Today we are testing out the FACTOR theory of what SCIENCE and BEAUTY holds , so grab that flask , glass beaker , test tubes , Bunsen burner and all that collective scientific data and lets get that theory of the atoms in the air cooking with a BEAUTY flare as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews our MOLL MAG South Africa  MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY June Ann 








Good day June and very welcome , 







First off tell us a little bit of yourself in a quick roundup , and where do you reside from ?



Hi everyone , My Name is June Ann, I was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi and was a nationally competitive gymnast up until college. Then, I snagged up a BS in biological sciences and a BA in general studies with minors in dance and psychology at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then I made my way down to New Orleans for a few years to get my PhD in immunology. Now, I live in St. Louis, Missouri and work as a research scientist full time and I also am the owner of #geminijunemoon , a collaborative production company that focuses on curating erotic and nude art content.





How and where did your modeling all start for you ?


I have been modeling for 16 years now and my first shoot was nude. I had met a husband and wife photography team that wanted to start playing with nude concepts. Our first shoot was moonlit bodyscapes that turned out gorgeous and I still keep in contact with that couple to this day!





How did you feel when you got the news that you will be part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY Featured models for our JULY 2017 issue?


It’s always exciting when an editor of a magazine reaches out to you and asks you to be a part of a digital or print feature. It was even more exciting that the editor was Arne who I have been friends with online now for a few years and he has always been the most supportive and one of the kindest souls in the POD industry. It’s been a pleasure to know you and an even bigger pleasure to work with you, Arne!




How did this photo shoot and idea entitled #ThetheoryofSexyScience all came about ?


Since Arne (MOLL MAG SA editor) and I have been friends for quite some time, he already knew that I had my PhD in immunology and work as a research scientist. I have always been hesitant to combine my work into photo shoots, but Arne had the perfect idea. He said he wanted me to have fun with beakers and shoot a colorful set that’s all sexy science. Thankfully, I own a collaborative production company and called up my lead photographer, Mr. Steve Yancey, and told him the idea and he was instantly sold. Next, I called up one of my hair/makeup artists, Miss Abbi Self, and she was instantly on board as well. As the next two weeks passed and the shoot date approached, I had no idea where we were shooting or what I was going to be wearing. I never press my creativity. I let all the details organically come to life. Of course, I had a few lab coats, so I picked out my best fitting one and then decided I was going to wear my most colorful one-piece bodysuit that I picked up about 6 months ago and had never used. Wardrobe was finally decided with the last detail of my clear stripper heels so next it was time to figure out the location. I knew we could not do the shoot in my lab, so I instantly thought of an industrial location. This led me to imagine a rooftop in the middle of St. Louis with 360 degree views of the city as my lab for the day. The rest is an exothermic reaction ready for you to view. Hope you enjoy and, once again, thank you so much Arne!



Give us a glimpse into what a typical day holds for June Ann if your not in front of the camera lens modeling?


Generally I wake up around 5am. I’ve never used an alarm clock in my entire life. I just rise and wane with the sun and moon naturally. After I wake up, I take my awesome dog, Bear Bell, on a bathroom walk. If it’s a gym day, I hit the gym with my trainer from 6-7am. Then, it’s back home for a quick shower and hopefully by that time Bear has ate his breakfast and is ready to potty. Then it’s off to work for a full day in the lab from ~8am-6pm. After work, I generally try to get all my social media postings done and talk to my Patreon fans ( before cooking myself dinner. I’m a huge foodie and love to cook. On weekends, I’m generally seeing some live music and I generally shoot about 2-3 times per week.

In your view and opinion explain the theory behind the science of Beauty and Sexuality of the human body?


I do not believe there is a science to beauty at all. There is no formula. Beauty comes from within and can only be enhanced from within. There’s no numbers, no data…just YOU. I try to make every action reflect the person I want to be and the person I want people to meet. The same can be said for sex, especially when we are talking about the female orgasm. I did not have my own first g-spot orgasm until I was in my 30s and it was not because I wasn’t trying. Just like beauty comes from within, sexuality must also be embraced in an honest way so that you’re psyche and soul allow your physical self to elevate to a higher level of ecstasy.


What is the story behind the name @lovejuneann #lovejuneann , please explain ?


This goes back about 15 years. Ready? Once upon a time… Haha, just kidding. So, when I first started modeling 16 years ago, models used two main forums to book jobs: One Model Place (OMP) and Model Mayhem (MM). At the time, OMP was used mostly by erotic models to book porn jobs and MM was used mostly by nude/art models to book art jobs. So, I signed myself up for MM under JuneAnn. In an effort to rebrand after I had strengthened my portfolio, I started a new MM page, but could not use the same screenname so I chose to throw a ‘Love’ in front of my name. And that’s how #lovejuneann was born.



What hidden talents do you have …. as we come to notice that word through the grapevine is that you are also a talented pole dancer and also a photographer yourself , tell us a bit more about that ?


I was a nationally competitive gymnast growing up, so it’s only natural that I have explored different acrobatic ways to stay in shape over the years. I started pole dancing about 4 years ago and even get to perform on stage twice a year with El Monster, a Pink Floyd tribute band, in front of over 10,000 screaming fans. It’s so exciting. Outside of that, I also love rock climbing and even parkour a little bit. If you ever see me, go ahead and ask me to do a handstand…I love them!

And outside of the sports, I love keeping my creative side flowing. What I really like about modeling is coming up with concepts and themes for shoots and then figuring out how to execute those concepts. I love collaborating with other photographers and models to direct their shoots and I’ve also started picking up the camera myself and have even had some of my film photography work with fellow #MOLLBABE model, Raina Talley, published.



Any embracing or funny moments in your modeling career that happened on a photo shoot or on set you can share with us #letsgetgigglegoingtogether ?


So, one time I was shooting in the middle of a huge field covered in fog for an art book and I had taken my college ring off and put it in my pocket, but forgot to zip the pocket. (Yes, I still wear my college ring. I loved LSU and my dad bought it for me and I love my dad.) We had left the location and headed out of the park when I realized I had lost the ring. We went back to the spot we were shooting and luckily the photographer had smoked a cigarette and we found the butt and within a few feet was my precious ring! Not sure if it’s that funny, but the photographer and I sure had a laugh after.


What does body art and nudity mean to you describe ?



We come into this world naked. Why do we spend our entire life trying to hide what we are (literally and figuratively)? The fact that I can use photography as a medium to normalize body image in society makes my soul smile. That is my goal…to empower men and women to embrace their bodies as they are and achieve a healthy lifestyle.



Favorite vacation spot in the world and why ?


My favorite place that I’ve visited internationally is Barcelona and my favorite city in the USA is definitely New Orleans. But for my favorite spot in the world…I don’t think I’ve been there yet. I imagine that I will know it when I’m there and I will probably be with the person I have fallen madly in love with.


Favorite Movie , Favorite Music , Favorite Food dish to make or enjoy to eat ?




Favorite Movie – Life of David Gale
Favorite Food – Crawfish


We also noticed you are a big believer in astrology and star signs as your a Gemini star sign , tell us what does a gemini like u have or hold inside you in spirit or characteristics that makes you feel confident and sexy as you are inside as well as outside as a person ?


Geminis are represented by the twins, which symbolizes a deep duality that is innate in a Gemini. This could not be more true when it comes to my personality. I am a creative artist trapped in the body of an analytical scientist. A Gemini is always having conversations with devil and angel that sits on her shoulder. It’s in these conversations where my true art comes to the surface and I feel the most confident. This is also why a Libra is one of the best matches for a Gemini, because they help bring balance to the chaotic duality.

What do you find most Romantic about yourself and your loving partner in life ?


Probably one of the most romantic things about me is that I’m incredibly loyal. I am the girl that will greet you with a dinner when you get home from working late. I’m the girl that will boogie beside you to the best of the jam bands. I’m the girl that will never give grief about a boy’s night. I’m not the girl to run around on you. I’m not sure if I’ve met that forever partner, but he will be one that appreciates everything I do for him, because I will always appreciate everything he does for me.



If you could change one thing in the world of today , to make life on earth better and peaceful for humanity what would it be and why ?



I would give people the ability to not compare themselves to others. I think this is where society goes wrong. If we all spend more time reflecting inward on our own lives, maybe we will be less concerned with the negativity that others project. And then eventually we will all only be concerned with our own reflections of life and truly evolve as a species.




Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ?


I can’t even plan out my weekend, much less 5 years from now. But, I will definitely still be a Widespread Panic fan.



Where to from here , tell us and give us a sneakpeek of what to expect next from #lovejuneann whats next on your bucket list ?

Right now, I’m really working on formulating a new production project for geminijunemoon, a collaborative production company that I own. I’m working with fellow #MOLLmag model, Raina Talley, who will be stepping up to lead art direction on the project and I cannot be more excited to bring in new photographers and new models for this fun new project. Make sure to check out for more updates.


How can our fans and fellow photographers follow you and get in touch with you via social media , please list your links below ?



I love when fans follow me on social media and interact with me. I’m on all the big sites like facebook, instagram and twitter. For those of you wanting a little sexier side of me, you can check out my erotic portfolio at I look forward to meeting you all!









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