As the bushveld and amazing nature and its wildlife comes together as one then its described as the TRUE HEARTBEAT of AFRICA as we get a SPECIAL preview and feature today of what makes SOUTH AFRICA so amazing and beautiful with its Wildlife and Nature , 

– in conjunction with Save Our Wildlife and MOLL MAG South Africa we bring you #WildlifePhotography in the Kruger National Park alongside Arne Schreuder and Noleen Schreuder.






What Does the Name Kruger National Park mean and what does it stand for…..







Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves  in the world , and it covers an estimated area of 19,485 square kilometres, The park is approximately 360 kilometres  long and has an average width of 65 kilometres  At its widest point, the park is 90 kilometres  wide from east to west It is situated in the NORTHEASTERN provinces of SOUTH AFRICA in Limpopo & Mpumalanga, the game reserve also borders between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Plus there is also a few well known rivers that passes through the Kruger namely , The Crocodile River , the Olifants River , The Limpopo River as well as Letaba , Sabie and  Luvuvhu rivers. The park is also a very popular holiday destination for a wide range of tourist from all over the world on a yearly bases , as SOUTH AFRICA’S  TOURIST visits and revenue has a big part to play in showing the world and tourists its TRUE HEARTBEAT that makes SOUTH AFRICA what it is today its love, culture,  hospitality,  beauty and protecting its NATURE AND WILDLIFE.


We have the privilege today to showcase some of the Kruger National Park’s true gems in wildlife photography in the amazing wildlife animals and nature it has as we meet up with wildlife Photographers Noleen Schreuder & Arne Schreuder that made all of this experience possible bringing the beauty of AFRICA right to your doorstep and beyond,



As we are also proud to say MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA & MOLLMAG USA is working together in conjunction with SAVE OUR WILDLIFE foundation , to put the emphasis on saving and protecting South Africa’s animal wildlife and nature and also in doing that we are also , showing the rest of the world how much we care for the wildlife animal population….. especially the animals thats numbers are dramatically on the decrease due to a HUGE impact of poaching , wildlife trading and illegal breeding of wildlife animals on farms for the purpose of making money out of trophy hunting and selling ,  as WE STAND STRONG AGAINST all these factors. As we the #MOLLMAGFAMILY  –


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 Arne Schreuder mollmagsa CEO / Arne Schreuder Ashley Salazar as well as Models for Animals – MFA stand together in unity to do our part to protect the beauty of wildlife not just in Africa but also worldwide from extinction.




To follow is a few Wildlife Animals we truly care about as the Photography of Arne Schreuder and Noleen Shreudeur puts the spotlight on these amazing creatures for us today :







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Photography by :



Noleen Schreuder & Arne Schreuder





Location Kruger National Park






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