Getting some exotic photography angels from some exotic creatures that lights up the photography lens of international photographer Anthony Randall Photography   and MOLLBABE model Cassie Clayton  gets interviewed by MOLL MAG South Africa CEO Arne Schreuder.

Very warm welcome Anthony Randall ,

Tell us a bit about yourself as a photographer and where do you reside from ?

I am a photographer from Toronto, Canada and I specialize in glamor photography.

How did your passion for photography all start ?

It was 1974, my 12th birthday, and my Aunt gave me a 126 cartridge film camera. When I was 16 I bought my first 35mm SLR. From there I just kept learning and practicing!

Which are your go to settings on your camera when you prepare yourself for a photo shoot you will do on location and studio ?

On location I always try to include some depth to the image. It is my style and it probably comes from all my years as a landscape/nature photographer. So, blurring backgrounds is a style for many but, I always want to show some of the surroundings. So my settings work with that concept in mind. I shoot a lot at 1/60 f5.6. ISO is almost always 100. Studio varies a little more and is more forgiving so I shoot at 1/125 f6.3-f8.0 ISO 100

Explain to us what type of camera you use for your projects and photo shoots ?

I am currently using a Nikon D800 DSLR which is a 36mp full frame camera. Because almost all my shoots are on location I need the flexibility of zoom lenses. I primarily use a Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and a Nikon 70-200 f2.8

Tell us how did this snake shoot with model Cassie Clayton  you did for us today , how did the idea all came to life give us a sneak peek ?

I am animal, bird and reptile lover. So, any opportunity that arises where I can incorporate wildlife into a shoot with a model I will. Cassie was more than happy to pose with Chanel. Chanel’s owner Phoenix was a great help. He allowed Cassie to focus on her poses and me to focus on the photography end.

Whats your favorite genre of photography you do ?

Up until 5 years ago I would have said landscape/wildlife photography. I would have to say glamor and glamor nudes are my favorite genres at this time.

Being Canadian , tell us what is your favorite place or venue to do a photo shoot in and around Canada and why ?

I really like working at my friend’s barn. It is about 100 years old and no longer has cattle there. It is full of hay which is a very nice setting. The location is so versatile for wardrobe and a summer dress works just as well as lingerie. Toronto has several high end hotels and they are always nice to shoot in for the glamour genre.

As we know sometimes photographers do get critique about their photo shoots they do , tell us what type of critique did you get over the years and how do you handle it ?

I consider myself an artist. I learned early on when I only shoot landscapes and wildlife that people will look at your art in different ways. At gallery shows you will often have a meet and greet. You will get positive feedback on the whole. You will also get the odd negative comment. As an artist you will never have everyone love your work. So, you just have to accept that and respect everyone’s opinion. Early on I used critiques to improve my photography. It helps to shape and develop our own style. I believe as an artist we are always improving and evolving.

What is your take on natural light photography and tell us how do you incorporate it into the photography work you do ?

Coming from a nature photography background it is all about light, natural light. Shooting at the right time of the day is critical. When I shoot glamor it becomes more difficult due to scheduling. Models may only have a certain date available so it is that day and time only. If I can use natural light I will or incorporate a mix of natural and artificial light.

Any other interests you have besides photography , what do you do to relax for a day or long weekend Anthony ?

I tend to spend most of my spare time with my family. They keep me pretty busy. I enjoy daily long walks with our dog, “Mojo. ” I also enjoy gardening. I live a pretty quiet lifestyle.

For you what is the number 1 golden rule you swear and live by as a photographer in the industry ?

I often use a quote, “Work Hard. Stay Humble”! I believe as an artist it is really hard to grow if you are spending your day trying to feed an enormous ego. I must add that as a true professional photographer you must always have 100% respect for the people you work with as well.

What do you think are some cliches in the photography genre you focus on and enjoy doing these days in the industry ?

Sex, drugs and alcohol! , I get messages all the time on social media saying how lucky I am to be having sex with all these beautiful models. A true professional such as myself, would never cross that line. Models come to work with me and that is what we do. I provide a work safe environment free from drugs and alcohol. So bottom line is I keep it professional as that is the KEY to success in this industry.

Who do you look up to and inspires you in the photography work you do ?

Early on in my career doing nature photography I followed the work of Ansel Adams. Without sounding rude or smug I don’t follow any photographers in the glamor world. To respect the work I have to respect the photographer. When I first started in glamor I followed several. I found out from models over and over again about questionable unprofessional behavior. It continues to be an issue in this industry and it shouldn’t be. That being said, there are many true professionals doing really great work.

In your own words explain to us what grabs your attention the most when you see how photography changes over the years , what is the most significant change to benefit photography these days for you as a photographer.

One word, Digital! Digital photography changed everything. With a digital camera it seems everyone can be a professional photographer. You don’t need to know anything about lighting, composition or manual camera operation. Shutter speed, aperture settings mean nothing. Take a picture if it doesn’t work out delete it and take another. There were maybe 100 professional photographers near me before digital and now there are 1000’s. I think because of the low cost involved and the lack of knowledge required with digital to take pictures this is just the new normal. Benefits to photographers in the publishing industry have been made so much easier. It is so easy to submit publication ready images to magazines these days , but there are also pros and cons to all technology.

Whats next on your photography bucket list this year give us a glimpse share with us ?

I would like to broaden my genres with models this year. It is important to try new things and keep growing.  There is nothing specific I can share at this time.

Where and how can the public get in touch with your to view you pieces of photography art or book you to do a project or photo shoot on social media ?

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