Body Language and Sexy curves says it all and more with JULY 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Christina Marie

As we wake up to start a new day we learn the art and beauty of what SEXY Body Language and that ultimate Sexy booty curves holds , as we bring #sexyback straight to your doorstep #JERSEYSHORE style as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews  MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Christina Marie ” #LetsGetOurSexyOn “







Good Day Christina ,




1. Tell us where do you reside from and who you are in a nutshell ?


  • I currently reside on the Jersey Shore though I grew up in a small town in North Jersey. I am a 27 year old model and actress ( no not a triple threat, I cannot sing for my life only in the shower and car lol ). I have been modeling for about 6 years with many publications under my belt and am a 3 time covergirl. When I am not modeling/acting you can find me at my job as a vet tech or at the farm with my horses.






2. How do you find the modeling industry to be for you as a model for you specified look and build as a model in this day and age ?
  • Not going to lie but it is pretty brutal out there! I see the photo tog’s that are snobs and call you out on your flaws without even saying a word. I do not have my 21 year old body anymore, I am curvy and I love it. But I also have found and worked with some of the most sweetest and amazing photographers!





3. As you are from New Jersey , New York , tell us how big of a sports fanatic are you and which teams do you cheer for in the NBA / MLB / NHL ? 
  • Ok I admit I am not a huge fan of sports ( except horse racing, my family owns racehorses ) but I was born with NY Giants blood in my veins #bleedblue lol






4. What do you find most inspiring and empowering about being a woman ?
  • That we have come so far in our society and still are making progress. We empower each other in numbers you cannot ignore. Our strength is one for the books.




5. Favorite Genre of Modeling and why ?
  •  Lingerie , getting to wear my favorite pieces and feel sexy while getting to pose in front of a camera..cant beat that.





6. Whats your favorite thing to do in Jersey and NEW YORK when you go out for some fun with your girlfriends #ladiesnight explain to us the typical hot spots in town you prefer to socialize ? 
  • My absolute favorite thing to do is go to dinner and see a Broadway show in NYC. I am a huge theatre fan, I grew up with it. But typically we just hang local, maybe a little house party. Im getting to old to go out, I start falling asleep! Haha



7. What is the one thing people will say about you that makes you stand out from the crowd , when we ask your friends ?
  • My humor! For sure, I love to have fun and laugh and smile. I love making people smile. I have some pretty good jokes to but I have to be in the moment.





8. In your opinion, what is the best gift someone can give another ?
  • One word #RESPECT





9. What is the most amazing gift someone has given you thus far ?
  • When my cousin asked me to be the godmother of her baby , The most amazing and beautiful thing ever , I love the little peanut so much he is so so adorable and cute.


10. Tell us how does it feel today to be a part of the #MOLLMAGFAMILY and our featured MOLL MAG South Africa  MOLLBABE , Babe of the Day for our JULY 2017 issue ?
  • So exciting! I have never been a babe for a day for any magazine. I am honored to represent you all at MOLLMAG AND MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA ! I have been a fan for so long!




11. As we see in this photo shoot you did for us , that you really love to be in front of the camera showing off those sexy #bootylicious curves in some lingerie desires , tell us which type of Lingerie would you say is the most comfortable to wear for you , and that makes you feel sexy and confident about yourself?
  • Anything to show off my #curves , a one piece or fancy bra and thong.




12. Tell us what is the things you love to do in your spare time , when you get a day to relax after a busy photo shoot ?
  • If I am not at a shoot, on an audition or at work I am at the barn with the horses!





13. Favorite Movie , Favorite food dish , Favorite Music,
  • Movie : Breakfast at Tiffany’s Food: PIZZA Favorite Music: Classic Rock





14.  If you could go on a dream vacation with someone very special in your life where would that be and why ? #RomanticGetaway





  • Oh Aruba for sure! That is my absolute favorite place in the world. The atmosphere, the sun and sand and the water….. so clear! Definitely do not have that here in #Jersey






15.  Where to from here whats next on your to do list in your modeling career and plans for 2017 ?





  • More shoots and publications! I am also filming a few things right now including a horror movie so be on the look out! Im always posting on my social media with news so #followme wink wink 😉





16.  Where can our fans and followers #followyou on social media to keep up too date on your modeling journey please list your links below ?





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Body Language and Sexy curves says it all and more with JULY 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day - Christina Marie
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