The Saying is true ” What is said with beautiful eyes shines through like a window to the soul to tell the world its inspiring story and more”  as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out with today’s MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE  Babe of the Day , South Africa, Top Model Worldwide – Janette Swart






Good Day Janette ,


Tell us a little bit about yourself who is Janette Swart ?

I am a spontaneous, creative 24 year old. Born in Pretoria, raised in East London – SOUTH AFRICA.


How did your passion for modeling start to where you are today ?

It started in school. I entered a random competition when I was about 16 and was later asked to be the face of a company that saw my entry for and that liked my look. Today I am a well known model, and have even done international competitions as well.


Tell us a bit more about your condition called Dermatomyositis and how does it impact your daily life as a person and as a model in the modeling industry ?

Dermatomyositis is a very rare auto immune disease that attacks causes muscle and skin inflammation. This leads to deterioration as well. I am on conic medication as well as oral Chemo weekly. Dermatomyositis has made my modeling career a bit more challenging as well as my normal day to day living. I lost my full time job due to my illness and was never given the opportunity again so far to prove myself as an employee. The medication also causes side affects, mainly with weight gain in the modeling industry. With my disease as well as the patella femoral osteoarthritis it makes it a bit more challenging to work off the weight as well.

 Who do you look up to for inspiration in life and in modeling and why ?

Honestly, I do not have one sole person that I look up to for inspiration in my life or in my modeling career. I rather look at the positive in each situation and just work from there.


Give us a glimpse into your modeling achievements thus far from then to now ?
Main achievements were:
Face of Business Spotter East London
Represented South Africa as a Grand Finalist at Top Model Worldwide 2014 in London ( U.K. )
Face of Figures Finalist 2017
 How did you feel when you got the news that you will be chosen to be one of our international MOLLBABE modeling features for our August 2017 month issue ?
I was so grateful! Not only to be selected out of thousands of models but also to be given the opportunity to raise awareness for rare diseases AND conditions we live with , thank you so much I am humbled.
How did you find out about us and what intrigued  you about us as a MAGAZINE and the Style we focus on to to be one of the many international models we feature all around the world , thats you included ?
 The part that intrigued me the most about your magazine is that you do not discriminate against models. You love each of us for what makes us different! I’ve been following your work for quite some time now and I’ve never been disappointed in the variety of models , styles and vibrant new artists that you keep on showcasing daily and monthly to us and your fans its truly inspiring and I am very thankful to be part of the magazine and family. #MOLLMAGFAMILY


Describe a typical photo shoot session day , how do you prepare yourself for the big day in front of the camera lens ?
Firstly, I ensure I drink lots of water before a shoot and during the shoot to stay hydrated. I always pack my wardrobe (if not supplied) at least 24 hours in advance to ensure I do not forget anything. I conform with the artist/photographer how they would like my to look when I arrive on set and I advance always at least 30min early for a shoot. If the artist/photographer requests a certain pose, I practice it beforehand in a mirror to try and ensure I get it was close to perfect as possible for them.


 Whats your favorite locations to do a photo shoot in SOUTH AFRICA as a model ?

I honestly love any outdoors shoots, I feel it compliments me better. I must say I enjoyed shooting at Mabalingwe Game Reserve in Bela Bela.

 Describe your style to us as a model ?

I don’t think I have one particular style, I am not very girly in person, so when I’m off set I prefer to be comfortable and barefoot. I do love shooting fashion though ( wink wink )


 Every model has a favorite way they look or signature pose , tell us whats yours to get that perfect #monneyshot in front of the camera ?
I’d have to say my favorite pose would be looking away from the lens, trying to show as much emotion as possible as if trying to tell a story to the audience.



 Lets open that  makeup kit and that fashion wardrobe you have and tell us what is your most favorite piece of fashion wear you cant go without in today’s lifestyle ?
I’d have to say the one thing I can’t go without is baby oil and hair pins. It can be used for so many different things and have been a life saver many times for me.



 We also come to notice that you really love spending your free time with horses and horse riding , tell us a bit more about that and also some other hobbies you have ?
I absolutely love horses, I have enjoyed riding for many years now, it is good exercise and it relaxes me at the same time. I also enjoy being behind the camera as a photographer myself also plus,  I do paintings,  sketches, I make clothes and I absolutely LOVE reading BOOKS and NOVELS.
 Give us a glimpse in the proper horse riding gear you wear and use when you go out for a ride? 
My main gear I never go without is my Harry”s Horse Breeches. I don’t always ride with a helmet (but I’d recommend always wearing one) and if my boots are dirty or broken I wear comfortable closed shoes instead.


 You also recently took up cycling as one of the hobbies as well to keep you in that fit routine and healthy lifestyle , give us a glimpse into your daily fitness , gym routine ?


I tend to cycle about 30km or so every Sunday Mountain Biking at Northern Farms. I also try and cycle at least 3 times a week at home. At the moment I have been taking it easy until my new knee braces arrive, but as soon as I have them I can start doing my squats and lunges again as well and jogging.


As the 2017 Tour De / Le France recently ended tell us who was your favorite cycling athlete of the event that you followed through the event a few weeks ago ?
 I did not follow the Tour De / Le France in detail that much , but I will say this it was great to see the TEAM from SOUTH AFRICA aka ( Dimension Data ) winning a stage in the TOUR DE FRANCE what a phenomenal achievement for our country as cycling is one of the sports in South Africa thats growing bigtime and as I am more of a mountain cyclist rather than road. I will however be doing the 94.7 Highveld Stereo  road cycle challenge this year , as I am practicing very hard for it. See you all very soon at the event.



What is your ultimate goal and dream in modeling…. where to from here whats next on your bucket list ?

Honestly,  I started doing modeling again with a new sense of direction. As a patient living with a rare disease and condition , we often hear only what we cannot do instead of what we can do. I just want to shed light on this rare condition Im going through  my modeling and try and inspire youngsters living with disabilities and/or diseases that no obstacle should stand in their way of following their passion and dreams.

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