It’s a crisp fresh SPRING FLING feel to things in the air as SPRING FEVER and September month 2017 is here with a sexy tropical fun in the sun fever gripping SOUTH AFRICA  all around us as we take a seat with our CEO Arne Schreuder  as he meets up and INTERVIEW our MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE Covermodel for Spetember 2017 Lydia Collinge 









Welcome Lydia ,








Give us a glimpse on who you are and where you reside from where you grew up and your heritage Lydia?


I’m Lydia Collinge I was born in New Zealand in a place called Uppercut so I’m a kiwi model but I’m also half welsh from my father’s side as he was born in Wales…… I always get called a cocktail mixture I have many heritages from big family’s worldwide I lived in New Zealand and grew up in Australia when I was a teenager but I really couldn’t say what I have but a bit of everything ( wink wink )






Congrats on being named as our 2017 SEPTEMBER SPRING MONTH MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE cover model how does this news make you feel today when you and our CEO Arne Schreuder connected on social media , to find out about the news?

When I heard I was accepted I was so happy that day I really wanted to be published in this magazine for over a year now as a feature MOLLBABE model and covergirl ,  I wanted this opportunity so much I’m so glad we connected. Arne is a very talented and humble guy always there to make things shine and with this he certainly did that and more,  Im so  thankful today ,  also I have family  in South Africa as well because  my man and soulmate  is from there so I wanted to share this with him and the family back in SOUTH AFRICA as also.


Tell us a bit more about your modeling career where did it all start?


I was about 19 years or 20 when I started coming into the modeling business I had done a few modeling courses to learn all of the requirements there was of what it takes to be as model in the tough industry I then gained my certificate for deportment and grooming with viva academy I then started getting my confidence by working as a bikini cocktail waitress with Aurora Model Agency , then I also got to working with the V8 SUPERCARS series in AUSTRALIA as a promo girl on track with the racing brands for work each weekend I then attended catwalk comps with ZOO Company and Miss Hawaiian TROPICAL SWIMSUIT CONTESTS   so that  I gained more exposure in the end then I started out doing lots more photo shoots and more published work through the years worldwide I’m now a professional international model as well as a actress and singer.






How did this theme aka spring TROPICAL beauty came about who came up with the idea and how did you all put it together aka SPRING tropical fever ?


The spring tropical fever came from  Arne and myself , as we both suggested to use this theme as spring is almost here so we got some examples on the net we searched through. I just knew it would be perfect for me I thought we could use beautiful surroundings like the beach front with the amazing sunsets as our background and the beach sand and rocks and ocean as our playground for the day to create that TROPICAL feeling ,  a real spring photo shoot with also a beautiful yellow bikini to match I think this would make a great Miss September feel to things as I told Arne and he agreed that I fit that theme for this perfectly , then it was down to setting it up with the photographer that was willing to help do this photo shoot.


How did you found out about us and what intrigues you the most about our style and magazine for you?


I came across your social media links  on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and a lot of other modeling platforms as well when I was scrolling for submits to magazines on GOOGLE and I liked your page I saw some other models that were published to and that  I knew as well and I thought this would be also perfect for me as I have family in South Africa to and I’ve always wanted to be published in something that’s from South Africa as well as the photos I saw of on some models I loved were different you also have a selection of styles and theme in this magazine to choose from which I think it great for me. As that makes it very viberent and exciting to be a part of.



What style of modeling would you say describes you the best as a model in this business?

I don’t have a style that really describes me the best I enjoy though a variety of everything in the modeling industry I love and have all kinds of styles I love to be versatile in everything I do aka ”  a Jill of all traits ” .



As you live in AUSTRALIA at the moment give us a small inside peek in what you as Australians love to do to relax?

Shopping for sure would be a thing here in the big malls I love to do. Go for long bike rides relax at the beach read a good book and swim also have lots of family gatherings we also love our Australian BBQ’s going away on holiday touring the theme parks.


Let’s get our Giggle on, what’s the most hilarious joke you’ve recently heard or told someone spill the beans?


I don’t have any jokes at the moment that  I can think of lets just say i need to get into a funny good mood with friends and family at a BBQ then you will find that i will be the Jack in the box at times with a smile ( wink wink )






Let’s prepare some #Delish food recipes and dishes today what is your favorite to make and enjoy on the menu these days let’s get cooking?



I’m on a strict diet so I can’t always eat all my favorite foods if I cook it will be a BBQ loin pork steak with green beans and asparagus as well with sweet potatoes added with African spices on my menu is quite basic I love my Cesar salads too and chicken salad wraps I love my smoked fish as well done with melted butter and salt. For a treat I’d have a piece of banana bread I do like to bake as well but only gluten free pancakes or muffins and other.



Ever wanted to star in a HIT REALITY TV SHOW like for example #MKR ( My Kitchen Rules ) , Master Chef , The Block , Australia’s NEXT TOP MODEL , BEAUTY AND THE GEEK , FIRST DATE, DANCING WITH THE STARS or SEVEN YEAR SWITCH AUSTRALIA , AMAZING RACE , choose one and explain your reason of your choice and why ?


Yes I’ve always wanted to be a star I feel I’m almost there. for reality T.V I’ve never really cared enough for those kind of hit reality shows or payed attention I just see it’s not for me if I had to choose one would be master chef because I would love to cook all types of food recipes and show myself on T.V to all.






Favorite  Movie, Music soundtrack that’s recently the favorite track in your iPod music library?


I love all kinds of movies too mostly I love animation my music iPod I have a range from the latest to everything I have a variety of lots of songs my favorite rapper I love is Nikki Minaj.


We also heard along the grapevine that your also a voice over actress tell us a bit more about that?


Yes this year I have been accepted to play two parts for a small animation film from my director Marlon green both are called earthbound and Cleopatra I had to do both scripts for both films I was selected to be voice over characters for miss Zoey space girl as a technical assistant in earthbound also Cleopatra as a beautiful love story.





A phrase or words that you live by and that inspire you on who you are and where you want to be in the future as a model and person ?


Always be happy not negative always have faith and stay positive opportunity’s in life will come your way never give up.





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