The beauty of August month is here as we learn the seduction crafty charms of what our MOLL MAG South Africa  covermodel for August , MOLLBABE Cee Bailey is gifted with and more as our CEO Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO alongside Kim van Zyl Photography finds out… to share all things magical and beautiful today in the Charm factor corner.







Welcome Cee Bailey ,









1. Welcome Back Cee Bailey we are glad to have you in studio again with us , tell us what have you been up to and please introduce yourself to our newest readers that does not know about you?
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so glad to be here it is such a great honor.
So hi guys Im Cee Bailey I am a former  FHM S.A model and now I am a #Mollbabe model for MOLLMAG USA as well as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. Super exciting stuff.  Recently I have just moved to Durban from Cape Town South Africa and getting quite a few photo shoots in. I also started my own clothing brand called Kotton Kandi so look out for that launching soon. And also working towards another exciting international feature for a well known brand worldwide …. not giving anything away yet because its a surprise.


Explain the feeling and emotion when you got the news that you’ll be our AUGUST 2017 covermodel , how did it make you feel ?
O my goodness i was jumping for joy i still can’t believe it. I have always worked so hard and said to myself it will pay off and one day i will get that feature. And hey….. it happened and i am soooo honored that its for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA thats a very unique magazine with a true class and scenes of style with a true family feeling that glows.




Whats Your favorite Genres of modeling ?
 Ooohhh thats a tough ONE … um… i love my swimwear and lingerie but sometimes if  i don’t get my body right i absolutely hate it… i will sit there and analyze and criticize myself hahaha



Explain to us your passion for life and modeling how does it go hand in hand ?
 I live by a moral… ” the sky is your limit nothing is impossible”. Yes i did get the odd times where i was told i wasn’t good enough or im too short, but you know what i proved them wrong and i love a challenge.  So i push myself every time to improve and get better for myself.





We heard along the grapevine that you also love the outdoors and extreme sport plus also took a liking to archery , tell us more about that ?
 Oooohhh I must track down that grapevine… haha… jokes… lol… yes i do i love it mother nature has provided these beautiful views why not hike and admire.  Archery has always been a passion and a great de – stress activity for myself.  I would love to own my own bow one day saving up for it. So fingers cross…




Lets get laughing , the most recent joke you heard or what made you giggle out loud aka THAT one OMG moment that you will always remember ?
That omg moment….. mmmmmmmmm….  there were quite a few… um… lets think…i guess the most recent joke has to be….”what do you call a guy with no shins… toe-knee… haha i know lame but so funny first time round. ( wink wink)






In this photo shoot you did for us with Kim van Zyl Photography , tell us how did you and Kim gell on set ?
Kim is amazing… to be honest when i first heard the name… and don’t be offended kim but i thought he was a girl… but we got on great… ideas were just flowing and the shoot just to that magical point where we clicked and it just flowed… everything just clicked into place. Great photographer amazing loved working with him, and will easily recommend him to other models as well in the industry …. a true talent.




Whats the ONE THING you learned from modeling that will stick with you the rest of your life ?
Don’t overlook yourself to be the greatest in what you do ……. you are still a normal person and be humble. Theres nothing more attractive than a down to earth humble girl. I am not so keen on letting the “fame” get to you.





We also notice you are also a huge animal lover at heart …. any pets and what are their names please introduce us ?
 I love my animals if i could have a big enough land i think i would adopt every single one that i see.. haha but my little one i have is a yorkshire terrier but hes a mini one. The light of my life and soooooooo clever. His name is Draco.





If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be ?
Um… o gosh…i think they would be.. “do you have a specific type of bark for a specific thing”… “would you prefer t shirts or jackets” because i like to dress him up… and ” what food would you want to eat?”



Your favorite body feature about yourself and why ?


Favorite body feature. .. my legs they don’t take  much work… but when i can get my abs right it is a bonus…. and also i have been known to be called the mistress of squats. .. haha also hard work




Your favorite dream vacation and where and how would you spend it and with whom ?
Theres actually a lot of places i haven’t been too but probably say Hawaii… the beach the water is beautiful and with my other half… he loves surfing so I’ll stay on the beach and watch him surf all day long.





Celebrity crush whom is yours and why ?

Johnny Depp always has been and always will be… i don’t know why but there is just something about that man is fantastic and mysterious.


What is your favorite movie quote?

“Cherish your life” from the movie “SAW” ….. I know it may seem freaky but its true you have to cherish it and live it to the full…



Favorite Movie , TV Series and Music ?



  • Favorite movie… Mulan
  • Tv series… Grimm
  • Music… pop and rnb
 16.  Spill the beans , What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?
Do I dare tell … I think its that other side to my gemini side where i rebel a lot  since I was 16… its just fun but the consequences aren’t so much fun. ( wink wink )


17.  Favorite piece of Lingerie , Bikini or dress that you wear that makes you feel sexy ?

I have this gorgeous piece from La Senza that is just amazing but i also love Wonderbra. But the shop to buy for me is definitely La Senza.  Swimwear i actually just made this cute crochet top and its sooo comfy and super cute.  Don’t really have a favorite bikini type.





We as SOUTH AFRICANS love our sport , what sport did you play back in your school days and which football / soccer and rugby team do you support ?

I love love love my hockey it was such a thrill and a pleasure to play I would love to play it again… rugby team as I come from Cape Town originally but now live in Durban I will always support The Stormers in my heart and loud and proud ,  football team is a different story don’t judge me for this… but its  Manchester United lol



Give us your creative sporty cheerleader cheer with some pom poms and cartwheel turns what would that be?

I can’t do cartwheels so that would be a fail lol , but here it goes I’ll try..give me an M…. give me an O … give me an L … give me another L what does that spell… Moll…  #MOLLBABES for life baby  was that ok….. ( wink wink )


Whats next on your to do list as a model and business woman ?

Do go for another international feature but ssssh secret ….. and to be a successful business woman in the ventures I par take in, #sowhatchthisspace …. ( wink wink )

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