Model the captivating charm beauty and style with MOLLBABE Crystal Maude Smith as shes interviewed in studio today with our CEO , Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO 






Welcome Crystal ,

Give us a sneak peek on who Crystal is and what makes you the person and model that you are today and where you reside from ?

  • I currently live in Cornwall New York – USA . It’s about and hour or so  from Manhattan(NYC). I’m actually a very humble girl. I’ve been told I’m super funny and have a great personality. Which is a better compliment then being told I’m pretty. Don’t get me wrong, flattery gets you everywhere with me 😉 lol I have four older brothers and I’m the youngest. Which has given me the ability to think like a man but act like a lady. I love adventure and travel. I love fashion and shoes! My GOD do I love shoes!!! I’m a realist but also a hopeless romantic.


Where did modeling all start for you ?


  • My mother started me at a young age. Unfortunately due to my early development and seductive looks, I never looked innocent enough to book serious work when I was young. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I shot with photographer Justin Price and relaunched myself as a full time model, diving head first into the industry.




How did you feel , when you received the news that you are chosen to be our MOLLBABE cover model for MOLL MAG South Africa  for this month of March ?


  • I was super excited! I’ve been hoping to work with Moll Magazine SOUTH AFRICAN edition makes me  feel so very blessed to be chosen as the cover model for my birth month plus it makes it all even more so very special thank you.




Tell us a bit more about the spectacular venue that was chosen by you and Clix Couture Photography for this featured photo shoot for us ?


  • We shot at a gorgeous mansion in Long Island New York! The view was absolutely breathtaking,the mansion overlooked the water and the amazing ocean.




What is the one thing you will never forget that made this photo shoot on set and location so memorable for you and why ?

  • The amazing people I worked with and kind people who shared their home with us. It’s not too often that you get to work with such kind, genuine and fun people.



Which will you prefer , The Big City Lifestyle in the glitz and glam or the laid back country girl out in the open lifestyle and why ?


  • I’m a city girl, always have been. I was born in Philadelphia PA, the home of brotherly love I love the hustle and bustle of city life! The sense of community  and the diversity of beautiful cultures.





 As a model you traveled the world a lot thus far , what is the one thing in your travel bag you cant go with out and which country destination is your favorite to visit and why ?

  • Honestly eye liner lol even if I had to walk around naked, I’d want eyeliner on. Paris was amazing! The lights! The Eiffel Tower! The sense of history was incredible! The fact I was there for Fashion week was a dream come true!




If we can tickle ya taste buds in the travel destination department , what will be the first thing you want to do when you visit SOUTH AFRICA one day ?


  • I’ve been fortunate enough to have already visited South Africa and It was quite beautiful! The animals were completely Breath taking.  And the people were so kind and hospitable. If I were to re visit the first thing I would want to do, would have to be a photo shoot with elephants and giraffes! They are such majestic creatures. I’m sure I would go home with some amazing images and great memories.





Most Captivating out of the box daring  photo shoot you did in your career thus far as a model and most daring thing you did as a person,  share with us that experience ?


  • This is tricky lol I love shooting unusual themes. One of the most captivating shots I’ve taken was on a dry lake bed out in the dessert in Las Vegas Nevada. I was naked Laying there in on the dry earth and yet felt so peaceful and comfortable . It was unreal especially as the sun set. One of the most daring things I’ve done was give up my regular job to operate modeling full time. It was scary at first but I’m glad I followed my dreams.




Other than Modeling what are your other hobbies you take part in ?

  • I love to cook and I’m really good at it. I also love to horseback ride and love animals in general. I enjoy  making costumes very much.





As we all have some hidden secrets and talents , spill the beans , what would be your hidden secret or other talent you have that no one knows about ?

  • Lol does being double jointed count? hehehe


Your favorite way to spend a evening with your loved one in your life after a hard day at work?



  • Eating a delicious meal with an amazing glass of wine,just relaxing and perhaps a movie.


 What really makes you laugh ?

  • Someone who isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves.



If we as people could have a super power one day in the future what would your super power be and why ? and what would you like to do with that super power ?


  • The ability to read people’s minds or predict the future. I would like to think I could help in a lot if different ways with those abilities. Perhaps helping avoid terrible events from taking place.


What nickname is given to you from your best friend or loved one based on your personality and also based on your favorite body feature you have and why ?


  • Everyone who really knows me calls me Crys.  I don’t really have a nick name based off my body lol my family also calls me princess lol.



What are some things you are truly passionate about in life besides modeling ?


  • My family. I love them so very much. They’re always there for me when I need them, no matter what.



What is the hardest lesson you had to learn in life?


  • Never take the people you love and care for, for granted you never know when they’ll be taken away.


What’s one thing an elder relative/peer of yours taught you when growing up that you really treasure ?


  • My mother always made me watch her cook growing up… I cherish this because She taught me recipes that have been passed down through generations in my family. That would otherwise be lost.




Whats the next big step / next project for you in your career whats on that bucket list of yours , please share with us ?

  • I don’t want  to jinx myself but I have a few tv projects in the works.  Bucket list, hmmmmm….I’m so blessed in my life that I’m fortunate enough to live my dreams. But going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids and all the history there is definitely on my bucket list. I’m obsessed with ancient Egyptian civilization.



Where and how can fans friends and photographers connect with you for future collaboration and projects as well as photo shoots on social media ?

  • The best way to get in contact with me for bookings. PEOPLE can email me or one could always message me on my social media as well at :


Facebook –  Crystal Maude Smith 

Twitter – @Smith_crystal7

Instagram –

Photography credit to : 

Clix Couture Photography

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Article written and edits done by :

Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder