Seductive Sexy NightLife styles with 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day – Sheree Tallis

We embrace today the nightlife styles of what the Sydney Harbor bridge and the Sydney Opera House brings to light at night time from Australia with also a splash of SEXY Styles and more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews international MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE Babe of the Day Model Sheree Atalanta tallis








Welcome Sheree Tallis 









1. Give us a small glimpse into who you are Sheree and what makes you you plus where do you reside from aka a little background story about yourself in a nutshell ?
  • I’m a whole mix of backgrounds which I adore
    I’m Australian born my background is African French and my other half of my background is British Greek Israeli .
    I reside in Melbourne Australia and travel for my tours  such as Sydney and soon many more as well as countries around the world .
    I’m a very bubbly ambitious model I used to do dancing at a young age not many people know as I adored the classic ballroom to tango salsa ballet so many to name and I thank my parents for that immensely it taught me so much more then dancing and till this day I hold it close to my heart always .
    In a nutshell I’m chilled out ambitious enthusiastic privileged for my blessings in life , and a very very funny person so I think haha I’m
    Also someone who loves to always make others laugh .
    What makes me me is the fact that no dream is ever to big if you can dream it you can achieve it.
    People have put me down a lot in life. making my dreams a reality is something I’ve always believed in and have and will continue to . So believing in myself is what makes me me.






2. How and where did your love and passion for modeling take shape to where it is right now ?
  • It was when i was a young girl my mother would enter me in baby shows in Melbourne Australia.
    from then on I would watch pageants in USA , as I got older I decided its either now or never to become your dream.
    I took my own advice and made it a beautiful reality till this day I am so blessed.







3. What is it about modeling that intrigued you the most to take it on as a hobby or profession ?
  • Taking it on as a profession that intrigued me to start modeling was fashion tv every night i would watch it all day practice ,  It was Gigi Hadid that also inspired me as a model to take on my dream and create it into a profession also to show other women who may think they can’t do it when you can its all about working hard and loving yourself and your modeling believe you can achieve.


4. What made you want to be featured in our magazine , what is it about our style that grabbed your attention first up ?
  • Its been a dream of mine to be in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA  being also a background of African from my families side I consider it also a privilege and I am honored more then words could describe. I love the articles on models everything about #MOLLMAGSA I enjoy the magazine immensely . the fashion and beautiful models articles grabbed my attention first up.
5. Describe yourself in 3 words  ?
6. How did you feel when we contacted you to tell you that you will be one of our international MOLLBABE MODEL features for our September feature 2017 ?
  • I had tears of joy in my eyes when I got the news from Arne ,  I am so happy to be international mollbabe model its something I will remember for a lifetime I am so truly honored and blessed. THANK YOU SO MUCH





7. Give us a sneak peek into your style as a model , describe it to us ?
  • Casual days nice denim jeans with a singlet nice denim or long coat jacket with black heels or heel sneakers.
    coats I love as much as denim and branded tops and singlets
    I’m a big fan of crop tops as much as a sexy tight fit black dress with silver diamonds and stiletto heels and can’t forget my coat no matter where I go.







8. This shoot was done in the beautiful city of Sydney Australia along the iconic Harbor bridge , what is it about Sydney for you that’s so so amazing , what makes the city and location you did your shoot for us so so unique ?
  •  The locations are beyond amazing  I’ve always enjoyed ,appreciated and wanted to work with Stephen Wong   for a long time, As Arne and Me connected with Stephan back in AUGUST to set up this amazing photo shoot night life sexy feel theme .  and I’m always surprised at every new location i see because i never see it until i model and to me thats also another blessing in itself . as working with Stephen Wong Photography.
    i am truly blessed in Sydney for not just the locations the people i meet create extraordinary images with its been a safe haven for me for a few months now my blessed second home. I’m always surprised when i go their and love it more then anyone could ever know. the unique part is the story behind the landscape as well as myself i am in complete serenity where i should exactly be. another blessing that i am thankful for everyday.
9. What is the most fun for you to do to relax after a busy day in front of the camera , give your go to relaxing routine you have after a long day ?
  • My relaxing day would be my ice coffee NETFLIX and popcorn relaxing on the couch and also networking as well as saving uploading photos onto my social media platforms. A Greek gyros with a glass of wine for dinner and conversations with my loved ones at the table. My most biggest routine for my bed is my facial creams and lotions after a nice hot shower
    and music for 1 hour then that slowly puts me to sleep depending on what my schedule is that week its either that or hot shower facial creams lotions pack prepare hair products in hair by the time thats finished I’m ready for bed.
10. Lets take a Quick fire one word answer session ?
Favorite TV show ? will and grace ,goggle box uk ,power,king of queens , everybody loves raymond , i dream of jeanie
Favorite Movie ? wizard of oz classic one
Animal lover yes or no any pets and any pet peeve’s ?
Yes love so many animals I have one dog and one cat .
Favorite Lingerie or clothing piece in your closet ?
My boohoo coat jacket
Favorite food ?
I grew up on creole food so currys that are not hot I do like but my favourite is ravioli pasta.
Singing in the shower what artist or music track do you sing along too ?
I love my rnb music and trance so I like to play at the moment skrillex wild for the night literally on repeat singing
Any recent books or novels recently read ?
Yes still currently reading Ellie wiesiel NIGHT nobel prize winner book I highly recommend it.
Perfect date night where and how will you spend it with your loved one ?
Night time Overlooking the city with authentic tradition food with unlimited lights and outdoor terrace eating area with a violinist singing Amore.
My perfect date night .
Turn ons and turn offs ?
turn ons massage laughter and a amazing cuddle
Turn offs – a man not having good humour
Not being understanding in certain situations and most of all having my booty slapped by a random lol.
11. Any beauty spots ? time to show and tell ?
  • Yes I have one my right cheek 2 on one side of my cheek I do love it I also have one also under my cheek.






12. Your favorite and most valuable possession you cant go with out each day as a model aka a must have for you ?
  • Perfume my YSL is always in my bag for that next photo shoot my must have for my modeling I always make sure I have it .
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Seductive Sexy NightLife styles with 2017 MOLLBABE Babe of the Day - Sheree Tallis
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