Frisky fashion Flashes with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Natty Natz Malherbe

As its time to get our chic style on we get inspired by some natty fashionable flashes with our newest homegrown South African MOLLBABE beauty Natz Malherbe as she gets interviewed by MOLL MAG South Africa  CEO Arne Schreuder 





Welcome Natz Malherbe 




1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and where you reside from ?



  • Im from Pretoria ( GAUTENG , South Africa ) , I’m fun easy going person always like to try new things and meet new people, free spirit they call it. But I do tend to defend myself in unfair circumstances, and laugh it off. I’m super tidy and organized as I’m a virgo in my work, home and relationships. I will always reach out to people but I care more about animals.





2. Where did the love of modeling all start for you ?



  • It all started back in 2012 for me ,  but then took a break for a few years for studies in beauty for a beautician.




3. Where and how did you find out about us ?




  • I started following MOLLMAG / MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA  on social media and found myself enjoying articles regularly and decided I would like to be part of MOLLMAG family.





4. Describe our MOLL MAG South Africa style to you in 3 words , how does it inspire you as a woman , and model ?






These 3 key words Inspires me to be in a natural way, because no one is perfect but you can be as perfect as you feel.




5. Describe your style as a model to us ?



  • We all love to play dress up and be in a bikini on the beach. Make up and hair in studio always fun and creative and the art behind every implied shot I appreciate.





6. Well done on your MOLLBABE model feature with us today , how does it make you feel being featured with us and being part of the MOLLMAG Family ?




  • Very excited off course new viewers  , a new journey & more exceptional people to connect with and to learn from , as everyone in this MOLLMAG Family are truly professional in what they do and I love the fact of the warm family feeling everyone is embracing me with being there to help and guide me along the way….  let’s make the circle bigger can’t ask for more. ( wink wink )




7. Who would you like to live like for a day in style and fashion and why ?



  • ” Elizabeth Taylor” , Her life was absolute full of meaning we should all try to live by.




8. What’s your favorite holiday spot to travel to in SOUTH AFRICA and why ?



  • Somerset West in the Cape Town South Africa nothing more beautiful, go have a look and I don’t have to explain why its ” a piece of heaven on earth.”




9. What so unique about SOUTH AFRICA for you as a country ?



  • Our nature and animal wildlife , its some of the most beautiful places on earth off course.





10. What’s your favorite time of day and why ?



  • Coming home after a long day makes me appreciate life & a glass of red wine and seeing my pets.





11. Your favorite style accessory for the season you cant go without ? 



  • My jewelry , as sometimes I feel so empty without it ,  ( I need my Bling-Bling ) 🙂



12. Whats your favorite place and destination as a model you would be as a model to do your favorite modeling photo shoot and why ?



  • For me it will be the USA ,  because of the fashion style and buildings as I love modern but simple but then again the UK is a view on its own.





13. Tell us …. who is your role model in life and also in fashion and style ?



  • I don’t have a specific role model I believe a good role model for any women is anyone who is fruitfully and confidently themselves who bring light into the world.





14. Which 3 famous celebrities or people of inspiration would you like to have to meet and a have dinner with and why ?


Hugh Grant (He is gorgeous) and  old school.

Melissa McCarthy inspires me to be myself and the best version of it because no one can do it better.

Bob Marley to listen to his wisdom on life.



15. What is it what you do after a hard days work in front of the camera lens , what will we catch you doing to relax and chill out ?



  • Spending some time with friends or family having fun even if tired we can sleep when we are dead just a little beauty sleep needed, but adventure keeps me going. Also a long walk on the beach at sunset (breath taking)




16. Share with us your favorite quote you live by ?



  • Mark Twain – I think happiness keeps us alive and healthy life is serious enough sometimes , so laughing the small stuff off is and doing what you enjoy and makes you happy is what it is all about. Life is short appreciate the small stuff.





17. Favorite Movie , Music TRACK and TV show and Midnight snack ?




  • Favorite song I have 2 Alice cooper poison and kill Hannah Lips like morphine TV show I love once upon a time with a slice of cheese cake. Scary movies definitely  mmmmm Annabelle bbbbrrrrr scary (move closer)





18. What is the best part of modeling for you ?



  • Traveling and working with a variety of photographers/make up artist and stylist. Meeting new people and seeing new places.




19. If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose and why ?



  • YDE the design of their clothing is absolute exquisite especially the quality. Suit’s my likes, style  and body perfectly.





20. Where on social media can we find you and follow your modeling journey ?



  • Please follow me at :






FACEBOOK – Natz Malherbe


Photography credit by : 

FACEBOOK Fionafoto 

TWITTER – @fionafotoxoxo 



Article written and edits done by :

Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder 

Frisky fashion Flashes with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Natty Natz Malherbe
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