Today we enter the Garden of Eden and explore all its finest sensual skin deep beauty and beyond with newest MOLL MAG South Africa international MOLLBABE Babe of the Day model Tina Marie Duran alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder 






Welcome Tina ,





1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where do you reside from ?

  • Good Day everyone , I am Tina Marie Duran , Firstly I want to thank you so so much as I’m humbled and very honored today to get this opportunity and feature with you all I am so excited and HAPPY at the same time to be part of such a amazing MAGAZINE and family , I’m a  40years old, a mother of three, grandmother of three and a foster grandmother to four little angels! I’m a resigned preschool teacher, youth counselor for Orange County Orangewood Children’s home USA  as well. Plus one big passion and hobby of mine is my POETRY , I love POETRY , and I reside from  Huntington Beach California USA …. “So today I am sending some CALI love your way “


2. How did your modeling career start to where you are now Tina ? 

  •  I’ve been modeling since I was a young girl my sister and I “Anise Duran” went to John Robert Powers. Then last fall 2016, I was given the opportunity for an autumn publication.. I was asked to submit for their magazine, now it’s been a humbling Journey! AND look where I am now also gracing the pages of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that is a phenomenal achievement in it self as the Magazine is truly style full and very inspiring to young and old plus all shapes and sizes… All I know is where I’m going and that will be in the centerfold one day Who wouldn’t want to see a grandmother to grace the centerfold of a magazine…!





3. Please list and Give us a glimpse into your modeling success and features thus far and what you have achieved along with today’s feature with us as  our international 2017 august MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature ?

– MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA AUGUST 2017 issue ( Babe of the Day feature )














4. Where did this photo shoot that you did for us take place and how did this idea of the photo shoot come about ? 

  •  It took place on the  Hills of Chino California. I love the outdoors ( wink wink )





5. How did you find out about who we are and how does our magazine style inspire you ?

  • Ive stumbled upon your websites and social media platforms via GOOGLE as Im a model that tend to submit to a variety of magazines and publications and i am glad to say when i found you , your style and vision of art intrigued me a lot as , My passions for the discovery of the arts are unique and different, inspiring in many ways that’s why we are muses inspiration of hope the symbolism of love, ecstasy, temptation, gentle angelic persuasion! The lustfulness of ones shades of gray, what’s is passions, what is your poison, what is your delight I say in a sigh of a whisper Magnifique! and welcome to my taste of art! as this magazine and platform fits my passion to a Tee , and all the postings you guys do on social media network platforms inspire me each day of my life and so i got in touch with Arne Schreuder that guided me and helped me along the way to be a BABE OF THE DAY FUTURE , Arne is a true inspiration to many and a very kind soul, as well always willing to help and put you as a model at ease and he always puts 110% in what he does and love to do for you as a model #makingdreamscometrue


6. What and who , inspires you to be you in life Tina to whom you are and how you portray yourself as a model in the modeling industry of today?


  •  Life inspires me “to live is the greatest adventure” only to remain humble in all I do in becoming the “WOMAN I’AM”!




7. We come to notice that you are a resigned school teacher , tell us , what was your given subject you teach as a teacher ? 


  • I worked at Charter Oak Preschool Glendora California as Preschool Teacher it was free play, Finger Painting,  finger puppet, story time , nap time and snacks! The end of day inspirational motivational song for the toddlers to clean up!



8. If you could write a poetry piece about your life , what would be the heading and why? 


  • Ripples in the pond , because  I’AM the symbolism of the lotus,



I’AM the lotus that rise’s to the sun the beauty of purity not affected by the pond! by Tina Marie Duran.

” I am not ordinary I am the constellation of a universe The atmosphere’s beauty shines brighter then Orion’s Belt! Inspiring breathtaking as to Haley’s comet, special indeed as it only comes around in certain times of years to be seen!




9. Who is your favorite poet and why?


  • Shakespeare! The poem Midsummer night dreams “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, therefore winged Cupid is painted blind.





10. Coming back to modeling we also notice that your a mom as well , so give us a glimpse into a typical start of the day for you as a mom and please explain how do you juggle the 2 professions of being a mom , and a model at the same time ? 


  • My son John Lacivita and my daughter Aubrey have my 3 grand babies and they also took in 4 foster children. I’ll start by making coffee and usually get them the breakfast sometimes before I get ready for work  I’ll spend time with my grand babies. My grandson James is learning to walk so this morning I was spending time teaching by standing him up to walk, he wants to run before he learns to walk. We should take lessons from little children, how we are as adults we want to run before a walk we want to jump before we learn how to stand. But somethings are necessary for us to learn before others things can be accomplished!



11. Favorite hobbies other than modeling and poetry ?


  • Dance Choreography,  music song writer, poetry , singing, choir camping, hiking, fishing and I don’t ride a motorcycle of my own yet, but I will be riding one soon. I love being on a motorcycle!


12. Favorite food dish to eat and make and why ?


  • My all time favorite food to eat are Buffalo wings!!! And don’t forget the cold beer!!! The reason why I love Buffalo wings is when I was pregnant with my first son John I craved buffalo wings like crazy! I literally eat the whole thing down to the Cartledge, the Cartledge is my favorite part to eat.





13. Bringing the beauty of modeling  , ART and NATURE together , what does this all mean to you , how do you see it please explain ? 


  • Beauty is a force of nature that you do not reckon with. She’s the mother of all living things which gives meaning to life through names bearing and birthing life, brought forth by a gasp taken in by a breath fresh of air! She’s the nurture shes the mother she is the woman! She is purity’s beauty of mother nature!


14. Your words or QUOTE SAYING PHRASE you live by for each day of your life ? 


  • “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see.”  The Profit and legendary boxer  Muhammad Ali





15. Describe the true beauty of what a woman is and how a woman should present herself to the world out there in your own words? 


  • I believe sexy is what every individual woman has to offer and brings to the table. We all have our unique talents and gifts, and I believe sexy is being brave, being genuine, kindness, humble, strong not self-centered. Confidence comes in many forms yet the greatest to me in being sexy is loving myself and not my appearance. Beauty is fading, love is always enduring.



16. Any message or piece of advice you can give young upcoming models that wants to be successful like yourself ?


  • Keep on keeping on, persevere do not give up keep your eyes on the prize! Only you know your dreams that you’ve dreamed which are visions coming to pass!




17. Where to from here whats next on your to do list as a model ?


  • I told a friend recently ” A dream is a vision that’s already set in course, nothing can alliterate it nor come against it, it’s already set in motion! You cannot stop whats already been foreshadowing. I will be traveling around the world as a model!

18. Where can we get to #follow your modeling journey on social media ?

  • Well my WEBSITE is coming soon so watch this space and you can also follow me on INSTAGRAM as I would love to interact





















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Arne Schreuder / Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO