As we today travel all corners of the world to bring you the blissful beauty touch of class ,  as today we introduce to you all the beautiful international MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Bree Leigh  as she gets  interviewed by our MOLL MAG South Africa  CEO , Arne Schreuder 



Welcome Bree Leigh  ,

Give us a scoop and tell us who you are and where do you reside from introduce yourself to us Bree as the stage is yours today ?

  • Welcome everyone , my name is Bree Leigh I come from Canada ( Canadian ) I’m 26 years old and a international model and actress.





Where and how did your modeling career start for you take us back on a trip of memory lane featuring Bree Leigh  ?



  • When I was around 18 years old , I realized I didn’t want to go the regular route of everybody else, as I am  also diagnosed with epilepsy , push me back quite a bit so I had to pick something that would work with my schedule and I could control and something of my interests as well. I love makeup I love fashion I love magazines ,  so modeling just kind of came out of it.



 Give us a small peek into your achievements as a model thus far ?
  • I have been so thrilled to be a part of any modeling experience I have done. I’ve been on several runways for fashion shows on several web sites music videos ect.  a few of my best experiences were being in artist Nicky Romero ‘s  music video I love his music I used to listen to him when I was growing up so being in his video and experiencing that was awesome. Then I also been working with Ellen at was absolutely amazing and a great experience. And of course I have been also featured in several PLAYBOY pictorials in countries like Croatia Venezuela , Slovakia , Czech Republic and Germany.





As we come to notice your ALSO a previous talented and beautiful PLAYBOY PLAYMATE model for various Playboy magazines like you just mentioned ,  in Playboy Croatia . Playboy Venezuela . Playboy Slovakia & Playboy Germany , congrats on those achievements , as we would like to know how did you find the transition from the PLAYBOY style to our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA as well as MOLLMAG USA elegant and inspiring style that we at the MOLLMAG FAMILY have and portray , what indulged you the most about us, plus where and how did you find out about us ?

  • Well thank you….. I must say its a true honor to be a part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY , as ive been following you guys on social media for a long time now , and  MOLLMAG USA as well as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA are both great magazines to feature in ,   and I love how you guys constantly promote beautiful women and positivity together as one in unity .
What inspires you the most about being whom you are and as a model in the industry you find yourself in ?
  • Positivity that’s my inspiration 24/7


You also are a talented actress , tell us a bit MORE  about that journey as well ?


  • I have acted in a few music videos and I have acted in a commercial project before as well  it’s pretty fun acting and I do like what I have experience throughout working in the music video industry.




What was your favorite acting actress project thus far ?
  • Working with music artist and DJ Nicky Romero  in his featured music video –  Future Funk , ( as I am  one of the Lingerie models featured in the video )


Three things you like about modeling and Three things you dislike about modeling and why ?
LIKES ( Makeup , fashion and the photos ) wink wink
DISLIKES ( Haters , the mean girls you get sometimes in the modeling industry ,  and negativity. )
Whats your hobbies , what would you consider to be a relaxing day without any drama what so ever ?


  • Me and my dogs going camping or me and my dogs going for a run at a beach.


Are you a animal and nature lover if so tell us what would you do in effort to save and protect wildlife animals in the wild?



  • I am an animal activist and 100% nature-lover ,  this past summer I went to Costa Rica and was helping out on saving strayed dogs.


 Introduce us to your pets ?
  • Well ….. say hi to my 2 dogs I LOVE so much , Skylar and Capone 🙂





 Any secrets spill the beans share one secret with us today that nobody knows about you ?
  • I secretly eat candy after 1 a.m , so yes I have a sweet tooth ( wink wink )


Your Turn ons and Turn offs ?

Turn ons – I love a guy who grooms himself and smells real nice

Turn offs – I hate a guy who smells real bad


Staying fit , healthy  and beautiful , what would be the KEY to staying fit , healthy  and beautiful for you ?
  • Definitely eating healthy and staying in exercise routine everyday


Tell us, for you what is the key to true happiness and success ?
  • ” Just be you, be happy, and be positive in what you do in life”





Whats next on your to do list and bucket list share with us ?

  • Its a surprise ,  You’ll have to See soon 🙂  (wink wink )

What type of advice can you give to fellow models out there in the industry of today ?

  • ” Don’t take any negativity from nobody ……. stay positive in what you do”




Where can we follow you on social media in support of your modeling journey ?

Get to follow me at :

FACEBOOK  – Bree Leigh 
SNAPCHAT – @ breeleighsc 

 Photography done by : Anthony Randall Photography 

Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder