Today we take a inside look of what is called ” The Art Of Seduction ” as its much more than beauty , because its a mix of , generosity  ,  intelligence , mystery and exclusivity , as we interview MOLL MAG South Africa international MOLLBABE from Canada  Vikki Lenola alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder  to explain more :



Welcome Vikki , 


A very warm welcome back Vikki Lenola glad to have you in studio again, tell us how is the MOLLBABE modeling life treating you since we featured you back in our 2016 December Christmas special feature?


Thanks for having me again! Everything has been going well. I’ve been working with some great photographers, traveling and doing lots of promo work.



Congrats with yet another mind blowing appearance with us at MOLL MAG South Africa , How does it feel to be featured for the second time running as our INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY ?


I’m honored to be your Moll Babe again! ( Big Smile ) 



This amazing feature today of yours have a theme called ……. ” The Art of Seduction ” , explain to us in your own words what does – The Art of Seduction mean to you ?


To me it is a woman who is confident and has found herself.


Explain to your fans and our viewers , how do you find Artistic Nude , Implied Nude and Fine nude Art modeling fields to be for you as a model ?


I think if the model is confident and wants to do it, then why not? A woman’s body is beautiful for sure, but personally I only want to be presented in a tasteful manner and thats exactly what MOLL MAG South Africa  portrays as its  a classy magazine so I’m happy to be published here and to be part of the phenomenal family it is, to showcase and help us models to exhale in every genre there is in modeling in a tasteful professional and classy manner. However, it’s not something I do all of the time , but I will explore with it if needed.





Tell us if you could do a shoot outside the box aka outside your comfort zone what type of photo shoot would that be that you really want to push yourself to extreme and greater heights as a model in the industry?

I have a pretty big comfort zone! To push myself I want to work on some really artistic fantasy-type images. I also plan to continue landing publications, buildings relationships with sponsors, and doing international fashion shows. And once again I want to say thank you to MOLL MAG South Africa and its team that truly go far and beyond borders to help me in that regard and also making me feel part of the MOLLMAG family thats truly a amazing feeling to have such superb support all over.


How did the vibe feel on set doing this photo shoot for us for your feature today alongside Photographer Anthony Randall from Anthony Randall Photography , explain the way you both interacted with each other to get this sublime set done , and where was this shot on location ?


I love working with Anthony Randall. He’s a very nice guy and very professional. We have worked together before so it was even easier this time around. We both know the routine and were able to get a lot of images. The set was taken at a nice hotel suite.




Which would you pick: being world-class attractive, a genius or famous for doing something great, and explain your choice ?


I would choose to be a genius so that I could help solve all the world issues I care about.


If we as humans could have special powers , what would yours be and how would you use it to your advantage in the modeling world you are in ?


I’d be able to telepathically control a pterodactyl. Transportation and parking problems; #solved! ( wink wink )


What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done thus far in your life ?


I jumped off a big train track bridge into the river. Of course this example is borderline stupid , but I love the adrenaline rush behind it.  





Let’s get that smiling giggling muscles a workout today, tell us a joke you recently shared with someone or heard, what makes you laugh?


I’ll tell you a story you wouldn’t expect from me. I was kind of bored in a class the one day back in my school days and drew a cartoon d*** on my friend’s binder (when she wasn’t looking). I mean it had glasses, a mustache and everything. For some reason I even drew a thought bubble from it that said “act casual”. Well, her brother is a tattoo artist and ended up using this drawing in this gumball machine. The gumball machine is full of these containers with random tattoo sketches. If a customer came in but didn’t know what to get done, they’d take a whirl at this gumball machine, and whatever sketch they get is the tattoo they get.  Some girl got my drawing and got it tattooed on her arm! So there is literally a girl walking around Toronto Canada  right now with my cartoon d*** drawing on her permanently! ( LMAO )


For our READERS and your fans , give us a quote that will make us remember you for a long time in life ?


“Work hard, stay humble and be kind”. Both I and Anthony Randall adore this quote. I’d like to emphasize the “be kind” part. Seriously this world is so messed up it’s the least we can do.




Describe to us your favorite MAN EYE CANDY, how would your perfect date night go with the soul mate and man of your dreams?


I don’t talk about my love life…… lets keep that a mystery for now….  but I can tell you that it takes more than looks to impress me. My advice on impressing a woman on her first date is to be a gentleman, talk to her like she is a human being and don’t ever be clingy!




What makes you YOU and makes you stand out from the rest Vikki ?


I’m genuine. I’m very educated. I’m self-made. I’m passionate about animal rights.


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Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO