Today we take a noteworthy step into that desirable Fashion Flashes as we introduce newest HOMEGROWN South African  MOLLBABE Babe of the Day MOLL MAG South Africa beauty Natasja van Niekerk as she gets interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder

Welcome in studio Natasja ,

Give us a glimpse on who you are and where you reside from ?
Im born and bred in the East Rand of Johannesburg South Africa known as ( Benoni )

How did you get interested in modeling and what is it about this modeling journey of yours that you love the most and why ?
It all started back in my high school years for me  in Grade 8 / Standard 6 I participated in High School beauty pageants and from there I fell in love with modeling . After High School and University  I got married and had my boys…. so  then my modeling took a back seat for a while to concentrate on my family and married life , but I quickly got back on the horse of doing modeling again so to speak  and I started again, because modeling is something I love to do I always love to see the final results of the pictures that was taken after the photo shoots are done.

How did you find out about us as a magazine and what made you want to feature with us today ?
I got to follow the magazine on social media and your magazine seems to be really stylish , inspirational and fun as  I love fun , so I got in contact with Arne that explained to me how to get myself featured in this amazing magazine and to kick start my modeling career again , Arne is such a inspiring humble person that goes great lengths to help us models grow like myself and to make us feel comfortable and confident in ourselves for something as big and huge of a opportunity like this , it truly is a amazing feeling knowing their are still people out there that truly believes in you and wants to help you along the way to grow in what you love to do , thank you so much for this opportunity.

Explain to us your unique style as a model what features of you as a model do you like the most ?
 My eyes I will say I like the most , because its the window to one’s soul of who you are and want to be in life.

Any other modeling body features of you , you would like to change about yourself and why ?
I don’t really want to change anything about me as I’m happy just the way I am.

In modeling what is the go to GOLDEN RULE you follow every time when you get ready for a modeling project or photo shoot ? 
For me it would be always remember to stay calm and always trust in yourself in what you are about to do and take on.

Describe yourself to us and the public out there in 3 words ?
Fun Fun and more Fun as the saying goes just be yourself and don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Lets get fit and healthy , what is your fitness and health routine to keep your body in shape and glowing at all times ?
Well I love my daily routine of spinning cycle classes at gym for a hour each day that keeps me glowing and in shape thank you very much.

Favorite photo shoot you did thus far as a model and which other type of photo shoot would you like to do in future ? #LetsBeCreative 
I love to model and Shoot in amazing fashionable dresses of Dennis Lloyd Design (Crystal Lace) , plus I will love to do a shoot in wedding dresses with a wedding theme tied to it #FairytaleWedding


Favorite Movie , Book / novel you recently read , Favorite TV SHOW , Favorite Music song top chart track you love to jam out to on the dance floor ?

  • FAVORITE TV SHOW – Getroud Met Rugby ( Kyknet Afrikaans Soapie )
  • FAVORITE MUSIC – Anything with a nice uplifting beat
  • FAVORITE MOVIE – Sex in the City ( I love Sarah Jessica Parker shes true class and very funny also)
What would be the most romantic thing someone did for you in life recently ?
Well recently , for my birthday my husband booked us into a hotel and they made it so special with flowers, champagne, the  food was absolutely  stunning and to top the night off my hubby bought me a ring.

What do you love to do to relax and just be you to put ya feet up chill out and make the moment yours ?

Just to have a relaxing time with a good movie and my hubby by my side holding me in his arms.

What makes you laugh ?
I like to laugh and my husband has the ability to always make me laugh ……. as he always have the right things to say at the right time , makes me get my giggle factor in overdrive ( wink wink )

If you could spend your day with your celebrity crush who will it be and what will the both of you do to enjoy the magical day and night together ?
Well I also love sport in particular RUGBY and I would love to spend the day with RUGBY star and Celebrity aka ( DAN THE MAN )  Daniel Carter, as I had a crush on him for a long long time……. OUR perfect date night will include a movie and nice dinner together.

If your stranded on a island which is the 3 most valuable things you would like to have by your side that you absolutely cant go without ?

My Retin – A ( Facial  product ) My Toothbrush and My glam Lipstick

Lets make that fashion statement stick tell us whats your favorite outfit and dress to wear this SPRING SEASON ?

I love all the pastel colors in nice summer FLOWING FASHIONABLE  dresses.

Any pets please introduce us ?
My adorable Jack Russel – called ( Princess )

What is your inspirational quote you live by each day ?
” Always live life to the fullest , like it is your last day on earth ”

Complete the sentence in your own words……… To Be a Woman in today’s world and Lifestyle and culture is ?
” A world were you have to stand your ground and to proof we are able to do anything we set our minds too ”

Whats next on your bucket list and where can we follow and support your journey on social media ?
To keep on doing and what I love to do in a inspiring and positive light that is modeling. Please do support me and follow me on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM – thank you so much for everyones support and love.

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Photography credit | Freek du Toit at Amical Photography website | Instagram