Swanky Swimsuit South African passion with MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Mariette Stander 2017

Today we are passionate to bring you the South African fever of some swank swimsuit beach wear fevers and desires as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Mariette Stander 





Welcome Mariette ,





1. Give us a sneak peek into who you are and where you reside from ?
  • I am a outgoing friendly and Spontaneous girl that loves nature and Adventure crazy about water sports and Motor Sport.  I’m originally from Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng currently living  in Knysna South Africa.





2. How did you get into modeling ?




  • I always use to do Catwalk modeling when I was a little girl and as I got older I enjoyed being in front of the camera, and I always find myself watching FTV ( FashionTV ), so I entered FHM Girlfriend SOUTH AFRICA and was featured as a girl next door in the edition a long long time ago and after that experience doors opened for me and I fell in love with what I do ( wink wink )




3. What is the most fabulous and most rewarding for you in the modeling you do ?
  • I have learned that I have inspired other girls younger & older than me, to follow their dreams as I did 😉 and also to take care of themselves  in a healthy way and it made me feel good about myself, as it gave me a self-confidence boost and to others (always be yourself and chase your dreams )





4. How did you find out about us as a magazine and what is it about us that inspires you to be featured with us today the most ?
  • While I was entered and doing  FHM Girlfriend Girl next door comp South African edition A WHILE BACK ,  my hubby thats also a photographer ,  told me about MOLL MAG South Africa , as it is still my dream to appear in a modeling Magazine, so we decided to connect with Arne Schreuder over social media whom has helped us through the proses to be featured today and for that me and my husband , we both are very thankful and humbled as MOLL MAG South Africa  is inspiring and it gives you a self-confidence boost, if you know you can be one of those “HOT” and extremely classy girls and ladies.  I have been following MOLLMAG franchise for quite some time now
5. Mariette As a SOUTH AFRICAN we know that all SOUTH AFRICANS love their sport aka RUGBY , CRICKET , SOCCER , NETBALL , HOKEY , GOLF , ATHLETICS,  ect. as its part of the household religion on weekends sometimes , tell us we would like to know what type of sport activity did you partake in back in your school days that you were good at , share with us a little bit of that story and background ?
  • Sports are awesome and sort of a must if you can do it, health wise Back  in school I loved playing Hockey till my Matric year, I also did Modern Dancing as well (LOVE DANCING) still do every day, even if it’s in my own living room .  Then I started participating in SA Junior Power boating and Go-Karts as well …..because I am  into Speed 😉 the need for speed ( wink wink ) plus I’m also interested in doing 3D Archery
6. When you get time to relax a bit from modeling , whats your hobbies and interests you have ?
  • As mentioned I am interested in 3D Archery and its been a part of my life for the last 3 years now, as one of my favorite hobbies to do , using a compound bow on 3d Archery Courses, and of course going to the beach trying to work on my tan  ( wink wink )
7. As the international RUGBY SEASON is here and the SPRINGBOKS SOUTH AFRICA are in action this June month against France for the inbound test series , tell us whom is your favorite SPRINGBOK rugby player and whom of the players do you have a secret crush on and would like to meet one day ?
  • I admire Jan Serfontein, he is a very committed player. And in the past , I’ve always been a Bobby Skinstad and Morne Steyn Kinda Girl “blush” lol. What can I say .





8.  Lets play a game DARE ME , we would like to know from you what type of dare that somebody recently told you or given you to do that you did in the end and will never regret that feeling you got when you did that dare ?





  • Hahahaha to be honest I really can’t remember any Dare….it’s been a while, and today you don’t dare someone….. you just go out and do it but with that said….. I’m the kind of girl, if it’s adventures I’ll do it for sure  😉





9. Any goals or dreams you set yourself that you want to achieve in the future ? , please share with us ……… ( lets make a dream come true wink wink )
  • Ahaaaa glad you asked lol, my biggest goal is to be on the front page of a magazine one day  and to continue  being a part of the modeling world, to inspire other girls to be the best they can be, you only live once, you need to make the most of it and follow your dreams!!! I always say “live life to the fullest”





10. Whats next on your bucket list for 2017 any other projects modeling wise you want to share with us ?
  • At the moment I just want to continue having fun in front of the camera and sharing the feeling and experience of success with everyone that supports me , taking it day for day and just enjoying every moment   and also trying to keep fit and living a healthy lifestyle.
11. Who inspires you and why ?
  • My husband , because he is the one who gives me the confidence to light up in front of the camera lens and supported me in the very beginning of my modeling career and still do…… and for that I LOVE HIM DEARLY thank you my darling Danie Stander
12. Where and how can our readers and fellow photographers get in touch with you through social media platforms to see whats going to happen next in your modeling journey ?
  • Please get to follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM at :





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