Today we get all bride up with a sensual sexy boudoir twist as we introduce newest MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE model Michy Jordaan , as shes in studio as our CEO Arne Schreuder and Michy talk about all things sensual spicy and boudoir bridal sexy.


Welcome Michy Jordaan ,

Tell us a bit more about yourself in a small sneak peek in who you are and where you reside from ?

My name is Mhichelene Jordaan , but everyone calls me by my nickname ” Michy ” …… I am from Micthell’s Plain situated in Cape Town South Africa. When I first started modeling I was extremely shy and very easily intimidated , but modeling came to my rescue and aided plus boosted my self – confidence and ability to stand up for myself. I am also very bubbly and versatile and love meeting new people and also at times I am a adrenaline junkie seeker , ” LOVE THE ADRENALINE RUSH ”


How did the Passion for modeling all begin for you in this tough industry ?
Ive been doing modeling for about 9 years now and I love it. The industry is lots of fun and encompasses lots of learning as well  , but yet at times very demanding long hours to get that ultimate model pose and photograph in the photo shoot thats been done to perfection or as I like to say ” that money shot pose ” , therefore I am also great full to work with some amazing photographers at times that helped me along the way thats  teaching me awesome tips and tricks regarding lighting and posing.
In that said I have also been blessed to say that I also achieved a lot in my modeling career thus far , in 2013 I won a modeling competition called FACE OF FASHION HOUSE 2013 , and last year in 2016 I was featured internationally. I really like to model Lingerie and Swimwear as its my favorite genres.



 What is it from our Magazine that grabbed your attention and how did you feel when you heard that you are one of our local and international models that will be featured as MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature in our JUNE 2017 MOLL MAG SOUTH AFRICA edition ?


I am truly shocked and amazed when MOLL MAG SOUTH AFRICA approached me through social media to tell me that I am chosen to be a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY Feature , I then got in touch with Arne that explained to me more in detail what this feature of today means and what it all entails.

One thing is for sure I am truly humbled and great full for this amazing opportunity , as MOLLMAG and MOLL MAG SOUTH AFRICA promote a diverse range of absolute gorgeous and very inspiring models all around the world thats from all walks of life , And I am thankful and honored to be featured today in such a reputable magazine and being a part of a amazing magazine family that calls themselves the MOLLMAGFAMILY 🙂


Any other hobbies besides modeling ? if so please tell us more about it ?
I love music , the outdoors , and as I am a adrenaline junkie , Paint-ball tactical warfare is a good stress reliever and enjoyable for me ( wink wink) ……. I also love traveling , as Ive been to Paris , Amsterdam , Munich and Venice to name a few for holidays and hope to visit those countries soon again in the future ( wink wink )
What makes you proud to be #SouthAfrican as a model and person ?
The fact that we are a very diverse country with a lot of cultures and races mixing together to create a land and future for all with endless possibilities…. may it be local or abroad international spreading our wings as they say,  in creativity in what we do for ourselves and everyone we interact with and meet along the way , as we are known to be very outspoken , warm hearted and will go great lengths in life’s journey to work hard towards what we want in life in love and freedom in unity together as a nation.



 Describe to us what does BEAUTY , STYLE , and , ELEGANCE mean to you ?
Those 3 words mix together as Beauty comes within , STYLE is the style you wear that makes you feel comfortable in what you wear and how you wear it plus Elegance is the power of sophistication and grace on how you present yourself to someone and manner.
What or who inspires you in the modeling industry and whom do you look up to ?
Well like Ive mentioned before , that I am truly humbled and thankful for the photographers I have been working with on photo shoots as they help me a lot and Ive learned a lot from them on how to improve myself as a model in this industry , so yes I look up to all the photographers I work with as I learn something new each day.
As this photo shoot theme that you did for us in your feature today is known as BRIDAL BOUDOIR  APPEAL , tell us , what would your dream wedding be like one day , describe to us ?
Let me see …… I really loved the bridal boudoir outfits and lingerie, as lingerie is one of my favorite to shoot in , it totally made me feel very sexy , and as for my dream wedding well , lets just say……….. DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend and lots of it ( wink wink )
What do you find attractive in a man ?
Confidence , A loving heart,  must be caring,  he should love the outdoors like I do and partake in the adrenaline junkie adventures together and must also be a good listener.
Have you ever been on a date that totally blew your mind? Like one of those movie moments ? if so explain or describe the date to us you had that blew your mind.
Lets just say I am waiting upon that perfect fairytale Dream Wedding moment one day ( wink wink )
Favorite MOVIE , Favorite TV SHOW , Favorite Music Soundtrack to listen to at this moment right now ?
  • MOVIE – A walk to Remember , The Heat , Charlie St Cloud and also the TWILIGHT Saga series
  • TV SHOW – Grey’s Anatomy , The Vampire Dairies , Big Bang Theory , Suits and America’s Next Top Model
  • MUSIC – I love clubbing at VACCAMATTA so anything that gets me jiving to a beat in the clubs and on the dance floor.
 Share with us your go to inspirational quote of the day that will motivate you for the start of  your day in daily life ?
” Work hard to Play hard “
Where to from here what you’d you like to achieve as a model in the future and whats next on your bucket list ? 
A future of endless possibilities – ” Dream it and you can do it “
Where and how can the public and photographers get in touch with you via social media for up coming modeling projects ?
You can follow me at :
Michy Jordaan | Facebook | Instagram   
Photography by : Johan Vermeulen at : Moonlight Studio 


Article written and edits by : Arne Schreuder Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO