Winter season is here… but that does not mean SOUTH AFRICA is draped in cold weather or snow , as BAYWATCH heat fever grabs hold of us all , get those lifesavers and sunscreen , beach gear and swimsuits ready as around South Africa its THAT BEAUTY Baywatch glow in us all that takes center stage this month of MAY as we introduce our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA BAYWATCH MOLLBABE cover model for May 2017 Danica Vandenheede splashing around with our CEO Arne Schreuder on set in Cape Town South Africa today.





Welcome Danica ,

Tell us a bit about yourself in a nutshell ?

I am 20 yrs old, part of 2 extended families with 3 little brothers and 1 sister, all younger than me. I am a part time model and studying Psychology & Counseling at SACAP. I love children, animals, sushi, wine & the outdoors, shopping and reality TV as well as spending time with friends and family and going on adventures.



How did your passion and drive start for modeling ?

I did my first overseas brochure when I was 9 yrs old, then had a ugly faze (or so I was told by kids from school) haha. I won Miss Uilenkraalsmond when I was 15 and was scouted by a modeling training school. Since then I won a few beauty pageants & I am currently Miss Western Cape 2017. I was noticed by a few photographers & designers on Facebook with whom I did TFCD shoots to build a portfolio. And now that the bug as bitten I’m enjoying every moment…


 How do you find the modeling industry to be for you as a model in SOUTH AFRICA ?

Models shorter than 1.74 cm’s all over the world can really struggle to find an agency to represent them if they don’t have a totally unique face. I am lucky that at 1.71 cm I am represented by Cover Model Management . I do a lot of freelance work too, because I pay for my own studies and this work I find via Facebook, word of mouth or friends. I also do a lot of promotional modeling work.



 Congrats on being our MOLLBABE COVER MODEL for our May 2017 issue , explain to us the excitement that you are going through right now that you are our MOLLBABE of the month and what is it that grabbed your attention of our brand and magazine that wanted you to be part of us ?


I was really excited to hear I was chosen as your cover model and this is great honor to me! So thank you for believing in my abilities! What grabbed my attention about your brand was the way you keep it classy and the different type of woman you feature, each stunning and different in their own way.

As we see this month’s theme and your photo shoot theme you did has a 2017 BAYWATCH MOVIE feel to it , how did this idea with you , Kim van Zyl Photography as well as our MOLL MAG South Africa  CEO Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO all came about?

Arne saw a photo of me on my Instagram with this red “BEACH PLEASE” full piece bikini on. He came up with this awesome concept ” BAYWATCH desires” based on the new upcoming Baywatch movie and then gave me a call and immediately I was excited about firstly being chosen as the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , Cover model for May month and then the fact that this is something I have never done and absolutely loved the idea of being a beach babe for the day (hehe). We spoke to the talented Kim Van Zyl who was just as excited to make this amazing concept come to life through his camera-lens. I then spoke to Michelle Schoeman from “Blush and Brush Hair and Make-Up Studio” who came up with the perfect hair and make-up to tie this theme together. What an amazingly fun experience this was with such a talented team.



Staying with the Baywatch theme today , are you a BAYWATCH fan yourself did you get to watch the TV series as well as the Movie , and which is your favorite part of the TV SERIES and movie and which of the movie characters is your favorite and why ?


I was a bit young at the time , so I did not really watch the TV series but saw some replays and thought Pamela Anderson was fabulous! I love that there was always a happy ending to each show. I am also quite excited to see the new Baywatch movie which is coming soon to SOUTH AFRICA … My favorite part would probably be the humor they bring into the movie as well as the fact that Zac Efron and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson will be playing some amazing rolls in the movie.



 We also hear along the grapevine, that you are also a talented cheerleader in the IPL cricket league series, tell us a bit more about that exciting journey you had back in India ?


Yes correct …… Oooh I had the most fun in India! I was a cheerleader for the ” Sunrisers Hyderabad “ and they won the league in 2016. We traveled all over India and I flew 21 times in 2 months. India has the most friendly and generous people, it’s a country full of culture and except for the extreme heat and seeing some very poor people, it was the best experience ever.




For which team were you a cheerleader for in the IPL cricket series ?


The  IPL 2016 champs the , ” Sunrisers Hyderabad “


What’s one memorable moment of your IPL cheerleading you will always remember and never forget?

Except for the  winning the Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL series in 2016 ,  visiting the Mother Teresa house in Kolkata/Calcutta. Also traveling all around India, flying 22 times in 2 months and getting to see the amazing temples and culture India holds. I met the most humble people and India definitely has the most loyal and amazing IPL supporters.


Coming back to your photo shoot you did for us, what is the most memorable moment for you when, Kim and Arne did the photo shoot for us?


All moments of photo shoots are always memorable & exciting for me especially with the amazing Kim, but I think when I saw the the photos, I was just like Wow, I can’t believe that’s me and I am living my dream. When you thought of yourself as ugly during a part of your life, it is still always a great feeling, when you can be proud of the end result, because of dedication in the gym, and an amazing team. Who includes my amazing sponsor Michelle Schoeman from “Blush & Brush Hair and Make-up Studio” who keeps my hair healthy/beautiful & make-up looking perfect for any special occasions & shoots!



As we see you had loads of fun in the sun surf and sea, tell us what is it that’s so amazing and wonderful of the BEACHES of Cape Town South Africa for you? Give us a little tour around which for you is the hot spots to just relax and enjoy the time out on the beaches? ….. In the catch phrase words on your swimsuit that says “BEACH PLEASE“ wink, wink


I love the beach, and I think Llandudno and Clifton are really 2 amazing beaches. Those big rocks, the blue sea and clean sand really makes it special, but I also enjoy going to Onrus beach just for some road trips and warmer water than Cape Town has.


How do you as a model stand out from the crowd what makes you unique?

I’m unfortunately always been too short to become an International model, but I do think that my big personality and love for my job makes me stand out. I was told I am very photogenic, and versatile with lots of different looks which makes it easier for photographers to get the perfect photo. I am also very relaxed in front of the camera and have a lot of different poses. I do think we all are unique in our own way, but with my brown eyes I am not the typical blond model.




Other than Baywatch, which other TV SHOWS and MOVIES do you like?


I love comedy movies as laughter goes a long way, I’m also big fan of movies with a beautiful storyline like Me before You and Fast and Furious, and then  I  also have a love for watching Reality TV shows.


Let’s play our famous QUICK fire one word answer round WE will give you 3 words or sentences and you give a one word answer to them aka the first word that pops into your mind answers , ARE YOU ready lets hit the trigger?

  • Favorite fashionable swimsuit?
    My Bacon Bikinis swimsuit brands
  • Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Beach Soccer or Beach Touch rugby with friends?
    Beach Volley ball
  • Favorite beach side beach bar mix cocktail?


Let’s laugh and giggle together, what was the most recent joke you heard or told someone?

What is faster Hot or cold? Hot, because you can catch a cold. ( Hahaha )




Everyone of us have some sort of quirky habit we have spill the beans and tell us what’s yours?

I tend to dance when I’m eating haha



In your opinion what do you think is the number one blunder men make when flirting with women? And what would you prefer when a sexy hunk of a man flirts with you what would you like to see happen or want when it’s time for that dating game with that special someone in your life?


I think guys need to be respectful to the girl they are flirting with is key  & coming on too strong to quick is a no-no. I don’t like too many compliments as you always think uhmmm what do they want, but a sweet “you look beautiful” is always something any girl likes to hear. I will not flirt with a guy or lead him on, unless I’m interested and feel like I’m ready to give the potential relationship my all.



Have you ever been on a date that totally blew your mind? Like one of those movie moments?” tell us spill the beans with us for a moment?

I like casual as well as elaborate/fun dates like doing things I’ve never done or going places I’ve never been, from climbing a mountain to having drinks on a yacht or just watching a movie, I am not full of nonsense, it’s the effort that counts. I love dancing so even a dancing date is great.


What would be your perfect romantic getaway and where would that be for you?

As I love traveling I would like to go to an Island for some amazing massages, dinner dates and dancing on the beach. Experiencing the countries unique culture is definitely something that can become very romantic if shared with the right person. In winter I would love a mountain in the woods/forest with a fire and jacuzzi.



Any other talents besides modeling and cheerleading?

I am a great Agony Aunty for my friends at times , lol (maybe because why I am studying Psychology) and great with kids. I also have a big love for Pageants and charity work and am currently honored to be Miss Western Cape 2017.


What’s your nickname or what was your nickname back in your school days tell us the story behind that?

My friends call me: D, Dan, Danny, but the funniest thing is that little girls sometimes call me Barbie.


Where do you see yourself in 5years time from now, what more would you like to achieve with your life, career wise?

I would have finished studying, doing my dream job, hopefully engaged/married to my Mr Right. I would love to also travel in those 5 years and see a bit more of this amazing world we live in.



What’s next on the horizon for you as a model, give us a sneak peek?

I was invited to do some modeling work in Dubai next month. I have also just been chosen as a finalist for with a prize of R10 000 which could cover 2months worth of studies, so hold thumbs. I am also waiting on my big break to come if it’s GOD’S WILL.


Where can we follow your modeling journey on social media and how can fellow photographers get to work with you on upcoming projects?


Please follow my journey by liking and following my SOCIAL  pages at:

DANICA VANDENHEEDE | SNAPCHAT @danicavdh | Facebook |   Instagram | Twitter 

MODEL WEBSITE | website 

Photography by : Kim van Zyl Photography 






Twitter |  Instagram |  website 

MUA and Hairstyle by :

Michelle Schoeman from “Blush and Brush Hair and Make-Up Studio”

Article Written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO