2017 The Future of Beauty thats MAD MAX with a AFRICA style twist featuring MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY – Clarissa Mars

Oh what a lovely day in the wide open spaces of AFRICA , bringing the MAD MAX fanatics a taste of some beauty and beyond as our CEO Arne Schreuder meets up with Dreamboard Images and our MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY Clarissa Franchesca Mars to explore that MAD MAX in Africa feeling fueled with beauty together with the SPRING TIME heat that flows through the South African air. ” Lets unleash the fury road beauty “








Warm welcome back Clarissa Franchesca Mars 










1. Welcome back Clarissa how are things going these days with you on the modeling front and how does the MOLLBABE experience for you feel right up until know after we featured you back in our November issue last year , how much for you as a model has changed since then ?
  • Been rocking my modeling career since our last November issue! Did several shoots this year and trying different stuff (more creative shoots). Thanks to MOLLMAG USA as well as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA I  got more exposure from photographers, it also uplifted my modeling career more. Plus I also want to give a huge thank you #shoutout to Arne Schreuder together with Ashley Salazar as they both go great lengths and beyond to make this MOLLBABE experince shine with true inspiration and style…..  Well what changed was my perspective towards modeling just to change it one curve at a time. My shoots represent the curvy ladies out there, it represent my confidence.







2. How did you feel when you and Photographer Jason from Dream board Images , got the news and email that we have chosen you to be featured in our Magazine today as a MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY feature for September 2017 ?
Clarissa – Actually very thankful that there is a feature available, so yes excitement is real, this is truly one of my best features yet and to share it with the #MOLLMAGFAMILY today is truly amazing.
Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) – The news was delivered over email and social media , and I must admit I was not aware of who and what MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA stand for but then I connected with Arne that explained it step by step and now I can see and experience what a amazing family and magazine this truly is and getting recognized for my talents as a photographer is truly always welcome and appreciated , thank you so so much for this opportunity today.
3. Explain to us the planning behind this photo shoot set you and photographer Jason did for this feature today aka MAD MAX in AFRICA theme ?
Clarissa – It was all Jason’s idea and the fact he chose me for it was quite awesome, because I’m such a Mad Max fan. But also he knows that me and him work really well together and when it comes to theme shoots, I’m always in full character.  As then we pitched the idea and photo set to Arne to make this MAD MAX mollbabe feature come alive.
Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) – This theme I had in mind of doing for 2 years in the making. Location and opportunity to work with Clarissa was what made these images explode and pop with character, the theme AND collab all started in the midday sun heat and ended the day in the freezing water of the Theewarters Kloof dam , what a exploring day full of fun in the sun.
4. This Question goes towards Jason , tell us what Dreamboard Images stand for and what does it entail to be in the photography business of today and the future ?
  • Dreamboard Images is a online platform for models , photographers and makeup artists alike in SOUTH AFRICA to promote and maintain their portfolios to easily share their images and download it via a mobile app to make it very easy for themselves and the public to interact with one another. The platform is designed to make it user friendly and accessibility to share your work with one another with any uploading and sharing issues that may be encounterd in future. I have branched out to places and locations as Cape Town , Durban , Pretoria , and soon also Windhoek Namibia.  For more contact info and details please visit the Dreamboard Images website.






5. This question is for both of you , tell us what is the one thing on set and location of this shoot aka one experience or event that happened during the shoot that you will forever remember and not forget, What will you as a person , model and photographer take away and learn from this experience and photo shoot ?
Clarissa – During the shoot I told Jason “Look I want to be full of mud now”, not knowing that the location of where the mud is, is quite a distance away. But the walk with him was worth it. Never a dull moment when we shoot or not.
Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) – Walking what seemed a very short distance in this HOT AFRICA SUN carrying , leather sport racing gear , with boots , helmets together with all the camera gear….. laughing and joking together while we marched further and further , then realizing ( holy sh** we must do it all again going back as well LMAO )
6. Clarissa what accomplishment are you most proud of  in your modeling career as a model thus far and give us the reason why ?
  • Biggest accomplishment is that ladies came to me and thanked me for helping them boosting their confidence of their bodies. Makes me happy because some people don’t accept themselves. If you just love your body it actually works. It makes a positive rebound effect and you start loving your body. We should be accepting our natural size. That was and still my aim of modeling.







