Its time for a birth of a new month , new style , and mysterious GLAM wonders as we bring the month of JUNE 2017 to light with our MOLL MAG South Africa  Covermodel for JUNE 2017 , as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLBABE Melissa Koenig Model .






Welcome Melissa ,

1.   First and for most we want to congratulate you Melissa on your FIRST COVER feature with us and also congrats as its also your 3rd time that you are our INTERNATIONAL MOLLBABE model feature , How does this all make you feel right now explain the feeling ?


Thank you very much! I definitely feel very appreciative and honored to be on this month’s cover. I never thought this would happen to me.


Give us a sneak peek into this glamtastic photo shoot you did for our cover today , how did this idea of the photo shoot came about and where was this photo shoot done ?


Me and Arne Schreuder discussed this photo shoot idea that we both had in detail before hand with each other and we both decided its a perfect theme for this month of JUNE , so next thing I got my photography team together and I traveled to Boutique Photo Loft Chicago  for this photo shoot. then the team and I wanted to create something that showcased both the beauty of the Boutique Photo Loft Studio and the fashion.




As a model these day’s being social on Modeling Networks and social Media Platforms is a must to stay up to trend with the changing fashion scene out there , tell us which is your favorite modeling network platforms to use and your favorite social media platform to use and why ?

My favorite is Instagram, because you can reach pretty much any media you want by simply using the select hashtags.

What was the biggest risk you ever took in your modeling career and in life , and what did you learn from it ?

My Tattoo’ ‘s are often looked down upon in the modeling world, but I often displayed them proudly in my photo shoots. And surprisingly, it payed off. My first tattoo has become my trademark.


What is the most challenging problem you’ve faced in modeling thus far , and how did you get passed that problem you had ?

My height. Being a petite model isn’t easy. You get turned down a lot, but you can’t let the rejection’s overcome your dream. Keep dreaming and  pushing and work hard towards that goal and dreams, because you’ll make your dreams come true thats the truth , just look at me …..where I am today on the front cover and covermodel of MOLL MAG South Africa 2017 JUNE issue , so so excited , I think a happy dance is in order , join me ( wink wink ) so blessed and thankful.




How do you motivate other MODELS around you in the industry and also which models motives you to be the best that you can be ?


I try to be an outspoken positive influence and compliment my piers. Even models have days where they don’t feel pretty, so a kind word every now and then can make the difference. Plus I really look up to Heidi Klum. She’s absolutely gorgeous and very multi talented.




How would your best friend describe you ?


She would tell me I’m gorgeous, smart, and deserve nothing but the best. She actually means the world to me.


How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition ?


Success is made day by day. Small achievements accomplished each day lead up to the big picture. You have to work for what you want every single day, and if by the end of each day, you can say that you’re happy, that is success.




Make us laugh tell us the most recent joke you heard from someone or recently told someone ?


The most recent joke I stumbled upon was on Facebook last night. It was a ” MEME ”  with an animated spider that walked across the screen. The purpose was to scare the Sh**  out of people, haha.



What was the most outside the box and creative photo shoot you did as a model thus far and if you could do another out of the box photo shoot what would it be and where ?


I did SteamPunk photo shoot once that I absolutely loved , and  Hmmmm. I would like to do something fierce for my next outrages photo shoot one day. Maybe a scavenger fighting for her life in the wilderness of nature I would love that. ( wink wink )


Whats next on your to do list or bucket list you want to do and achieve ?

My personal life has countered my modeling life as of late. I’m actually planning a trip to LA very soon to get some new work in.

 To get in touch and follow Melissa on her bright and on growing and glowing model career follow her at :

MELISSA KOENIG | Facebook |  Instagram |  website 

Photography by : Gaby Abboud | Instagram | Facebook  

MUA done by : Aiga Makeup FX 

Article written and edits done by : Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder