There is a fresh new breeze of style blowing in from EUROPE….. Denmark to be exact as we introduce and meet up with our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY 2017 Covermodel and danish blond beauty that cherishes her style with a sexy smile , true elegance and some sassy sensational looks please welcome as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with MOLLBABE Cille Amby.





Welcome Cille Amby ,





Tell us a bit about yourself where do you reside from ?

god aften (danish ) – Good evening everyone , I’m Cille Amby. Im 20 years old and I live in Denmark.Right now Im studying marketing in Denmark. I spent a lot of time time working out and healthy living.I’m also vegetarian. I’m a person with a big heart and love to take care of people.I’m a person with big dreams and want to follow all my dreams.


How did your modeling career all start ?

It all started when I first did a photo shoot in  my home country Denmark for a danish magazine and then I traveled to the UNITED STATES and worked with some of the worlds best photographers and I was published in magazines in the UNITED STATES.




Congrats on being chosen as one of our international MOLL MAG South Africa  MOLLBABE babe of the day models , tell us how did you find out and hear about us as a magazine ?

I feel so lucky to be a part of your magazine, because this is a really nice magazine. I first heard about it when I was on a  photo shoot in Bahamas, with the The International Bikini Model Search comp last year and most of the photographers and models told me about this amazing opportunity , then I decided to get in touch with Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO CEO of MOLL MAG South Africa over social media like instagram and facebook and Arne then discussed this amazing feature and plan to me in detail and here we are I LOVE THIS FEELING its amazing thank you so much everyone.


Whats the most inspiring for you about us as a magazine and brand for you as a model ?

The inspiring thing is that you have a very nice brand as a magazine. You use pretty models and it all seems to be very truly and trustworthy.  A true family feeling in danish we say ( Hygge )



We also notice you are also involved in the The International Bikini Model Search event and program , how did that journey all start for you as a model and how do you find the experience to be for you personally ?

Yes it was the biggest experience in my life, cause it was my first travel alone and my first time. I also met some of the amazing models and photographers in the world. It all started with a danish photographer, and he connected me with the IBMS. This experience is something I never will forget and the travel has really changed my life.


Give us a sneak peek into this particular photo shoot you did and submitted to us for your debut MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY AND COVERMODEL feature with us today ?


This photo shoot was with a really nice photographer from Denmark , that I contacted and connected with.


Describe yourself to us in 3 words what would those 3 words be and why ?

Targeted- I always follow my dreams and do everything to follow them.

Caring- I love to take care of people.

Fun- I have a lot of fun in life and humor is a big part of my life.



To relax from a hard days work as a model in front of the camera lens how would you spend that day of relaxation for you?


The best thing I can do to relax is to be together with the people I love, cause I don’t have time in busy weeks.


FAVORITE Movie , Music and TV SHOW ?


Favorite movie: Titanic.
Music: Britney Spears- Hold it against me.
Tv Show- Paradise hotel.



If you could CHOOSE and have dinner and spend one day  with anyone famous or a famous celeb  , who would it be and why ?

It would for sure be with Britney Spears she is my idol and it would awesome to have a dinner with her and spend the day alongside together with Britney.


What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

I would go in a candy shop and eat a lot of candy.




What inspires you in life ?

Many things inspire me, but when people don’t care about what other think about them and just are them self. 


Who inspired you to start modeling and who do you look up to as a role model in the modeling industry you find yourself in today ?

I saw all the Victoria Secret models ONE DAY on TV when I was a little girl and then I thought to myself mmmmm that could be me one day in future …… really exciting.





If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be and why ?


“Angel”  – the word and meaning says it all


Your favorite food and late night snack to indulge in and why ?

Pasta or bread and my late night snack chocolate or candy I LOVE chocolate and candy



Favorite vacation spot in the world you would like to be and spend at ?

Miami I just love Miami


What would you like to achieve more in your modeling career as a model ?

I want to be as famous as the Victoria Secret angles one day and also I want to be a journalist or an actor.





If you could ask the president of your country 1 question what would that be ?

How can we get peace all over the world?


What would your words of wisdom / advise and inspiration be to give fellow up coming models in the modeling industry of today ?

“Be yourself and do it for your own sake and nobody else.” 



Where can we follow and support your modeling journey on social media ?

#Followme at :

CILLE AMBY | Facebook |   Instagram | SNAPCHAT @cilleaamby 

Photography by : Grace Almera Photography 

and also : Portraits by Sara J

Article written  and edits done by : Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO