Its race day lets gear up for some Automotive Fashion Statements as we introduce a lady that has the need for speed and the love for cars give as we give a warm welcome to another South African MOLL MAG South Africa Babe of the Day MOLLBABE beauty Sharmaine van Eden as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder .




Welcome Sharmaine ,

1. Give us a glimpse of who you are and where you reside from?

  • I’m Jozi born and bred from Johannesburg South Africa ,  Total sports fanatic, crazy about animals and dances around every Saturday mornings in my pj’s and slippers to Rock Tunes. I am The Energizer bunny to get the party started and spend the whole night on the dance floor. Using every opportunity to get in a good banter session and very quick with a pun whenever the situation presents itself.




2. How did that passion for modeling all start?




  • A photographer friend of mine, invited me to partake in a Graffiti/Street shoot back in November last year , and I was absolutely hooked. I just had so much fun on set.




3. Congrats on being chosen as our MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature, what’s the feeling about it in your head at this moment of the breaking news?




  • Firstly, thank you so much for the feature, it’s an incredible honor and this is very much appreciated. I was ecstatic and immediately broke out in happy dance in true Sharmaine fashion. If I had to draw comparisons it would be a similar feeling as to when I felt that sense of accomplishment completing my first half marathon and first hole in one on the golf course.




4. How did you find out about us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA?



  • It was actually completely by chance. It was one of the suggested groups/storylines on my Instagram Account. I clicked on it out of pure curiosity and found myself reading the entire edition online then I connected with Arne over social media as he guided me along the way on what was required from me and the rest is history as they say



5. Tell us more about the photo shoot that you did and sent into us for this particular feature with us today?




  • Being a Lady Petrol head, I knew I had to partake in this photo shoot the moment it was open for registration. The beauty of those classic machines are breathtaking, never mind the roar of the engines where enough to leave me weak in the knees. I was covered in goosebumps and had giddy excitement plastered on my face the entire shoot. So typically I was the first to arrive and my photographer friend,  had to basically drag me out heels kicking in the floor. I was even lucky enough to have a spin in a Ferrari who had a replica of my F1 Hero Michael Schumacher’s signature on the gearbox, the only safe word I had to use was MORE!




6. Your most favorite thing about modeling is?




  • This answer is twofold: Firstly, I am a sucker for dress up so I love to do so at every opportunity that I get. Modeling let’s you channel many different characters every time you get to do a shoot and also the fun you have whilst doing it and then the networking platform it presents you with to meet new people.Secondly, I am a fit girl, so the photos that I receive in return not only keeps me motivated in terms of achieving optimum body condition and leading a healthy lifestyle, but also provides a sense of which areas I have to focus on that I am not happy with…after all I am a girl and we tend to be critical about our appearance.



7. How would you describe your personality?



  • Fun loving and outgoing. I love to make people laugh.





8. What is it that motivates you the most in life?



  • Definitely results. As soon as you start noticing them, no matter how subtle, it’s enough to keep me going to the next phase until it’s completed. Also, I then look for something else that I can focus on as I don’t believe in stagnating.




9. Do you have any role models? If so, who are they and in which way to you look up to them?


  • My mother. She has always set an example of everything a strong woman is to me. From instilling values and fighting for what you believe in, no matter the cost to each loving milk tart she spoils me with often. By herself she raised me and I place high value on each pep talk and piece of advice that I get from her. All of this has brought me this far and will be applied throughout my life. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader and I will continue to draw inspiration from this every day. I would be a happy woman if I can be half the woman that she is one day.





10. If you could choose, which would be your favorite photographer to work with on a photo shoot project in future of all time in the world?





  • It has to be Susan Schroder, a California based Fantasy Photographer. I would love to collaborate with her on something very unique.




11. What are the five things you can’t live without?


-My Mom
-Ice Cream




12. What is something you used to do as a child and back in your school days, that you wished you could still do?

Three things comes to mind…

  • Riding my horse every day as we lived on a small holding when I was younger
  • My best method of escapism was going to sit up in my tree house every afternoon, who does not want one?
  • I was able to play piano by ear and regrettably never developed this skill any further





13. What would your dream date be like?



  • That guy with the killer smile, that shares the same wicked sense of humor as what I appreciate. Able to hold a conversation and be fluent in banter and must LOVE sport.





14. What do you think is your best feature and asset of your body and looks when you model in front of the camera lens on set?



  • Self love is important so I will say to you that I am the full package… I think my sparkle and naughtiness comes through in my eyes and then is further enhanced by an expressive mouth and a captivating smile Assets – Has to be the derrière and the legs. They cost blood, sweat and tears to maintain, so you don’t drive a Ferrari and leave it parked in the garage, right?



15. Favorite Hobbies and things to do to relax and just be yourself?



  • Laying on a blanket looking at the stars having a glass of wine. Reading a good book in a hammock at the beach whilst sipping Pina Colada Sporting weekends on the couch with the cat cradled in my lap Bubble bath, my Kindle and a good glass of wine
    I love baking and cooking and trying new recipes, it’s my happy place. Fitness is a way of life so I find Yoga very relaxing.




16. These days technology plays a big part in what we do in our lives and how we do it, tell us what effect does this have on you as a model to showcase your modeling skills and unique trademark as a model in this industry, how do you use the social media in daily life to get the best out of it in modeling as a tool for your benefits?




  • I think everyone in the industry wants to be unique and different, so I feel that technology plays a huge part in evolving your modeling portfolio and the various influences will both inspire and challenge you to try different and exciting experiences to add to your portfolio. All the social media affords me multiple and tiered platforms to engage with different people and stakeholders to build a network within the Photographer and Modeling Forums for future collaborations.




17. Any nicknames you were given when you were younger and if so tell us the story behind it?



  • My most memorable has to be “Jackson”. I was raised listening to Old School Classics, hence my love for 80’s music. I remember that I had watched a music video of Michael Jackson on TV and showed off to my Grandpa how I was able to copy The Moonwalk and hence the nickname Jackson was born 



18. How important is it to learn the trade of the correct modeling poses, in the heat of getting ready for or the lead up to an all important photo shoot for a model like yourself on set or location?




  • It’s crucial that you actually take the time and take selfies of yourself posing, as vain as this might seem, as you will be able to gauge what works for you or not. I am still learning with every shoot what works for me and doesn’t and I welcome creative direction from the photographer when it comes to this, especially the ones I collaborate with on a regular basis. All it takes is that one perfect Kodak moment where all the elements are in sync.For myself, I am a very organized person so I get a little OCD when it comes to this. I plan my outfits, accessories, props and poses well in advance so I am exactly comfortable in the setting and I also research any cool ideas around this that can work. Communication with your Tog, Stylist and MUA from concept to grave will also greatly assist you in this.




19. What is next for your agenda for your modeling career and what would you like to achieve?




  • I recently did an underwater night shoot which was on my modeling bucket list. In addition to this I have entered in 2 pageants which I am looking forward to competing and taking my career to the next level. And then I also have some exciting conceptual and night shoots coming up.




20. Where can we and fans and readers follow you on social media?



  • Well you can please give me a follow at :






FACEBOOK – Sveden – Modelling Page 


Photography by – Belladucci Photography 

Makeup Artistry by – Queen B Professional Makeup Artistry 

Article written and edits done by – Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder