Mornings are made for that special Boudoir moments with a splash of sparkling smiles as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE JaydwithaY  




Good Morning Jayd ,






Welcome Back Jayd , we are so glad to have you back for yet another amazing MOLLBABE feature , tell us what have you been up to lately ?

Thank you for having me be apart of your August issue. Lately, I’ve been super busy with Jayd with a Y and my first official book called What’s Your Excuse? I’ve also undertaken a few other projects and contract jobs for Social Media Marketing.




You and our CEO Arne Schreuder recently met up and discuss a little bit of this upcoming feature in our AUGUST month feature what was it like meeting Arne for the very first time ?

What can I say , Arne is such a gem. A true gentleman and definitely someone I could spend more time with. He has a warm heart, despite what he’s been handed. I am honored to call him a friend.


 As this feature entails a SEXY Boudoir Good Morning style wake up call of beauty ” , tell us how was the feeling meet Pierre van der Schyff Photography for the first time and how did the feeling on set of you both glow together on set ?

I actually met Pierre at the Photo and Film Expo last year and we planned to shoot in the future however life got in the way, and when I messaged him to ask him if we can do a quick shoot for MOLLMAGSA , he was more than happy. Monique, his wife, also joined on set to help me with body posing and such, together they make such a wonderful team and I hope to work with them again in the near future.

This shoot also focused on some sexy lingerie in the clothing department , tell us whats your favorite lingerie brand and lingerie style you love to wear that you feel sexy and comfortable in ?


Funny enough I used to have an obsession with underwear and lingerie, I own a lot of all different underwear, from girly to lace, yet now I hardly wear any. If you’re lucky I may wear a sports bra however I hardly wear that or panties. Commando all the way. (wink wink )



We also hear along the grapevine that your also busy with a book release that you are busy writing , what is the book called and what is it all about , please tell us more ?

The book is called ‘What’s Your Excuse? 2017’. It will be my first ever publication of a book, first of many. The book is a coffee table styled book with stories from hand selected survivors of some sort of challenge/trauma. The volunteers in the book have been dealt with difficulties that should of affected them negatively but rather, have used it to motivate them and their lives in a positive way. These are people I like to spend my time with. The purpose of this book is to open up awareness and understanding, to motivate and inspire and to be able to comfort the reader in saying they are not alone.


How can your followers and fans get to read the book and get there hands on such amazing piece of inspiration , is there maybe a book launch event on the way , please give us all the details for that ?

There is going to be a book launch however the place and date aren’t set in stone, but  if anyone is keen to come to the launch please follow my Facebook Page: and the event details will be posted soon. Everyone is welcome!

Also a little bird whispered in our ear that you are also thinking of starting your own Jewlery line as well please tell us a bit more about that as well ?

Wow, this little bird knows all my secrets 😉 yes, that is true Jayd with a Y has teamed up with an amazing jewelery company and 3D printing specialist and soon will be launching my very own high quality jewelery. There will be about 30 pieces in total, of rings, earing’s and necklaces. It will be ordered online through me or my website, a few other online stores and possibly get into bigger retail stores in the future. The jewelery designs will represent Jayd with a Y and what my brand stands for.

Do you rather follow your heart or your head? State your reason why ?

Without a doubt, definitely my heart. I live with my heart on my sleeve and I choose to spread love everywhere I go.

If you could travel the world  to any exotic destination where would that be and why ?

There so many places I want to go but I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, I love the style and the culture of the people. The large families with warm giving hearts. Plus the food, the food is a huge reason and who can resist the beaches?!

If you had to pick an animal, which animal do you find the sexiest of all ?

It would be a tiger, it is also one of my favorite animals but they’re full of attitude, yet carry themselves with elegance and pride.

The love of animals and pets tell us do you have any pets and if so please introduce us ?

I have 3 cats, Busta, Whitey and Patches. Recently, my dog who was my world, died but I am planning on getting a Bulldog called Benji, even though my mom says no.


In your life, what has been the biggest blessing in disguise ?

Gosh I have been blessed by so many situations, including the bad things. Maybe not the biggest but one of the most important ones is living with a disability. I have learned so many things through this, I have been able to inspire people because of it, I have learned how to be humble and gentle yet courageous and stubborn… I see life in a different perspective compared to able bodies.

If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only three words ? 

4 words ;)… ‘This too shall pass’

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done so far in life that you will do again if you get the chance to do it lets take a dare…… ?


I am crazy naturally, and I never do things half hearted. There’s a few moments I’d redo, one where I flashed the camera while watching international band Bombay Bicycle Club, and definitely would flash them or any band to be honest. Haha and possibly one of the best feelings ever was when my best friend and I went to Smoking Dragon Festival in the Drakensburg and we decided to go hiking the one day and when we reached a spot where we couldn’t push the wheelchair, he picked me up and hiked down this steep, rocky edge into these beautiful cascades where he sat with me, right in the middle of the cascade pool, with our clothes on and it was freezing… it was extremely dangerous now that I think about it, yet I trust him with my life. I knew I would be safe. Now, where ever we go, if there’s a pool or water we always go in.



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