Tattoo and Glam styles bound with International MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Jennifer Linnea

Tattooed up  and Glam Styles we are bound for today as we introduce our newest Tattoo BEAUTY MOLLBABE Jennifer Linnea as her beauty stretches far beyond the ink as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her to find out more.





Good Day Jennifer ,

1. Tell us where you reside from and give us a glimpse in who you are Jennifer ?

  • I am a Colorado girl by heart but currently reside in Omaha NE in the USA!




2. How did your modeling career all start to where you are today ?



  • I started by going to assist a girl on a shoot in 2009 and later became the photographers muse and my career took off from there.




3. What is the feeling like to be a MOLLBABE Babe of the Day feature with us and how did you find out about us as a magazine ?




  • Im so blessed to be apart of Moll Magazine South Africa. The opportunity to be featured internationally is beyond words. Thank you MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA !!!




4. What and who inspires you to be a model in the modeling world of today ?



  • My family is what inspires me… they have taught me to believe in myself and to not give up.. And look where I am now!! The sky is the limit.




5. How important is it to have the correct and right support around you as a model in modeling today and for the future ahead for you ?




  • It’s probably one of the most important parts of this industry.. without a support system and people who believe in yourself it’s hard to keep going when you get discouraged. It’s definitely needed when you feel like giving up when things get hard.




6. In what genre of modeling do you focus on the most as a model ?




  • I’m an alternative glamor model.





7. What other hobbies /  or work do you do to exhale and strive for perfection other than modeling ?




  • I’m obsessed with design. Whether it’s interior design, wardrobe, and or set designs for other shoots with other women. I am a creative design assistant for ML Image Photography. So if I’m not shooting, I’m assisting with shoots.






8. Give us a sneak peek into your modeling achievements thus far that goes together with the MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature with us today ?




  • I have been published in 30+ magazines. And I model for 4 clothing lines nationwide back here in the States.





9. What do you find most relaxing to do after a long day of photo shoot on set or location ?




  • I’m all about my bubble baths with candles lit to end the day.




10. Share with us a few quirky habits you have that you will find yourself doing when your alone or with friends ?




  • I’m OCD when it comes to my home.  It’s always spotless and things have to be organized a certain way. It’s my comfort zone so I take great pride in my home.





11. Describe yourself in 3 key words ?



  • Loyal, determined, & loving





12. If you could , what would you change about your personality and looks ?




  • I love the way I look but someday I would love to get my breasts done. ( wink wink )





13. What would you say is your best feature of you physically and mentally that gets photographers and your fans attention ?




  • My eyes are my favorite feature. They tell a story. I’ve been told after looking through my eyes that I’m a mystery with a story to tell. My best feature mentally would be the ability to keep going and not give up despite the many struggles I have faced in life.




14. Favorite Tattoo you have and please tell us the story behind it ?




  • My favorite tattoos are the owl on my arm which is for my daughter and my son’s name which is located on my neck.




15. What is your biggest fear ?



  • Anything bad happening to my children. And spiders!! Or anything creepy crawly for that matter. 




16. Your most recent dream you had , please share with us take us into dream world with you ?




  • I was in Vegas with my sister for her wedding which is coming up very soon…..  I’ve never been so this should be fun.





17. If you could instantly know how to speak another language, what language would you choose to know and why ?




  • Italian…… It’s a super sexy language.



18. Define what does TRUE BEAUTY mean to you ?



  • True beauty to me is not only being beautiful on the outside but having a beautiful heart and soul.





19. Whats next on your bucket list as a model give us a sneak peek ?



  • My goal is to travel the world to work with photographers in Europe and to finish my tattoos of course.





20. Where can we follow you on Social Media to support your modeling journey ?



  • Everyone Please follow me at :









FACEBOOK – Jennifer Linnea Model 

TWITTER – @MsLinneaModel 


SNAPCHAT – @ Mslinneamodel 



Photography credit by : Michael Laughlin 





Article written and edits done by :

Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO 




Tattoo and Glam styles bound with International MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE Babe of the Day - Jennifer Linnea
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