Physical disability inspires through modeling in todays world with 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Jayd Dell

Physical Disability is seen not as a challenge but as a inspiring way to breaking boundaries and obstacles  in todays modeling world and lifestyle , as today our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , MOLLBABE model Babe of the Day Jayd Dell.






Good Day Jayd and very welcome in studio,








1. Give us an inside look preview on who Jayd is and where you reside from?




  • Hi there everyone , Jayd has fallen away and Jayd with a Y has taken over. Jayd with a Y is my business and brand name but I am  is so much more. My focus has gone from Jayd to building an empire out of Jayd with a Y. I live in Fourways, Johannesburg , South Afirca. I’m strong willed, determined and positive but I’m also ,  soft and full of empathy for all around me. I carry myself with grace and poise, always, otherwise my imaginary crown I have will  fall. Jayd has and is reinventing herself into Jayd with a Y.






  1. As we come to notice you are also a phenomenal lady with a physical disability, tell us how did you get into modeling and where did it all start for you as a model plus describe the modeling fever you have and how do you experience your journey thus far?




  • Modeling, for me was never on the cards because I was rather an ugly duckling when I was younger, enough to be teased from my peers in school and then when I got sick my walk became worse and clumsy-like so I never thought of myself as becoming a model, I still don’t see myself as one. Then as I grew up, I grew out of my ugly stage and last year this time a friend asked me to model for him, I was shocked at the images I received back because you’d never think I was sick by looking at a photo, I then wanted to see if I could take it further so I signed up to a few modeling sites, I did a portfolio with another photographer and it just went BOOM! I was booked months in advance and shooting at least twice a week. After I started doing it more in lines of a career I lost my passion for it and rather went back to doing it for fun and to help show people disability is beautiful. I am not less of a person compared to an able-bodied person because I use wheels and not legs, my heart still beats and there is still potential within myself. Modeling has helped me grow and accept my beauty in a way that I’m not worried what others think of me anymore. I own my beauty, modeling taught me that. I keep saying Vogue, that my goal is to be on the cover of vogue and when I get there… my goal will move further away.




  1. How did you hear and find out about us?




  • To be honest, I saw the issue and feature back in January 2017 which you guys did with MOLLBABE  Tersia Oosthuizen and that’s how I found out about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ,  and did some research and in hope, waited to be approached to be a feature and I guess my hard work has now paid off and I couldn’t be prouder, as Arne approached me and wanted to do a MOLLBABE feature with me in mind for something very unique and special.





4. What is the first emotion that you went through when you heard that you are one of our local and international MOLLBABE modeling features for our JULY month issue, explain?




  • hahaha, I cried actually when Arne gave me the news …… crying and laughing at the same time is my favorite emotion, because it’s so confusing to others but it’s that feeling of ‘I CAN’ to myself. I am so proud of proving hard work gets rewarded in the most miraculous ways. Naturally I am the worst at keeping secrets and all I wanted to do was blurt out that I am MOLLBABE feature for July, local and international, but I couldn’t as Arne told me to keep it a secret ,  until now!……  I am honored to be a part of MOLLMAG family , thank you so so much.





  1. What or whom inspires you to whom you are and what you stand for in life as a model and person?




  • There’s a few things and people, my biggest supporter and motivator is my mom. She is the reason why I am who I am. Together we have faced challenges that if she wasn’t by my side I’m not sure I would have faced them. We live for each other. We tell everyone that. Second is both my brothers and dad, I don’t see them often but it was my older brother, Blake who drilled into my head of ‘just try’ that has now become an I can. I know he saw a potential in me when I didn’t see it, but I don’t think we both ever thought my potential has no limit. Third, is princess Layla, well that’s what I call her. Layla was 3 when she was diagnosed with Ependymoma Cancer and just by chance I went to an event that raised money for her, I didn’t know who she was then but I was so taken back by the amount of courage this little girl has to fight. It’s all she knows. So, I got a tattoo dedicated to her, it’s of a spider on my left shoulder, she says Spider-man helps her feel better, she’s crazy still about Spider-man. Layla is 8 now and still continues to fight. I have since met her and her mom, Sharyn. Layla gives me inspiration.




  1. With this feature today for us you did a photo shoot with the talented photographer Emmy Photography, describe the vibe on set that was created for your feature alongside Emmy Photography?




  • Emmy and I met at the Photo and Film Expo 2016, he wanted to take quick snaps of me, that was our official meeting… since then, Emmy and I have worked together a few times and I don’t see him as one of my photographers, but rather one of my friends. I know the quality of the images I will get back from him and I am never disappointed. There were 3 sets of this shoot, there were ideas we both brought to the table and were both willing to try. Nothing is ever an issue for him and his patience with me is what makes me want to always work with him. Emmy makes me feel comfortable to be myself and I think that is highly important.






  1. What’s your hidden talents no one knows about, share with us?




  • My hidden talent?? Gosh I don’t even know. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress, I went to SA champs for Drama. Arts and culture was my escape since a young age. When I was 12, my mom would walk past my bedroom where I would be holding a pink deodorant can and crying in front of a mirror, my mom would ask what I am doing, I’d simply say that I am practicing my speech for the Oscars. My level of crazy still hasn’t left. hahaha.





8. Hobbies you’re interested and do to break away from modeling for a bit?





  • There are many, from reading, movies, spending time with friends and family, watching bands and being ‘young and dumb’ every now and then but currently, where my life is and where I see where I am taking it to… I don’t have a lot of time to ‘break away’, I try spend my free time with family on a Sunday, that’s my off day (I try). Being Lebanese, my family is huge so normally it’s church then lunch. Just to give an idea its about 30 of us and food for about 100 people yet, by the time we go home, the food is finished. Normally after lunch the guys watch sport while the ladies clean the kitchen and talk … and talk… and talk… being with family is not only important to me, it’s my safe place.







9. Your favorite genre of modeling and why?




  • Personally, I love beauty work, I think there’s way more art in it. Not everyone can pull it off and it’s where the makeup artist, photographer and model HAVE to work together and dedicate their expertise 100% to get that perfect shot.







10. In your opinion, what is something about life that people don’t appreciate as much as they should?





  • Exactly that, life. I always tell people to put their hand over their chest and feel their beating heart, you’re only given this one opportunity so take full advantage of the potential and purpose you hold. Greatness lies within all of us.






11. If you could instantly know how to speak another language, what language would you choose to know?





  • Ah that’s so difficult but I think Spanish, it’s so loud and sexy and full of passion. Its colorful.




12. Coming back to some personal points, for you what was the hardest to accept for you in the modeling industry, regarding your disability and how did you get past that or overcome it?




  • I do feel body posing as that is my biggest limitation being in a wheelchair, however many models may be able to stand and body pose but not many models are disabled, having a unique story to capture through a photo is what photographers strive for. So, it’s a con but also a pro, to be in a wheelchair.





13. Give us an inspiring quote you live by in everyday life?




  • It used to be ‘Face the sun and your shadows will fall behind you’ and now it’s ‘I’m Jayd with a Y- Why not’





14, Complete the sentence, what is the GOLDEN RULE in MODELING ……..




  • #tohavefun






  1.  Let’s have some fun …… What product in Beauty and Fashion, has greatly exceeded your expectations and why and what would you say is your favourite Beauty product to use that you can’t go without?




  • Hahaha, when I told my mom about this question we both burst out laughing, I am the worst person on this, sure I look after myself but I hardly wear makeup unless when im busy with a photo shoot on set or out with friends. I’m the kind of girl who only wears a bra depending on the shirt. Although my lipstick is most important, it doesn’t matter how much or how little make up I have on, I can’t live without lipstick, the darker the red, the better! I am not complete without it.





16. Favorite Movie? Favorite Food dish ? Favorite Music band or song?




  • Please do not judge me, but I am a sucker for old school classic movies,  my favorite movie is Grease (I always wanted to be Rizzo) or Dirty dancing… Food dish – gosh I love food, but possibly Middle Eastern cuisine and Asian Fusion – yum! I’m hungry now. Favorite song is Revelry by Kings of Leon but my all-time favorite band is Blink 182, I can listen to them all day, every day and never get sick of it!






17. What puts a sparkle in your eye and make your heart beat fast and puts a smile on your face?




  • There many things that add excitement to my life, but I naturally live every day with a potential for greatness. So being alive gives me that sparkle. Everyday above ground is a good day. Apparently, when I wake up in the morning, before I open my eyes, I smile. It’s obviously my way of registering I am still here and I have another opportunity to create the best day and improve on who I was yesterday.




  1. Have you ever had a crush on an animated character? if so whom or which character is it and why?




  • I’m a typical hopeless romantic, I blame Disney for this and I am an avid reader so I tend to fall in love with all characters, but there is one man who has my heart. Johnny Depp – my husband, he just hasn’t me yet… haha… I have an original poster signed by him dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow in my house, it was a gift and has the certificate to say it’s an original.





  1. What has modeling teach you in your personal lifestyle food wise, give us your go to health tips and eating plan to be in perfect modeling shape for your photo shoot projects in the present and upcoming future?




  • I’ve always been a health freak, and always eaten healthy, experimented with different foods and such. But especially for upcoming shoots, in prep, I blend an apple, celery, pineapple and cyan pepper and drink that as it helps to cut water retention. I mostly eat carbs in the morning, clever carbs like oats. I also hardly eat red meat. And then my signature is where I train, I’m sponsored by Body20 Dainfern, (EMS) the amount of strength and joy I get from training there is a huge reason as to why physically I am able to manage my lifestyle.




  1. Give us a glimpse into what you want to achieve more in modelling as a profession or hobby, and what’s next on the agenda for you?





  • As a modeling life, I really want to do more beauty work as I speak with my eyes a lot. I want to be able to show people, society, of all shapes and forms that we are able to do anything our hearts desire and our only limit really is within our own mind. Like I said, I would love to be the cover of a really elite magazine such as Vogue. Next on the agenda is a secret, but keep your eyes posted for it. I do have a few photo shoots booked but I am also writing exams, so I’m juggling everything until my exams are done.




  1. Where and how can the public out there follow your modelling journey please list your social media links below?










FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – Jayd with a Y 

TWITTER – @JaydwithaY 


Website – 



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Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO 




Physical disability inspires through modeling in todays world with 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Jayd Dell
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