As Cape Town South Africa embraces it self for the new season with fresh new fashion looks we introduce to you all todays MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY volant verdurous new fashion styles ready to take flight with Modeling Beauty Vianda v Deventer, Miss Western Cape / Model  as she and Kim van Zyl Photography  gets interviewed on set today by our MOLL MAG South Africa  CEO , Arne Schreuder 







A Very warm welcome to you Vianda and Kim ,

1. Vianda tell us a bit more about yourself give us a glimpse of who you are ?

  • I am a 25 Years old born and raised in Cape Town South Africa I have been modeling since a very young age as this was my chosen destiny. My career started booming in 2013 when I won a modeling contest named Miss Western Cape and  since then I had participated in MODELING pageants and now I have about 125 titles some of them are Miss legs 2016, Miss Langebaan, ect… I have also been on a few covers such as Face of Lady Gracious, Get it magazine back in 2015/2016.




2. Where did your Modeling career all start for you ?

  • It all started for me at modeling contest and local  pageants in Cape Town such as :  Miss legs 2016, Miss Langebaan, and loads more , I have also been on a few covers such as Face of Lady Gracious, Get it Magazine back in 2015/2016.  Ive been in the local  Huisgenoot Magazine as well and also in 2016 I have been in few commercials for Capitec Bank / Cell C MOBILE company  and also 3 Audi Motor vehicle  ads and Im also working on doing my 4th Audi SA  ad this month as well.




3. As a model what qualities make you unique ?



  • I am a natural born leader with a heart of gold , I always have fun. Although My length and hight as a model ,  has been a setback for me , but I have a big presence on set that will  over rule it at times.





4. Congrats on being chosen as one of our MOLLBABE babe of the day features for April if you can describe the feeling right now that you are going through when you heard this news , describe that feeling in 3 words to us ?




  • I feel very Privileged/ excited / humble and honored all at the same time to be featured in such a classy and inspired MAGAZINE , and to be part of such a amazing Magazine and family is a amazing opportunity as I am very thankful today , thank you so much.





5. This question goes to both Kim and Vianda , tell us how was the vibe created today on set with you both and how did this photo shoot idea and plan came about that both of you and our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO , Arne Schreuder had in mind and in vision  ?




Vianda : Arne , Kim and I , were in talks and planning this exciting shoot in the making and it truly was amazing seeing how all 3 of our vision came out so beautiful and perfect on set today , also I’ve known photographer Kim v Zyl for a few years now and the vibe was amazing as always Kim is a very talented photographer and has a passion for life and his work. We make a good team the shoot went quite quickly because we have worked together a lot and Myself and Kim know what we want and what to do so doing a shoot is always fun and a lot of laughter and jokes!!



Kim: Vianda and I have worked together often and have always had a great relationship. We understand each other’s values and what we wanted to get from the shoot and so it was really just a case of two friends getting together and having some fun with it. Plus Arne had a great vision for this shoot as his input of how the shoot should be was very inspiring and I loved his vision.




6. Kim explain to us what type of camera equipment and lighting you used today to get these wonderful images and set with model Vianda for us today ?




  • Almost all the images were shot with a Canon 5Dmk3 and Canon 70-20mm f2.8 IS and almost exclusively with natural light. I try not to use artificial light when doing this kind of shoot as I find it disturbs the “flow” of the shoot. I almost always shoot “on the fly” and start out with an idea and a reference shot or two but once we get started, the shoot generally gets a life of its own and takes its own course as the model and I feel comfortable.




7. Vianda give us a sneak peek in that makeup bag you brought along today , tell us which is you must have beauty accessory you cant live without ?



  • My Make up bag. Always consist out of Maybelline chaotic maskara
    Inglot HD foundation
    Labello Watermelon shine LipIce
    Matt touch blush – color – peach me up!




8. Vianda tell us whats your favorite makeup look , which look would you prefer , between soft Smokey eyeliner  look or the glitter eyeliner look and give us the reason why ?



