As SPRING SEASON is here we flip out our 360 kick flip Urban Style skateboard tricks alongside some Urban fashion as we are totally stoked  to bring you a Kickflip feel to things as our CEO Arne Schreuder meet up and interview’s our #SkaterGirl with a sporty vibrant positive attitude MOLL MAG South Africa MOLLBABE BABE OF THE DAY  Clarisa Joubert – Freelance Model 








Welcome Clarisa ,









1. Tell us a bit more about yourself in a small nutshell what is Clarisa Joubert all about and where do you reside from ?




  • Clarisa is all about being fun, i am a very sociable person with a extrovert personality who loves to venture and explore new things, i love to travel even if its just for a weekend away somewhere i haven’t been. I am currently living in Parkrand Boksburg, originally from the KZN area Richards Bay that is where i grew up so yes i am a beach babe. I am also a Mechanical draftsperson at an Engineering company in JHB.





2. How did the passion for modeling grow that you have ?




  • I started modeling at the age of 16, where i completed my certificates all the way to pre teachers, since then i always competed in any ramp modeling competition in my area and challenged myself to grow and learn more, at a later stage i figured more that photogenic modeling is more my thing, as this is where i can play around more with fashion and style as well as with my personality interest.





3. We see your a very interesting character in front of the camera lens , tell us what is it about modeling you love so much and why ?






  • What I love about modeling is that it is never the same thing every photographer is different every shoot is a different concept, so every photo shoot is something new, sometimes something more extreme, something that helps you as model grow and develop more skills.







4. Describe your style and image to us in 3 words and the meaning why ?

Bohemian – sometimes i feel creative.
* Sporty – sometimes i feel active and busy
* Natural – and sometime i  just want to be natural, comfy and myself.








5. We also come to notice your a lady that loves the MMA circuit as well and that your love interest includes your soul mate aka the SOUTH AFRICAN EFC EFC Worldwide – Extreme Fighting Championship MMA athlete Leon ” Iron Lion ” Mynhardt  – Iron Lion Leon Mynhardt , tell us a bit more about that , how did you 2 meet?
  •  Myself and Leon met in 2010, I wasn’t really a MMA fan at that time until I actually saw Leon fight for the first time and at that time he was still a armature it was his fight against Gavin Green at XFC whereby Leon won with a KO – i could see that Leon was a very talented fighter and he made the sport look so interesting and that it wasn’t about being a killer in the cage but more about building a passionate talent that he has and improving himself and having respect for others and staying humble while achieving the goals he has set for himself.





6. How did you feel when you and Leon got the news from Arne Schreuder that you will be included as a featured MOLLBABE model for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA September 2017 feature ? 






  • Its always been a dream for me to feature in a magazine, and i actually made it a goal to myself to achieve it still in this year. 
    Leon is very happy for me he always encourages me to risk it and go for what i want to achieve in life so he supports me and I’m sure he is proud of me to have gotten this opportunity. And we are truly blessed to have Arne in our corner as well as he is a amazing guy that goes great lengths to make dreams come true and being there every step in support for the whole MOLLMAG FAMILY as well as the EFC FAMILY , Arne is a true legend thank you so much.







7.  Keeping a firm grip on MMA sport talk Clarisa , what would you say was the most entertaining championship fight match up  for you of all time that you saw live in action when Leon did the talking with his fists in the octagon ring ? As from Arne’s EFC MMA experience he said for him the best fight Leon had was when Leon defeated Don Mage at a sold out Carnival City at the BIG TOP ARENA to retain his championship title for the 3rd time back at EFC 37 , as Arne is a huge MMA fan and loves the sport and has a big passion for it as well , as he has a big hand in promoting the sport LOCALLY in SOUTH AFRICA as well as overseas in USA and Canada, as Arne represent us at a few fights thus far back in SOUTH AFRICA and also more to come in future.






  • I really enjoy all Leons fights he is a very talented fighter and i believe that he is going to grow very far in his career with the passion he has for MMA, I am his biggest fan and i will always support him in his career win or loose, but if I really have to choose one then i would say it was the fight against Frederich Naumann at Carnival City EFC27 – man did he make that man sleep quickly.






8. Clarisa name 3 celebs you most admire and look up two in life ?





Angelina Jolie
Missy Elliot
Felice Herrig







9. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?






  • I haven’t really been a dare devil – but I would really like to go sky diving.







10. What do you like to do to relax after a long day give us your go to relax routine ?





  •  Well depending on the mood – either do some DIY, or just being a couch potato with a movie or good series







11. Favorite Movie , Favorite Book  you read recently and what’s your favorite music track that’s playing on the Music charts you like to jam out to ? 






Favorite Movie – Pitch Perfect ( I love fat Amy.)
Favorite Book – The power of your subconscious mind.
Favorite Music Track now hot on the radio – Usher ft Alicia keys – My Boo.







12. Give us your most inspiring words or phrase you will share with those whom look up to you as a person and model ?



  • Positive thinking leads to positive happenings – remember what you feed your mind is what will reflect , so just be yourself let people see the real imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful person that you are and when in doubt just pout it out, and believe it and you will achieve it.








13. What are you good at….. what’s your secret talent you have that no one knows about up until now ?






  • I think this is still a secret to me too, I haven’t really discovered it yet. HAHA









14. Favorite vacation spot and why ?






  • My favorite vacation spot is anywhere close to a beach, I just love being in the island kind of vibe, but if i have to be precise then I would say the best vacation was in Thailand Phuket an entire month of just soaking up the Vitamin D and exploring the green green jungles, it is so beautiful there.







15. Where to from here what’s next on your bucket list aka to do list as a model ?




  • Hmmm this is so exciting news something new and fresh in my modeling , as we spoke to Arne and he introduced us to a amazing contributing photographer overseas I think next thing I would like to do is travel and do some shoots with other photographers overseas and get some more exposure as a model worldwide, Ive always wanted to just travel, and this actually crossed my mind when we recently spoke to Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen from Fashionandbeautywithwhms in Europe as Arne introduced us and Wim  said i should get on a plane and lets shoot he is a very talented man as i got to see his recent work that was published in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA a few months back , so yes this is so amazing and yet again thank you Arne for everything you are truly the glue that stick this whole family of us the #MOLLMAGFAMILY together as one huge family in unity worldwide.







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