7. Jason (Dreamboard Images ) for you as a photographer what accomplishment are you proud of thus far in the photography projects you’ve done ?
  • I don’t really look at my photography as a accomplishment , but simply as a passion and outlet for my insatiable creative artistic journey. Each photo shoot  I do gets the same amount of attention to detail.
8. Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) how did you find out about our magazine and how does your style of photography fit into our genre , what is it about our style that grabbed your attention ?
  • Like Ive mentioned I was not up to speed what the magazine entails , but then hearing the news from Clarissa and CEO Arne Schreuder I quickly come to notice what the style and format and look is , as MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA style and genre intrigued me quite a bit as its a very unique and inspiring similar path Dreamboard Images is and for that fact is why I then connected with Arne to find out more , as MOLLBABE CEE BAILEY thats also your AUGUST MONTH 2017 COVER MODEL is my assistant branch manager back in our Durban Branch and she also explained together with Arne to me more in detail what this feature will create and do for the future ahead , for that I am truly grateful today thank you.





9. Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) on a photo shoot and location like this with this MAD MAX theme photo shoot , what was the focus points for you as a photographer to get the correct lighting for the photos you’ve taken in the set …… ( as we all know mother nature has a mind of her own sometimes when it comes to photography on location )
  • Biggest challenge was the aka waiting game and timing of shoot, We postponed it a few times before all the gears meshed and were in-sync together at the right given moment. The images were achieved in a environment most photographers and models would rather not work in because of all the heat and weather elements , but like I say ” Why not push the boundaries a bit and broaden your vision and expectation for being creative and artistic ” aka risk that biscuit at times. Also special lighting effects and conditions also played a big role in this.
10. Clarissa in doing this MAD MAX theme photo shoot , is the movie on your watch list and if so whats the favorite scene for you about the movie it self , and what other 3 movies are your favorite of all time ?
  • Before the war boys realized Furiosa was defecting and they all fought together as an unit. Then the war party catches up… sand storm…! (AMAZING) and also seeing our pride and joy of MOVIE ACTING South African born  actress Charlize Theron  is amazing to know we as a nation have something and someone to be really proud of , plus together with this movie the other movies thats also my favorite to watch is
    Conjuring 1-2 &





11. Clarissa explain to us your go to routine you have to get ready and focused and in the zone for a given photo shoot for you in front of the lens ?






  • That moment when I’m in front of that lens and when the photographer give me the thumbs up, mentally and physically I’m in the zone.






12. Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) whats your camera and equipment of choice when you do your photography projects please explain ?
  • I use a NIKON D810 and D3X I have learned myself to photograph in the certain way and techniques  I also keep learning how to use my camera kit and gadgets to the best of their ability, its a on going learning process of mine I also love a lot.







13. Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) what type of photography genre is your favorite to do and that you focus on the most as a photographer and why ?
  • Well this is a difficult one to answer , as I have a certain genre i focus on and that I have only tried a few genres like shooting nature and plants as my love for that will grow in time, but further more I LOVE GENRES like modeling Portfolios , and also giving my artistic side a boost is my love for Artistic nude art I also focus on.







14. Your ultimate favorite quote you live by each day of your life as a model and person Clarissa , please tell us ?





  • All I can say is that the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. If you believe, then everyone else will too. Be proud of who you are and don’t change for anyone.






15. Whats next on the agenda for you and give us a sneak peek into your next upcoming project for us as model and photographer ?
Clarissa – mmmmmmm lets just say this is going to be a surprise , as its something sporty and sexy and in the line of what I love to do in my spare time.
Jason ( Dreamboard Images ) – Something sporty fun and sexy , plus Im hoping to branch out my ventures and business overseas in the future as well , places like the United States and UK to name a few.
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2017 The Future of Beauty thats MAD MAX with a AFRICA style twist featuring MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY - Clarissa Mars
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