  • I would choose the Glitter eyeliner look My motto is Always “Sprinkle a little sparkle” Have fun and be yourself but remember to make a magical impression on people’s life’s be the change you want to see. I love a simple look foundation/big lashes/maskara and blush with my favorite Labello LipIce the watermelon shine .




9. Kim in which genres of photography work do you focus on the most and feel the most comfortable in doing ?




  • I do a huge number of “portfolio” type shoots and generally will take my cue from what the model needs for her “book” or may want to try. I am able to shoot in different styles of portraiture from classic studio formal portraits, boudoir, glamor to location fashion editorial. I am also a “specialist” event photographer and I also shoot weddings.




10. Vianda as a model , we know sometimes on set jokes are being shared between photographer and model on set at the time of the shoot , to break the ice and make everyone feel at ease ….. , so we would like to hear which joke you’ve heard recently made you LAUGH OUT LOUD ?




  • I cant think of a joke at this moment but between me and Kim we always make jokes about models can eat or not eat on set or before a shoot. In my case I always ask Kim where “is there a lot of food or has he ordered me some MacDonald’s and a bottle of wine”




11. Vianda what or who inspires you in life and in modeling ?




  • I can think of a lot but there are two people who inspires me the most and they are my mom and dad The reason is I started Modeling at a young age and my parents have always supported me and drove me around taking me to castings and shoots my parents have always encouraged me to be better and the best i can be but also to be yourself and treat others with respect never walk over someone to get to the top but rather help someone up. Have good moral values.



12. Turning back the clock a bit , Vianda , we heard along the grapevine that your a very talented model give us a glimpse of your achievements you achieved thus far that lead up to this MOLLBABE feature of today with us ?



  • One of my other achievements I am very proud of is that I also acted and played in a roll on the HIT Afrikaans TV series on KYKNET Dstv the popular and local show called ” GETROUD MET RUGBY “




13. Any hidden talents Vianda other than modeling please share with us ?




  • I may not look a girl who loves cars but really I DO I love engines and modifications. And also performance on cars I actually know more about cars and engines than a few guys I know.  I drive a Golf 7 GTI myself I am a big adrenaline junkie I love going to attend some street racing races in the weekends.





14. Vianda and Kim what is it from SOUTH AFRICA as a country that mesmerize you both the most and what makes SOUTH AFRICA so unique in your own opinions ?




Vianda :  I have been overseas quite a few times i love traveling and have been to a few places such as Monaco / Thailand / India / Mauritius / Dubai but WHEN the opportunity raise it self  I will always run back to the plane that says South Africa, as our cultures and wine farms stand out and is still the best of all the country’s I’ve been to. South Africa is beautiful you won’t see mountains and places like we have anywhere in the world.



Kim : Having traveled a fair bit and having almost emigrated to distant shores, I am thankful that I decided to stay. Even with our “difficulties”, South Africa has so much to offer and of course living in Cape Town we are blessed with the most incredible scenery and so there is never a scarcity of locations to shoot. But I think what “does it” for me has to be the people. Through my photography I have met the most incredible people and have forged relationships with my clients that will last beyond my days behind the camera.



15. Where to from here whats next on the project line and agenda for you Vianda and Kim ?



Vianda :  I’ve always wanted to enter Miss SouthAfrica pageant  next for me I want to travel the world and and still learn different cultures i am looking for a Modeling agency to help me with my career in the future.



Kim : I am shooting a bit of fashion editorial at the moment and hopefully there will be the opportunity to travel to shoot in various other locations around the world. I am also on the hunt for suitable premises for a new studio.





16. Where can we and our readers follow you on social media to see your modeling work and future projects you will do Vianda and Kim please list your social links below :





Vianda – Social Media Links are :

FACEBOOK – Vianda v Deventer, Miss Western Cape / Model 

TWITTER – @Vianda11 


Kim van Zyl Photography Social Media links are :

FACEBOOK – Kim van Zyl Photography 

TWITTER – @sa_photographix 



Article Written and Edits done by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO 

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